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  1. yesterday, I downloaded the latest Twotter update from the Aerosoft support site, bought myself ORBX Scotland, and with crash detection deliberately on (just to see what would happen), everything worked flawlessly :-D, had a beautiful flight from Edinburgh to Oban So it is defenitely a Scotflight-for-FSX-volume 1 problem... (which is indeed an oldie)....Uninstall, delete...problem solved! And... the ORBX scenery is MUCH more beautiful than Scotflight, hehehehe Thanks for all the support!
  2. I tried flying in another scenery (Southampton ORBX), not a single problem. So MarkHurst may be right, the Scotflight scenery is faulty....
  3. Yes, i'm flying the Twotter (just tried again).. everything seems ok. and then you get the crash! message in the green bar on top. Indeed, the same thing as if you crash your plant into the ground or aganist a building. The screen frrzes and Crash! apperars in the box. And the image is the cradt still up in the air, nothing around... I use Visual Flight Scotflight vol 1,, fly out of EGPH (edinburgh), and after about 10 minutes it happens every time
  4. i don't think so... because it crashes in mid air, without any warning... I would have noticed if there would be no more fuel...
  5. that's an easy one: none of the above. And i especially paid attention to the gauges: none of them were in red zones
  6. When I fly the Twotter, i always have to cancel the fligts, because of miraculous crashes. In this case not FSX which is crashing, just the craft itself. Today I was flying from Edinburg (EGPH) to Oban (EGEO), fl080, everything was getting smooth, until a couple of minutes I got an 'Overstressed' crash. I switched off the ' stress causes damage' box in the realism menu to avoid this kind of crashes. I reloaded the flight (using FSUIPC autosave) in the state a couple of minutes before this event. Everything seemed to go well, but all of a sudden, CRASH!.... I used the autopilot to climb (IAS mode) and switched to ALT mode when reaching cruise altitude of 8000 ft. HDG mode was also switched on. I am completely puzzeled. Whats going on? Does it have anything to do with altitude? Cause when I fly the twotter at max 3000 ft, no problem at all... But IRL, i found enough Youtube videos of Twotters flying fl100 easily.... Who can help me out with this? Thanks! Maarten
  7. Yesterday I tried to startup my CRJ 700, and disconnect the GPU/Aircart. Nothing happened, Dave froze, couldn't do anything in Dave concerning GroundServices. I tried the tips in tht post below, but nothing worked (Since this was a post from 2017 I post this topic again in a new post...) Any solutions? Greetz, Maarten
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