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  1. Why i am not surpriced? The same problem consists of the QualityWings 787! It seems to me, that is a general problem by QualityWings and Prepare3d v4! As I said before, tomorrow Aerosoft get a call from me..... Have a nice sunday
  2. Hello @all! I did buy the navdatapro yesterday, in the hope, that all will running fine. sorry, that was a failure. Because I did buy also prepare3 v4 and the Boing 787 from qualitywings. Nothing was running and I get the same results like the members above. I think, that this problem takes more time to solve. So I would like to aks philippe, whether he can explain us this procedure? Many thanks in advance. On Monday I am going to call aeresoft defently. Perhaps they have a solution for us?
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