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  1. I have this problem too, but mine has been from day 1. I only install the experimental last night in hope that it would fix it. But on mine system I'll get the landing checklist when I fly the CFM version and no landing check list when I fly the IAE version. Regards Mikael Olsson
  2. Dear Rolf I see, so everything is okay then. Thanks for all the support. really appreciate it. Best regards Mikael
  3. Dear Rolf That is just what happened. I get the infobar and i initiate the descent. I hear the Co pilot read FMA check. Then nothing. After a while I get the APPROACH CL and checklist complete and so on. But the Descent checklist in the MCDU 3 remains green and after the APPROACH CL in start to flash. It never goes to dark out with a star. Best Regards Mikael Olsson
  4. Dear Mathijs Yes, I have. Still stuck. Best Regards Mikael Olsson
  5. Hi Can someone please help me. I'm missing something but I can't figure it out. When I'm start to decent I'm get stuck. I can hear the co pilot read "FMA Check",then nothing. I do not know how I get thru the descent checklist from there So for the rest of the flight I don't get the descen checklist complete until touchdown. Approach and landing checklist work I have tried to read the manual and google it, but I can't figure it out what I'm missing to perform. Same if I use the CO-pilot function to. Best Regards Mikael Olsson
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