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  1. So got on the issues worked out and was able to do a shared cockpit flight. Unfortunately, seems that the WCS might not be transferring all of the data between what was selected in the RIO pit to the Pilot. RIO locked target, but Pilot doesn't see the lock on his side. I am hoping I am just missing something, otherwise the shared cockpit in this state is useless.
  2. Use a multiplayer session with TacPack cheat detection disabled.
  3. I ended up finding the problem. It appears that the new installer actually installs in two different folders, Aerosoft F-14 Extended and F-14 Extended. The Start Menu configuration link is to the Aerosoft F-14 Extended folder one, but the aircraft is actually looking in the F-14 Extended folder. Problem solved by running the configuration exe directly from the F-14 Extended folder.
  4. I just downloaded the latest version for P3Dv4 and installed without issue. I have read the shared cockpit instruction and followed those to include running the Configuration tool and adding the IPs. Unfortunately, once in the sim and try to pick RIO and select IP they are all listed as Appreciate any advice on how to get this corrected.
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