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  1. Sorry, but what do you mean: " There are additional addons needed to get the rendering to look like that there", or " There are no additional addons needed to get the rendering to look like that there." ? Thank you in advance, all the best.
  2. Yes, that is true Mr. Mathijs ! It reminds me on Sasa's masterpieces "US-Cities" and I've been always a big fan of these. One of these invisible but hearable details of the city sceneries are these really nice and immersive city-sounds, especially over the downtown area. And because I'm doing a lot of low level/helicopter flying over large cities and landing on rooftops/helipads, I ALWAYS start to miss sasas's city-sounds creation immediately, once I fly in city scenes of other developers, all along with the question in my mind: Why can't they do some nice sounds like in US-Cities, like sasa created ?
  3. O Man, sasa, just awesome!!! Especially fine details like this, and the "cat on the wall" above, make the difference between a "very good scenery" vs a "outstanding scenery". Thank you for bringing alive one of the most beautiful places in the entire world, with such joy and passion for developing it . All the best.
  4. Ah, wonderful, helipads for this scenery ARE VERY VERY GOOD: But - a little caveat - it will be impossible with AFS2's Robinson R22 to climp above 12.000 ft . Well, hopefully a third party payware developer will come around the corner with a more capable one (AFS2) for the new Lukla X soon as possible. All the best.
  5. O yesss, Sasa, pleeease!!!....a Yeti-Easteregg somewhere reachable in the scenery would be AWESOME and even a must for AFS2 (reminds me on the funny display near Area 51 - the alien aboard the UFO playing golf ). And maybe a mountaineer and another yeti on the Mt. Everest Summit alike in the picture below ? (Left guy says: " I'll be blowed, it's the Yeti !" Yeti reacts: " Wicked! It's Messner" ). All the very best. PS: And yes, Sasa: For every year gone you have to do a himalya - mesh update 😉 !
  6. Well, the Himalaya took over 40 million years to grow to its current size, and it is still growing approximately 1cm per year. So, 2 - 3 years of developing this scenery means nothing; even if Aerosoft would take 100 years to create this mountainous - beauty, it's still nothing compared to its real counterpart 😉
  7. Ah, thank you Mr. Kok for the very good news indeed !!! For me the most anticipated scenery release for long times. Beside its upcoming release I'm particularly getting to enjoy the "Aerofly FS 2" more and more. The new Lukla and AFS2 would be an awesome fit, and very challenging to fly. Alltough AFS2 still lacks of many fligh-sim features, its flight physics are on of the best, really top notch....and the performance of this sim is unmatchable among the various flight sims you can get on market as a home user. Hence, dear Lukla development team: Please don't cut down on autogen 😃 ! All the best.
  8. Thank you Mr. Mathijs for your quick reply! I've checked it already now. For sorry, still the old version 2.02 available. So, I've emailed them (Flightsimstore) regarding this issue - hoping for things will become fine. Best regards to all of you.
  9. Me too !!!!: Right now I took a quick look at Flightsimstore and there is ONLY Aerosoft F-14 v.2.02 still available on my account. VERY ANNOYING and UPSETTING !!!! Because since DAYS i try to grab the new version (64 bit compatible) from my Flightsimstore account. I even have downloaded the previous version twice again and tried to install it (because I've thought that maybe the installer is new at least and will show up Prepar3D 4 in menu options) - but no luck - THERE IS STILL ONLY THE OLD VERSION 2.02 AVAILABLE, and the installer shows up till Prepar3D v3 only. So: How long does it take till the new version 3 (for P3Dv4) will reach Australia and will be available for its worldwide customers? Release was on 12th Jannuary, today we have the 24th Jannuary (Middle Europe/Germany). Once again: I've legally purchased the previous version oft the F-14 on Flightsimstore, and according to your several announcements it should be available for update already. So: what the h... is going on here ????
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