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  1. Poe Dameron

    Mega Airport Singapore X preview

    Is it safe to assume the correct (and functioning) Safedock systems will be there along with SODE jetways?
  2. Yay! Next question how does one go about accessing that particular page?
  3. Out of curiosity, will the AOC Flt Log page accessible in the A330X? I see alot of pilots on this particular page when I enter the cockpit at work, and it's almost always on the middle unit
  4. Poe Dameron

    Mega Airport Singapore X preview

    I'm surprised Changi let you guys do anything tbh. They're almost communist when it comes to spotting/taking photos here.
  5. I'm at work right now and LH779 (D-AIMM) is parked in front of me. I suddenly have the strongest of urges to hide in the gear bay, get to Frankfurt and then hitchhike to AS' office.
  6. Poe Dameron

    Mega Airport Singapore X preview

    Hail the Flight Sim Gods. I've waited 6 years to see the words Aerosoft, Mega Airport and Singapore in one line.
  7. Well I stand corrected, the -300 doesn't have fuel jettison! Thanks for correcting me. And yes, at least from the tropics where I'm based 99% of the A330s have brake fans installed. Well then, guess I'll have one less ECAM message to watch! PS: one more button to screw around with would be nice heh.
  8. Well, slightly disappointing that the brake fans won't be included seeing that the A320 series had 'em modelled IIRC. I understand that the reference aircraft did not have this but maybe a future update to the A330 could have this implemented? Along with the fuel dump thingys (forgot the actual term)? Maybe as an option? Pretty please? *Puss in Boots eyes*
  9. Further elaborating in Mathij's response, remember that this is a sub $100 product that simulates the day-to-day operations of an A330 pilot. That being said, I doubt a complex sim-deck build incorporating all the working switches and buttons would be compatible with the AS A330X as certain systems (i.e fire supression, fuses) would simply not interface with the aircraft. Also, with such a gorgeous model that Stefan is crafting I doubt you would want to spend all your time on the flight deck;) (I mean I for one, love to spend 20 plus minutes just walking around the A319 and staring at the gorgeous detail that has been put into the plane.)
  10. How could you refer to this beauty as a "he". Something this gorgeous must and can only be a she:)
  11. I'd think the hydraulics are pressurized for the shots.
  12. Merry Christmas Stefan!:) Also jaw-dropping work on the model.
  13. Captrem, just be patient, I'm willing to bet my last dollar that there will be a repainter who will give us an alternative set of VC textures. Personally I'm a fan of the dirt effects and all. But that being said, I'd of course love to fly a delivery flight in a clean, factory fresh aircraft. Also it's almost Friday so lets hope Stef has some previews of what he's been up too for the past 2 weeks;)
  14. Hi all, I would like to sincerely apologize for my senseless and tasteless post dated October 6th. No excuses and I deserved the suspension. If possible I would like the moderators to remove said post. Regards Chris