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  1. Ok thanks, i found the topic but not using the FORUM here. The search engine process in this Forum, not very helpful. I did the search straight from Google. A330 Issue with arc range not showing on NAV Display, see below........fix If you have the newest NVIDIA Driver => Right Mouse Button on your Dashboard => Select NVIDIA Control Panel => In the left column select Manage 3D settings => Then in the main column select the tab "Program Settings" => Now you can open the menu "Select a program to customize" - Select here "Prepar 3D (prepar3d.exe) Now you get a list with "Feature" on the left & "Setting" on the right. It looks like NVIDIA inserted the NVIDIA-Inspector in the driver software. I was not aware of this. To get the issues fixed with the range rings, you have to switch OFF "Antialasing Transparency" To get a little sharper vision select the first top entry "Image Sharpening", set it to on and move the sliders to: Sharpen: 0.28 Grain: 0,17 Than select "Apply" in the bottom right corner. This solves the range ring problem and gives you a real nice sharp look of the instruments (in all aircraft btw). Try playing around with the sliders a bit. Its worth trying. Kin M.
  2. That kind a fix the problem, using the Experimental updates is checked in the Configuration. But your light effects during the day still not very bright, but you can see it flashing and with the red/green. But they are not as bright with other regular defaults and payware add-on planes. But the night time is another story.........they are really visible like normal. I have a new problem, those range lines on the A330 Nav Display are not showing. See below screen shot............
  3. I've purchased all my Airbus planes on Simmarket and the latest file i have to be compatible with V5 is this............ AS_318-A319-PROFESSIONAL_P3DV5_V1401.zip Is the fix on this install? Because this is the file i've installed last month for V5 and this is the one with the light problems. I will re-download from Simmarket of the same file and if it's been updated since, we just have to see it. We will find out when i re-download that same version from them and see if the external lights are fix. Kin M.
  4. Is there a fix on this external lights are not obviously visible when they are ON. HDR disable or enable..........same problem. According to the last update from June 16, it will be out with an update. It's already July.
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