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  1. Thank you Mr. Mathijs for your quick reply! I've checked it already now. For sorry, still the old version 2.02 available. So, I've emailed them (Flightsimstore) regarding this issue - hoping for things will become fine. Best regards to all of you.
  2. Me too !!!!: Right now I took a quick look at Flightsimstore and there is ONLY Aerosoft F-14 v.2.02 still available on my account. VERY ANNOYING and UPSETTING !!!! Because since DAYS i try to grab the new version (64 bit compatible) from my Flightsimstore account. I even have downloaded the previous version twice again and tried to install it (because I've thought that maybe the installer is new at least and will show up Prepar3D 4 in menu options) - but no luck - THERE IS STILL ONLY THE OLD VERSION 2.02 AVAILABLE, and the installer shows up till Prepar3D v3 only. So: How long does it take till the new version 3 (for P3Dv4) will reach Australia and will be available for its worldwide customers? Release was on 12th Jannuary, today we have the 24th Jannuary (Middle Europe/Germany). Once again: I've legally purchased the previous version oft the F-14 on Flightsimstore, and according to your several announcements it should be available for update already. So: what the h... is going on here ????
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