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  1. But that is the default what is setup already and the add-ons looks like this already
  2. It only shows this options, what would be the best option?
  3. I read their manual, now P3Dv5 changed layer priority, I can't move up it's grey and unselectable to move up inside Scenery Library in Menu, on startup or after the simulator is fully loaded. I installed Heathrow after installing ORBX so it should during the installation process to write in to the sim as in a higher layer, right?
  4. I installed EGLL and I have ORBX TrueEarth and the airport is flickering two textures around the runway on approach, specially 09 the grass is flashing between two different and I see two landing lights. I only installed the Sim, ORBX and then EGLL, is there any tweak needed?
    File crash the 318/319 livery manager when selected
    File crash the 318/319 livery manager when selected
    Not working, when I click to add livery, crash the Livery Manager for 318/319
  5. Would like to fly with British Airways "The Dove" livery, flew last year with it from London to Paris, beautiful bird!
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