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  1. Is Aerosoft going to sell the dust covers for Honeycomb Alpha and Bravo Flight Controls. Dust Cover – Honeycomb Aeronautical (flyhoneycomb.com) Many thanks Daniel
  2. I have had the same issue, my SIMstarter NG Settings.xml file is blank. ?
  3. I have seen posts that the problem I having is due to a corrupt Windows and a reinstall of Windows will work. I'm not getting anything from the new CRJv2 dispite instlling on a freshly installed Windows, up-to-date P3Dv4. 5 and all other aircraft working with out issues. I have spent hours of trying to get to the bottom of the dead CRJv2 aircraft. There must be a simple answer somewhere I can't be the only one with this strange problem. Please help.
  4. No luck for me. Everything I have done as you suggest, and I have followed the installation documentation. All other AS A320s p3d64bit work the older AS CRJ 700-900 works but I have uninstalled it to have the V2 (I have tried with both installed as well, V1 worked but not V2). Hard to know where to go with this. Thank you again, Daniel
  5. No go, sadly not helped. It did seem un-lightly to work, as its already the P3Dv4.5.13.32097 client. there is no files in the Panel State folder, could that be a reason for appearing dead. C:\Users\************\Documents\Aerosoft\Digital Aviation CRJ\Panel States Thanks Daniel
  6. I did a full reinstallation of P3dv4.5 newly downloaded from the Prepard web site, on a reinstallation of windows 10 64bit but not an up-date of the Hotfix 2 client. No other updates made and all other high end aircraft work including AS A318-A321. Would it be worth uninstalling just the client, then reinstalling it after a restart of my PC? Thanks for the help Daniel
  7. Sorry. I thought I was in the CRJ-pro forum. I have had the aircraft (CRJ v 2) working before on my P3dv4.5 but after reinstalling my whole PC settup and installing the latest P3Dv4.5.13.32097 I'm unable to use the new CRJ v 2. I have tried installing the older CRJ with DAVE first, that made no change. I had read on this forum that this proble would orccer when not useing the lastes P3d4 hot fix2, but I'm uptodate. Thank you for your response. Daniel.
  8. I have read the post, that this can happen with older copies of P3Dv4, but I have installed Prepar3D 4.5 Hotfix 2 ( I'm having the "cockpit stays dark and the yoke is deflected fully to the left" no reponse when loaded from a default aircraft. Please help Daniel
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