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  1. Hi there,

    I was looking through the "reflections" post of yours (bright vs. dark) :

    But it seems both downloads no longer work! Is there perhaps another link to the downloads you posted?

    Thank you!

    1. Joe Flyer

      Joe Flyer

      Oops disregard. I tried with multiple browsers, the file doesn't seem to be gone but there is a recurrent error code:
      Error code: 2C327/1

      I will take it from here, so for the disturbance!


  2. Tried to reinstall, followed instructions, still with the same result as the above images. Ideas?
  3. After I installed I am getting strange red illumination lights where there should be green, and other strange annunciator issues. Probably my fault :). I deleted the two MAINPANEL(......) files in the necessary folders and followed your instructions. I will try again but I can't seem to get it working perfectly. 2016-7-15_11-2-37-660.BMP 2016-7-15_11-2-19-764.BMP
    To people experiencing odd livery glitches... this is not the fault of the creator! It doesn't really leave a good reason to give them one star on a livery that probably took a while to create! Other than that, I really like this one, especially since I fly United most of the time.
    I know it is a strange thing to notice... but that second screenshot Jakie took is ABSOLUTELY AWESOME! Something about it makes me want to frame it on a wall. Also, this livery looks awesome. I like the idea to use the retro paint, and the overall weathering of the textures (ie: "dirt" on the vertical stabilizer and underside of the aircraft) gives an overall attractive feel to this paint. Great job!
    Thank you! I saw this aircraft livery when I flew out of KJFK and I thought it seemed like a great tribute! And this is an amazing recreation of said livery, so hats off!
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