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  1. Hi, I am using v2.12 and it doesn't behave as you say right now. I am wondering if it is a config issue with the aircraft. I have not altered anything from installation. Here is what it looks like with the MD-11 at FSDT O'Hare. At the gate, the jetway will not dock to the aircraft because L1 is too close and it won't dock to L2. Here is my config for the plane VR Todd
  2. Hi, I am using the PMDG MD-11 and 747. When I dock the jet bridges they go to the wrong door. Before the gate would dock to L2 on both aircraft unless there was a gate with two jetways, then they would dock to both L1 and L2. With a single jetway it docks only to L1. I have each aircraft configured correctly. Is there a trick to get the jetway to dock with L2 on these planes without having to reconfigure everytime I go from double jetways to a single jetway? VR Todd
  3. which airpoets did you install? VR Todd
  4. I think it is working, I deactivated KBUF, started FS let the default jetways appear, closed out, reactivated AES, restarted, and KBUF worked. I'll check all the other airports. It seems when I load/install anything from FSDT it messes everything up, especially Ultimate Traffic. I'n not sure but it seems to alter my dll.xml. VR Todd
  5. I recently activated KBUF from Fly Tampa. I'm missing the gates and when I open AES to configure the aircraft it says there is an error connecting to FS. I have autogen on and the airport is active, I tried reinstalling and repairing/resynching nothing works. Is there a fix for this? I'm using V2.11 with FS SP2. VR Todd
  6. Hi, I recently reinstalled my Cheyenne for FSX. I went to read the operation manuals (english) and they are not there. Is there something I can do to find them. Does the installer place them elsewhere? VR Todd
  7. Hi, I will check on that first, see if it works then e-mail support. Thanks for the help v/r Todd
  8. Hi, I've installed version 5.1 for FSX (download). I cannot get the My Traffic Communicator to work. I get an error that states the application failed to initialize properly. Todd
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