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  1. Well, newtons law of inertia states that a 200+ tons A330 going in a straight line wants really badly to keep going in a straight line unless a force acts upon it. Joking a side I have noticed it's a bit slow to rotate, but it's a big bird as to be expected I say. This A320 pilot praises the A330 handling, except for a small twitch during takeoff when ground law is transitioning to normal law or something like that. I only noticed it myself after he pointed it out.
  2. moby

    Excessive Fuel use

    Funny thing. Since last post I step climbed to FL400. I'm a lot closer to the destination and now the UTC between the clock and MCDU is more coherent. And now the fuelpred is much more beliveable. The Xwind has been basically been there the whole flight, just with some more tailwind component. Data.rar
  3. moby

    Excessive Fuel use

    I haven't seen excessive fuelflow actually reported by the aircraft, but I have run out of fuel crossing the atlantic eastbound with a 40 to 80kts tailwind using the aerosoft fuelplanner. The A320 consumption and prediction was dead on. Here is a screenshot. I close to always see a negative EFOB at the destination. This is during a flight from EGLL to OMDB. Also don't know if the messed up UTC contributes, but haven't seen that before. Anyways I attached the logs, hope it helps. distance: 3041nm with waypoints FL: 370 CI: 50 Starting fuel: 42.000KG (the calculator wanted 38030 ) Pax: 300 Cargo: 17.070 TOW: 207.055 ZFW:169.596 Data.rar
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