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  1. AirbusCG

    Cost Index tweaks

    Because it is not. Flightsimming tries to make us believe it is, in real life it is a LOT more complex however and there is not a single one FS addon that depicts real cost index calculations correctly. In my airline (737NG) we fly a certain CI. Nonetheless on each and every flight we fly different speeds. Things like the wind components come into calculation for example. More headwind means you fly faster at the same CI. More tailwind means you go slower. Then the aircrafts weight will mean a dramatic speed change. We have an automatic CI compliance monitoring in place in our aircraft and if we change the airlines CI into another one we will trigger an automatic mail to our company for non compliance. So we simply enter a different cruise wind to force it to fly faster. Enter 200kt headwind and it'll fly M.80 even at CI1. 200kt tailwind and it'll go M.73 at CI100. I have not seen a single FS addon yet where I could do this. Not even PMDG or FS Labs.
  2. AirbusCG

    Köln/Bonn professional dynamic lighting issue

    So something is probably wrong with your graphic card. Does it have the memory required by Lockheeds system requirements for P3D?
  3. AirbusCG

    kein ILS egal wo

    Mit der "Kiste" ist garnix los, sie tut genau was sie soll... wenn der Inboundwaypoint noch 60NM draußen ist, obwohl das ILS erst bei etwa 30 eingestellt werden sollte. Klassischer Pilot Error. Im FS Labs hast Du den Flugplan richtig sequenziert, daher läuft alles wie erwartet. Im Screenshot mit dem Aerosoft Bus hast Du den Plan nicht richtig sequenziert, daher das Problem. Und in deiner ersten Reihe Screenshots ist schon durch den Speed Bug bei 0 klar zu erkennen, dass Du eine Menge Eingabefehler machst. Sehr gut, dann flieg ihn bitte auch entsprechend, dann wird er auch entsprechende korrekte Einstellungen vornehmen. Bei mir kommt der Bus übrigens perfekt mit Navigraph klar, das Problem sitzt also, wie meistens, 30cm vor dem Monitor.
  4. AirbusCG

    VNAV advisory

    wow, you post a thread at 8 o'clock in the evening and at 11PM you complain about missing support already. You must live in a very nice world where everything always happens immediately, I also want to get there! Could you advise me on the right way?
  5. AirbusCG

    No comments ))

    Congratulations, you have a broken P3D installation.
  6. AirbusCG

    A big thanks!

    Absolutely agree, it is great to see SODE findings its way into Aerosoft products. I only hope SODE will never be discontinued or let down by its developers otherwise at one point we might all be left without jetways...
  7. AirbusCG


    wow, so you order something on good Friday, get it FOR FREE (!), and complain that it is only activated just one business week thereafter? And then you obviously did not even follow Aerosofts procedures and advised them of the order number to get it activated? So your thanks for the free order is a comparison to ISIS terrorist group? Is this your way to say thank you? I was about to write that you, sir Jetranger, maybe should be delivered to ISIS to see what you are even talking about... but then again I don't want to come down to your level. If I was Aerosoft I would for sure end all business relations to you and delete your account with them.
  8. AirbusCG


    I can do that for you! Where can I send the 500.000€ invoice for the development cost? P.D: Thrust me!
  9. Makes me wonder why it works for myself and all others... I have no problems with your mentioned sceneries. mopperle and masterhawk don't have problems either. It just has to be something on your side, but as somebody with 30 years of computerexperience you probably know that yourself.
  10. AirbusCG

    Drzewiecki Design EETN Tallin V2

    Aerosoft hält derzeit Strategiemeetings ab, in die das gesamte Team involviert ist. Daher kann ich mir gut vorstellen, dass das Einführen neuer Produkte diese Woche etwas verspätet geschieht. Bisher hat Aerosoft aber alle DD Produkte (bis auf New York, wenn ich mich nicht irre, da Aerosoft ja selbst ein New York hat) verkauft, daher denke ich mal mit EETN wird es genauso sein.
  11. Which "flying bit" is realistic in FS anyway? At long as we all sit here with Saitek Yokes or Logitech joysticks no real pilot will ever be able to practice any flying with FS. That's simply impossible. Even FNPTs can't teach you flying and those are 100% accurate cockpit representations with real hardware. Heck even Level D simulatiors have clear limits which many TRI's moan about. Flight Simulator addons are nice to get the grips with systems and are "better CBTs". When used as such they can be of great value when you study for your type rating as they show you things "in action" which no usual CBTs or software provided by flight schools can provide. There is a good reason why you need to learn flying with a flight instructor though, even in jetliners, and not in P3D. Otherwise all those Ryanair cadets paying 30.000€ for their type rating would have a lot more money in their pockets after their rating
  12. AirbusCG

    WADD parking problems

    You did Oliver, WADD -> Bali and that is sold by Aerosoft. I think the developer was A-Flight. It's really a top notch airport!
  13. So when did the other developers announce GCTS? Like two months ago? Those of you who ever developed a scenery will easily be able to tell that what you see in the screenshots is at least close to a year of work. So simwings at least worked on it for a year, bought the photoscenery (a whole island costs in excess of 10.000€ for good quality images like we have seen in La Palma!) and now they should throw all of that away? Let them release it and then compare the different sceneries. My only issue is that GCTS wasn't communicated earlier, but it's easy to see that work has been going on here for at least a year since it's that close to release. Had they told us about the scenery earlier nobody would have complained. There is a thread going on over at fs developer, maybe if simply every developer, even if completly anonymous if they don't want to reveal what they're working on, simply announced "I'm working on xxxx airport" in there we wouldn't have any issues. Merry Christmas to all of you
  14. AirbusCG

    Are OOMs really gone with V4?

    Do you have GSX Mathijs? I also found that installing GSX I got a whole bunch more crashes than prior to installing it. Now I uninstalled it and my sim is stable again.
  15. Das ist doch die gleiche Werbung, wie beim alten Produkt auch? Genau wie alle anderen Professional Airports auch. Die alte Produktseite plus die neuen Features. Ich sehe da kein Problem.