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  1. Hi Nick, sounds like a great idea. What I do in the mean time is select my parking space and follow the follow me car to it and on arrival if the gate is already occupied I clear it by using the Traffic Zapper supplied in a registered copy of FSUIPC and is a single key press. I also Zap some traffic if I find myself in a huge line of traffic waiting to take off, who said patience is a virtue ? Hope this helps Regards John
  2. Hi Oliver, great product as always. Will there be an updated V1.95 correcting the small problems that you have highlighted ? Have a good Easter. Regards John
  3. Yes I do use the 3GB patch to over come OOM errors with the PMDG 747 and some addon scenery, at least I can get around this g3d problem using the method you suggested for now. John
  4. Thanks Oliver, if I start at an AES airport then move to another to start my flight then the g3d.dll error at VHHX does not occur. Will just have to do this for now and hope that a future release of AES solves this strange problem. Regards John
  5. Hi, since AES 1.94 when I fly a short saved flight from RCKH to VHHX 9Dragons which was ok before updating to 1.94 I now get a g3d.dll error approx 8 miles out. Is anyone else experiencing this ? I have read the other problems and fixes but no one seems to be suffering this. Thanks in advance John
  6. Thorsten, Success at last ! this afternoon I replaced the AFCAD with the new one you posted earlier and flew 2 successful LOWW-EGLL flights using a saved AS file that before was guaranteed to cause a .DLL error. Oh happy days, thanks for your continued effort to solve this problem John
  7. Hello Thorsten, you are almost correct. Using internal flight sim weather does not create an OOM error. ASv6.5 will create an OOM error if I load heavy cloud coverage weather file, if I load very light weather, i.e little cloud coverage I will not get an error. If you purchase AS I have a saved weather file which creates an OOM error into Heathrow everytime and would happily email it to you to help with the testing. Regards John
  8. Thorston, Have completed 2 flights now using FS weather themes, "cloudy and wet" and "building fronts". Both these tests ended in a succesful landing at Heathrow and no OOM. AI traffic has been Traffic 2005 at 60% on all test flights. John
  9. Hi Thorsten, ok I replaced the EGLL textures in the Aerosoft folder and flew the same route but did not start AS, so effectively clear skies. No errors and landed ok on 27R. I hope this helps get to the bottom of this annoying problem as flying with clear skies does detract from the enjoyment. Regards John
  10. Removed the EGLL textures and set up a flight from LOWW to EGLL which consistently produces an OOM error on final with a saved weather file in AS. 13 miles from EGLL 27R OOM error weather.DLL I will repeat the flight without AS and post the results here. John
  11. Hi, I do not have UTE but experience OOM /FE.DLL errors using v1.1 of EGLL. The only way I can land at Heathrow is to use a saved weather file in ASv6.5 that gives very "light" weather.Not running ASv6.5 produces the following results , Short flights into EGLL . ie under 2 hours are ok , over 2 hours OOM error. This leads me to believe that the problem is with the texture size/amount being loaded on final approach (around 8 miles) into EGLL and would appreciate a smaller set of textures to see if that helps. Thanks John
  12. I still have this problem, any short flight into EGLL ok no problems with a variety of aircraft. Longer flights of 2 plus hours into EGLL, OOM error stating FE.DLL as the problem with the744 at around 8-9 miles out on final. E6600, Nvidia 7950GT, 2Gig Ram, using ASv6.5, RC4, AES, head tracker Pro4. I can fly out of EGLL to any where any distance, its just into Heathrow I have the problem. Regards John
  13. I also continue to get OOM crashes. This is with the PDMG 744 into EGLL. I have v1.1 installed use GE Pro ASV6.5 RC4 and never have a problem into any other complex addon airport, Mega Airport Frankfurt etc. Having waited ages for EGll it is very disappointing and I am convinced the problem is with Heathrow and not the 744. Regards John
  14. OK, have downloaded v1.1 and installed normal textures managed to get on short final approx 8 miles out r/way 9L using PDMG 744 with no problem, until suddenly Out Of Memory error. I have never had this before, any ideas how I can get past this ? E6600, 2gb ram, 160mb HDD (only 25mb used) Nvidia 7950GT XP service pack 2 FS9.1, AS6.5 GE Pro, RC4. AES1.9 Please help!! John
  15. I have had two downloads both corrupted and around 19mb. Have looked forward to having a good EGLL for months but starting to wish I had never purchased this scenery, but will have one more try John
  16. Phew, panic over I turned off for 10 mins and then restarted and frame rates are back up. Overheated maybe ? I know that I am !! OK before I change any files again I will wait for the definitive solution from you clever chaps or Aerosoft, please keep posting your results its really interesting to see your efforts to solve this DLL crash problem. Regards John
  17. Oh no! I have been following on trying the different files, on using the G3d.dll my sim started hanging at 78% loading (adjusting scenery objects) and very slowly loaded. Once in the cockpit I am getting 4 fps down from 25-40. Help, I replaced all the original files no improvement, uninstalled EGLL still no improvement. Any ideas to rectify this problem gratefully recieved. John
  18. Thanks Oliver for the reply. I t seems the problem was on my PC, Just Flights British Airports SE was interfering and a complete uninstall of this software has solved the problem Regards John
  19. Hi all, well at last its arrived ! purchased and installed along with AES 1.91 However there seems to be a problem with certain gates. A 747 parked at gate 147 has half its body inside the terminal, as do any AI planes. Is anybody else seeing this or is there a scenery conflict on my PC ? Regards John
  20. Hi, you are slightly misinformed, you can enter the gate you wish to be assigned to in RC for your departure and arrival airports. I use RC and AES without any issues, and infact cant imagine not having them. John
  21. johnegg

    AES UK

    Great news Oliver, looks like I will be buying more credits and airports !! money well spent I think. John
  22. johnegg

    AES UK

    Just a quick aside, when Aerosoft release Mega Airport Heathrow, (cant wait !!) will you be making it compatible with AES ? I am sure it will be a fantastic airport add on and AES will be the icing on the cake. Regards John.
  23. Thanks for the replies. I cant wait too !! Have only just begun collecting Mega Airports and using AES, its a wonderful experience !!! Regards John
  24. Hi, have noticed Amazon offering to pre order Mega Airport Heathrow (July release ?) In the compatability details it shows FS9 and FSX, is this correct ? I am still happily flying FS9 with no intention of changing and would love to be able to add this product to my collection. Can anyone clarify that it will be FS9 compatible ? Thanks John
  25. Oliver, thankyou for the reply. I have done some more testing and found that if I start in windowed mode, alt + tab to open and start RC4, alt + tab to get FS screen again and then alt and enter to get full screen mode the freezing does not happen !! Having achieved near perfection with FS9 I dont really want to start messing around with various files so will just stick to the method that works. Obviously this problem only affects a few systems and the chances are it will never be solved but at least now I can use the excellent AES. Thanks John
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