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  1. Is it safe to assume the correct (and functioning) Safedock systems will be there along with SODE jetways?
  2. I'm surprised Changi let you guys do anything tbh. They're almost communist when it comes to spotting/taking photos here.
  3. Hail the Flight Sim Gods. I've waited 6 years to see the words Aerosoft, Mega Airport and Singapore in one line.
  4. Hello everyone! The list has been updated! (after more than a year, sorry) Special thanks to @Tom A320 for helping me out! Regards, Chris
  5. Hello guys I was wondering if any of you could do up an EVA Air series for the A321CFM? Holger's one is great but i find the colours a little off(correct me if I'm wrong. Especially looking for a Star Alliance livery for EVA. B-16206 would be her registration! Thanks a bunch!
  6. Emi, anyway you could switch the photos to just pure links?
  7. A330-200: 1) Emirates 2) Air Berlin 3) Qantas 4) Virgin Australia 5) Air Algérie 6) Hong Kong Airlines 7) TAP Portugal 😎 Aer Lingus 9) Air Transat 10) Air France 11) Air Caraïbes 12) Corsair International 13) Iberia 14) Oman Air 15) Aeroflot 16) American Airlines 17) Qatar Amiri Flight 18) Royal Air Force 19) Monarch Airlines 20) Thomas Cook 21) Azul Air 22) Hawaiian Airlines 23) Egyptair 24) Edelweiss 25) Air Seychelles 26) Korean Air 27) Air Greenland 28) Aerolineas Argentinas 29) Northwest Airlines 30) Delta 31) Air Europa 32) Aerolineas Argentinas 33) Vietnam Airlines 34) Libyan Airlines 35) Tunisair 36) Eurowings 37)Alitalia A330-300: 1) Singapore Airlines 2) Cathay Pacific 3) KLM 4) SAS 5) Turkish Airlines 6) Air Asia X 7) Qantas 😎 Hong Kong Airlines 9) Swiss 10) Lufthansa 11) Brussels Airlines 12) Aer Lingus 13) Cyprus Airways 14) Balkan Holidays Air 15) Air Caraïbes 16) Corsair International 17) Iberia 18) Oman Air 19) Malaysian Airlines 20) Virgin Atlantic 21) Air Canada 22) Aeroflot 23) Thomas Cook Scandinavia 24) Fiji Airlines 25) Egyptair 26) Korean Air 27) Asiana 28) Finnair 29) Northwest 30) Delta 31) American Airlines 32) Vietnam Airlines 33) Jet Airways 34) Afriqyah Airways 35) Dragonair 36) Azul 37) Hawaiian Airlines 38) Air Seychelles 39) China Eastern Airlines 40) Thai Airways 41) China Airlines 42) Cathay Dragon 43) Air China 44) Hainan Airlines 45) Alitalia only -200 46) Air Transat 47) Saudia 48) Avianca 49) South African Airways 50) China Southern 51) Vietnam Airlines 52) Kuwait Airways 53) Garuda Indonesia 54) SriLankan 55) Ethihad 56) Royal Jordanian 57) Edelweiss Air A330-200F: 1) Hong Kong Airlines 2) Qatar Cargo 3) Turkish Airlines Cargo 4) Ethan Cargo 5) Etihad Cargo 6) Malaysian Airlines Kargo Last Updated: 25 May 2016 1943 GMT
  8. G'day fellow captains/first officers, As you can tell we are all pretty excited for the upcoming A330 which is under development by the talented team here at Aerosoft. That being said, I have noticed many of you guys making requests for certain paints and decided that it was in the best interest that we collate everyone's request into one easy to refer thread. You guys can post your requests but be sure to include the engine type and variant(332/333). Hopefully, the development team can pick up a few interesting ones and release it together with the aircraft. Do note that this is NOT an official Aerosoft thread. **VERY IMPORTANT: TO AVOID BREACHING COPYRIGHTS, PLEASE DO NOT INSERT PHOTOS, INSTEAD POST THE LINK TO THE PICTURES** Regards, Chris
  9. So anyone wants a go at the Silkair paint? It's a pretty simple one I would think. The BA Dove one gets a +1 from me too!
  10. Could we get a Silkair paint for us asian flyers? 9V-SBD
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