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  1. Hans i know you Will hear this a lot! But i truelly appreciate the continued effort to make this the best product possible! Thank you!
  2. Great Will be patiently waiting tommorow! Refreshing my account to download the update! gr gerben
  3. Goodevening! quick questionn to hans! Is the sp1 still scheduled for tommorow? its my day off and Would love to fly the crj around the States! gr gerben!
  4. this is gonna be fixed as far as i know in sp1 and they are in the process of building the new installers for sp1 wich should be with us somewhere this monday!
  5. The fps are truelly amazing even better then the older NGX wich always had the best performance for me! They never dip under 35 fps even with heavy weather (asp4) Thanks aerosoft!
  6. have the same question indeed for me it doesnt show a model with existing liveries it is see through in the sim
  7. lets hope it all works out! looking forward to flying the updated crj!
  8. something iam curious about is if there is any update on the ils situation pitching up on final have gotten used to it by now so i simple disengage as soon as i have the runway in sight. i really dont know why this happens on this occasion it happened while flying from MSP to DFW on the ILS for the 35C route was N0432F340 ORSKY1 OVR J21 IRW DCT IBAKE JOVEM4 somewhere around the 1000ft it just shoots up disreagarding the ils. is there gonna be an update for this issue? gr gerben
  9. can not wait iam loving all my flights! offcourse there will be some bugs just glad to hear that they are being sorted out! looking forward to it!
  10. Great hoping to here somegood news since i still use the descent but ageing imaginesim version its great dont get me wrong but the existing previews look great!
  11. Dear Holgi, is there a possibility that you could make a clean verspin of this livery bit to filthy for me?
  12. Goodafternoon he i would like to ask if Someone could edit an existing easyJet a320 livery and make it the G-EZTL i have flown that reg last week from Amsterdam to gatwick as the EZY8868 and on the return aswell as EZY8871 thanks in advance cant wait to relive that experience in the sim. gr gerben
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