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  1. If you just put the Data folder in on its own it wont work, as you found out. The Data folder still has to be in a folder called 'Aerosoft A318-319 Professional' so the full path will be C:\Users\Your Name\Documents\Aerosoft\Aerosoft A318-319 Professional\Data. Company Route Editor assumes everyone will install the Airbus into the default location so if you change it, it can't find it. You just have to put a copy into the default location but only need the Aerosoft A318-319 Professional\Data folder for it to work. There's probably another way to get it to work but I'm not a programmer.
  2. I installed the Airbus onto my 'D' drive which is an SSD with all my other sims. My 'C' drive is an M2 drive but is only 250Gb for my OS and non gaming stuff. Although the main Airbus installed onto the 'D' drive, other parts including the updater, flight plans etc installed automatically into C:\Users\Your Name\Documents\Aerosoft. The aircraft works perfectly however the Company Route Editor doesn't, reporting that an aircraft can't be found. I got it to work by copying the Airbus folder from the Aerosoft folder in 'D' drive into the Aerosoft folder in the 'C' Drive. The only folder which the Company Route Editor seems to need is the data folder which is quite small so I was able to delete all the other folders inside the Airbus folder. So I am left with my original intact installation on the 'D' drive and only the necessary files for the Route editor to work on the 'C' Drive. It all works well.
  3. My mesh resolution is 1m, I've also tried 5m, 19m and read the manual.
  4. Hi Shaun, like Manny, I am also seeing bleed through in DX9 mode. I remember AspenX had the same issues until it was addressed with a patch. I think it's a 'z' buffer issue which may be caused by the'round Earth' feature in FSX and the runway polygons being made too large. I hope it will be fixed. Terry
  5. With the release of Acceleration which I'm sure lots of people will install, can Aerosoft give any idea which of their products may need updating to be compatable with SP2. I've upgraded my PC and am reinstalling FSX + Acceleration but I don't want to install any scenery/aircraft until I'm sure it will work properly. I have bought nearly all of Aerosofts scenery for FSX and I'm itching to get it reinstalled. I've got Heathrow and it's brilliant but what about Dillingham, Aspen, Hegoland and Monaco. I've checked the forums and there don't seem to be any problems so I'm being optimistic. Thanks Terry
  6. Its not, I can't download the update either. Terry
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