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  1. thank you for those repaints, we need a330 french bee please thank you
  2. Hello, thanks for the update, but since I did it, I don’t have the cockpit view 2D when I press F9 as before despite I selected cockpit view 2D in mcdu option... can you help me please thanks you ;-)
  3. hey ;-) yes it is too loud and also it comes not from starting stage but already running stage.
  4. hello, thanks for the bus! where is the switch to turn on/off the cabin light for night flight ? I have to press L to have lights in the cabin during my night flight but as you know it turns all lights on, thanks for your answer
  5. hello,


    I just would like to thank you for your amazing job about SWISS fleet!

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    2. mvj39


      Ok thank you, i ll try to check in the paint kit but thank you again for your nice job 

    3. mvj39




      sorry to disturb you again,; im still trying to solve my problem but i cant :-( your a320 texture is just amazing and also a319 too for but have a look on a319 SWISS.


      Could you please have a look whgen you have time to help me to solve this issue, Thanks a lot


      Juliena319 swiss.png

    4. Antonio Abreu

      Antonio Abreu



      just a quick answer: in fact I haven't touched the antennas during the painting and, to be honest, I don't even know where in the textures they are located. I'm also kind of busy these days so I'm really sorry if this disappoint you but I suspect I will hardly find the time to fix this issue properly. :(


      Anyway, lucky antennas are in red which goes well with the Swiss livery! ;)


      All the best for your landings

  6. Hello, A330-300 SWISS Please ;-) Thank you so much
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