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  1. Mit allen guten Intentionen, Finger weg von Carenado. Systemtechnisch können die nichts. Der AP ist nichts anderes als ein grafisch aufgehübschter default AP, wenn überhaupt. Viele Funktionen klappen auch erst garnicht. Die echte Falcon kann natürlich ILS, RNAV, etc. Die echte ist ein vollwertiges IFR Flugzeug mit allen schönen Spielereien, die man auch Boeing, Airbus und co. auch kennt. Die Carenado... naja, ist Mist. Finger weg. Wenn Du auch noch den P3D hast, kann ich die Falcon von FlySimWare empfehlen, die ist super, auch von den Systemen her.
  2. Hold on, what material is that ground made of? Concrete doens't reflect light if it's not wet. You're stepping into the same stones here as many developers before you, but it's just not realistic to put PBR on the ground like this. For a wet pavement effect yes, please make it with PBR textures. But not normal concrete. It simply isn't that reflective.
  3. Come on, are you serious? Can you read what has been posted TWO posts above yours?!
  4. Still not sure what you mean? The glide slope from the ILS? Or something else?
  5. It shows you the METAR, the rest is done in the background automatically.
  6. Active Sky is far from realistic so I can understand anyone who wants a different non Active Sky dependant weather radar. And if I'm not totally mistaken there was some talks about the REX WXR to be implemented in a future CRJ version some years ago
  7. Nobody will force you to fly it, Hans is putting a lot of work into it though, so at least give it a try once the new version is out. The EFB is stunning.
  8. If I remember that fight correctly DetCord demanded free shopping in the aerosoft shop for himself and some repainter friends and threatened Aerosoft with deleting his repaints some years ago. Aerosoft offered several free addons however no unlimited free shopping as he demanded. Then he deleted his repaints.
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