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  1. Well it fixes my problem, but i'm not planning on deactivating all of my scenery due to some trees.
  2. Not yet. Will do that and report back.
  3. I also have those weird trees on the Victor taxiway. No Cloud9 scenery installed prior to this one. Only a simple AFCAD, wich is already deleted.
  4. But they have a MLU, whatever the story arround it it remains American. I don't say they need to make that model but just for some information.
  5. Dag, there is an American MLU but it looks like an F-16A. The Dutch Solo Display Team used it in 2005 during their visit to the Edwards AFB Show. It's AF80-0584 http://www.f-16.net/f-16_fighting_falcon_airframe-723.html I'll second that! Altough i'm Dutch i really like to fly in a "Southern" Falcon
  6. The Italian ones are ADF's and have an other type of "birdslicers" in front of the cockpit and in front of the nosegeardoor. Also they have a bulge on the tail (A model only) The Portugal Air Force has one or two MLU's currently and their MLU Updated ADFs don't have the birdslicers, actually the same as the only American MLU but that one don't have the ADF Bulge on the tail. Need more info? I'm here al week 9 to 5
  7. So wich models are you planning on making? I really hope that you make a F-16AM and F-16BM.
  8. you have your traffic at 100% and you switched it on?
  9. Ehh only in England they drive their cars on the right, here in Holland we do it normal I guess you need to mirror de bitmap and move the gauges a bit, but don't know that for sure.
  10. Sorry guys the Final will be between Holland and Germany, guess who wins. HOLLAND! Sorry, there's my dream again.
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