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  1. I have now re installed with my windows security off and not it seems to be working. my bad !
  2. Should the engines appear like this when choosing the aircraft, it doesnt seem to have any of the blades?
  3. i will give that a go. and yes im pretty sure. ive just checked and p3d is version P3D Version , do you know if this is hotfix 2?
  4. yep, then overnight all has changed, i remember having the issue before then it just stoppped after an update to the latest version(i had not been on p3d for a while) but now i have checked that p3d is up to date and the aircraft is
  5. I have recently been getting issues in the airbus professional (p3dv4.5) whereas when i enter the aircraft no buttons are clickable and nothing seems to work. I reinstalled the aircraft as per the pdf file on the forums but it doesnt seem to have solved the issue. After reinstall I thought it had worked as it laoded into the default state which im guessing is taxi/take-off state but when i selected cold and dark state everything is no longer clickable. Please could somebody advise what the issue may be.
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