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  1. Hi, some things I have forgotten. They are more special related but mabye easy to implement in a new system: - Moveable/editable sceneries: Sometimes it is very annoying when scenries are fixed in location and elevation. I have some sceneries which are not matching for example Ultimate Terrain or when online flying VATSIM with FSX these new airports are not matching older FS2004 sceneries. An offset with changeable coordinates and height would be a great improvement. The best would be that a scenery has a XML-Config with these data containing. Also for example the German Landmark scenery, how cool it would be to move some of these objects for repositioning even disable only some of these objects if they are double. - Gauges: Very often I would like to exchange some gauges in GA planes. FS9 with 2D is no problem but now 3D with TrackIR or multiple screens are state of the art. Most of the FSX airplanes are not allowing repositioning or exchanging gauges in the 3D cockpit. For example it would be really nice to have an state of the art AP/GPS in the Twin Otter or Real Air Duke. - The navigation database: In Microsoft FS navaids, control zones and airways are fixed. Most of the time flying GA planes the standard GPS would be enaugh to check visual navigation but these data is outdated and not changeable. Crap. It would be a great improvement (and maybe nice upsell for you) to have these data actual. These also could be a great factor for a more professional consumers. - Multi-PC API: Often I use 3rd party addons and tools on a second or third pc to save cpu power. Think on FSUIPC/WideFS when developing APIs. - In simulation scenery editing: A very fine addon in my point of view is EZ-Scenery. I could be really nice to have an editor inside the flightsim like EZ-Scenery to add, edit and improve standart sceneries. In a short time a lot of the standard scenery could be improved by the community. Regards Stefan
  2. Hi, some ideas from my side: - Nonblocking Multithreaded System Watching the processor market, it seems to be that the amount of cores are rising but the MHz dont. A new Flightsimulator should not be limited by the speed of processors, only by the amount of available cores. Performance intensive addons like Weather, ATC, AI and complex aircrafts could reserve a single thread for own operations to keep the overall framerates high. Do not think 640k is enough, mabye today but not in 5 years. Keep the core scaleable. - Don't develop complex systems where other developers could do it better In my point of view there is not such a big difference between FSX and X-Plane out of the box. Microsoft has the Market, X-Plane not. One big difference between both is the amount of high quality addons. PMDG, Leveld-D, DA, HiFi and all the fantastic payware and freeware sceneries has done a better job then Microsoft. Keep your resources on an eye candy flight simulator for the mass market and clever third party developers will do the parts for the more in deep enthusiasts. - Open APIs/Libraries Keep the system open for everything. There is no need to hide anything. Often I see notes from addon developers that they are not able to do things because it is restricted or they need scrappy workarounds. - Offer compilers: Sample; in FS9/FSX often you have the problem of elevation with mesh and Addons Scenry. Keep the scenry structure in XML/layers and let the user modify and compile his world, if he like. X is not working with Y? Some clever person is able to write a small patch to correct this. Same for land classes, navaids, airways and so on. - Define addon APIs: Sample; PDMG MD-11 and FS2Crew, horrible. The addon must simulate mouse clicks to interact with the airplane, if the window lost the focus, its getting mad. An addon API with defined ways to interact in the system could save a lot of workarounds. Addons should be able to offer ro/rw variables, functions and events to register if something is happen. - Easy access to the core system. Sample: The fresh simulator is out and all are happy about these masterpice of software apart from me. My old (and truly expensive) GoFlight modules arent working anymore. Give me a well documented and easy to use API and I will do this for my own. - Offer APIs and Libraries for anything. Sample; There are so much things to improve a flight simulator: ATC, AI, Weather Systems and of corse Elefants in Jungle. Ok Elefants not for me, but where is my VATSIM interface? Think about an scripting language which is compileable for easy tasks. - Module depencies: Samples; Addons should be able to request modules. If I'm doing VFR-Flights there is no need to have AES eating up memory but I would like to have these hidefinition mesh and graphics. If my addon requieres an old sound or navigation module it should be able to load this on demand. If my ultracomplex airliner needs navaids from Navigrpah and diffrent flight dynamics like FBW make it interchangeable. - Open Set/Depency-based configuration Do not stuff like binary configurations or Windows Registery. Keep it in XML that all the config stuff could be modified with third party tools like config and scenery managers. The system should be moveable to a different folder and backuped/restored without reinstallation. - Define a clever way for product registration I have a lot of addons which need to be activated. Horrible, I wait for the day where my system crashes, I have to buy new hardware and flight1 is dead. Find a way that addon publishers can do activations based on a private software key, not based on hardware. Regards Stefan
  3. Hi Finn, thank you for the fast response. The sperry + modern radios and avioniks would be nice, but not in my point of view not really necessary. I'm asking more for an unarmed old aircraft. The sperry seems to be challenging but I do not like to visit cool places like Tahiti or St. Marten with machine guns ;-) I respect that this could take a lot of time and maybe not possible to build. Best regards Stefan
  4. Hi, first of all a big compliment for this wonderful aircraft with stunning high framerates and a smoth cockpit. Seems to be a lot of fun for the next years :-) The only thing I'm missing is an modern variant (without weapons, radar antennas) but WITH the old Sperry autopilot. Like the calypso. Any chance for doing this? Best regards Stefan
  5. Danke! Schaut auch gut aus mit dem Mesh FS Global 2008. Grüße Stefan
  6. Hi, have tested today: Green 37, the last AES screen I have seen, module was vimaiscn.dll. Should I redo the test? Stefan
  7. Have tested twice, two CTD at ~7miles Final without any AES screen (vimaiscn.dll). Stefan
  8. I can confirm this. 2x yellow 18, after this CTD. No 19. Stefan
  9. Danke, ich wollte gerade einen Totalanfall bekommen ;-) Nach dem Saugen von 13GB festzustellen, dass der Install nicht hinhaut, wäre heute nicht gut für meine Laune gewesen :-) Nochmal Danke für die schnelle Korrektur Stefan
  10. Moin, der Download scheint defekt. In der Datei müsste enthalten sein, anstatt dessen aber Könnt Ihr das bitte korrigieren? Grüße Stefan
  11. I totally agree that the AES support is really outstanding! I have in mind that this problem is related to something which is not easy to solve and such things can happen. Please allow me a feature request: Is it possible to init AES only when the aircraft is on ground? Based on a config entry or so? Then we can use AES for pushback (main feature for me) and on landing AES does not an init with possible crashing. Not really perferct but much more better then removing AES completly until the problem is solved. (If you are able to solve this). Stefan
  12. No, never. As to my knowledge all the FS related addons are really working fine. I have never seen abnormal things like problems with animated parts. Also no problems with complex airliners like FMC crahes with PDMG/LevelD/Maddog. The only problem are these CTDs on final. And turing off AES solves this Problem. Stefan
  13. Make sense to test the unpatched FS9.exe? Then we have a clear statement if my posted problem is 3GB-patch related. Stefan
  14. Hi Oliver, I could not agree with your statement. I could only speak for my configuration for FS9, but the "magic" boundary seems to be nothing to do with 2GB. I can reproduce the CTD at round about 700-800MB which the FS9.exe is allocating. If more the FS9 is crashing at 6 mile final. Possible that my problem is not related to the 3GB patch? Stefan
  15. Q1: Yes, 3GB is used Q2 1): - Cessna from AES active EDXW moved via airport selection to AES active EDDF-> ok Q2 2): - YAK40 from AES active EDXW moved via airport selection to AES active EDDF-> ok Q2 3): - YAK40 from AES inactive ESCN moved via airport selection to AES active EDDF-> crashed (g3d.dll), reproducible Stefan
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