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  1. Yes, i have version of Kosice-Barca Airport. When i get a message in the Aerosoft Updater i always update my software instantly.... Either via the Aerosoft updater or as now for this moment a new update for the A330 via my account .... Thank's for the reply, Hans
  2. Hello, I discovered that in the .xml file of Kosice-Barca for P3D v4.5 there is an error in the text related to the Aerosoft Updater, He indicates "Geneva Profesionnal" instead of "Kosice-Barca Airport". I have already adjusted this myself .... But I just wanted to mention this ... Greetings, Hans
  3. Hello, Is it possible that the radar on the main building (see picture) not rotate? I remember that in other Geneva scenery from an other scenery supplier, the radar on the main building does rotate..... That's why i find it strange that a prominent scenery developer like Aerosoft maybe forgot to add that function. Sincerely Greets, Hans
  4. Yes! Now it is added to my (Old) shop account too! Thanks for the quick response Aerosoft! Greets, Hans
  5. Mathijs wrote: Tromsø X has an update waiting for you on your order history page (not via updater, sorry) (AS_TROMSOX_JETWAY-TOOL-UPDATE.zip) This update solves and issue with JETWAY-CONFIG => SODE unfortunately this is what my account says: (AS_TROMSO-X_FSX-P3D-FSXSTEAM.zip - 13.07.2018 06:35:00 | 893 MB) For me no update? How come? Hans
  6. Hi, I don't know what date it is in Germany .....;-) But I still can't find the version for P3D V3 and FSX (SE) in my account .....? NOTE: FSX & P3D V3 versions will be available in your customer account on the 16th Dec 2019!
  7. Hi Guy's, A few day's ago i have bought the new scenery Frankfurt for P3d v4.5. I expected that this scenery could be seen in the Aerosoft Updater ..... But unfortunately .... Not. Certainly if there are updates, it is easy to find out quickly. It remains difficult to delve through my Aerosoft account each time to check for updates, because not everything is (yet) running via the Aerosoft Updater. Tip for the Aerosoft people: Change the "Purchase Date" in the account to an "Latest Update Date". In this way one can see at a glance "Hey there is an update!". See you in the Sky!
  8. Hi Guys, First of all, congratulations with the release of the A320/A321 Professional today! Today i've noticed that the EASYJET G-EZTB has the wrong Thumbnail.....It shows the Qatar liverie.... Keep up the good work Aerosoft Team! Hans
  9. I hope that Mathijs mean Sept the 6th this year 2018...... It's a nice package the A318/A319 Pro, so i am curious about the A320/A321 Pro.......
  10. Exercising pressure may not be the right word but you can expect something from a non-profit organization as a donor ..... And since Aerosoft is a big donor they can expect some progress ... And especially if you incorporate options in your devices where IVAO plays a role. Think of the weather options in the FMC, etc. A non-profit organization also has a future perspective or roadmap ..... What can we expect from IVAO within the next 2 or 5 years? Who knows, can say it now .... This post was only a trigger to loosen something in the Flightsimulator Community ..... Sincerely, Hans
  11. Dear members of the management, I have a question regarding IVAO and Aerosoft. Every year, IVAO holds an event called "Crowded Skys" where Aerosoft is the main sponsor and a significant amount is donated to IVAO. On average, there are 3000 pilots longer than 2 hours in the air ... (if we can believe IVAO). I think that Aerosoft donates € 1 per pilot to IVAO so you can count on it .... I have been a member of IVAO for many years and have visited many Flight Simulator weekends in the Netherlands, even in the old AvioDrome at Schiphol and the AvioDrome in Lelystad. What concerns me now is the fact that there is little or no development at IVAO. They have been promising for years that new software will come with a nice demonstration at Flightsim events .... etc. The 64bits Flightsims are already almost standard .... with the MTLs far behind. How do you face this? Can you perhaps put some pressure on IVAO? I look forward to receiving your response Sincerely, Hans
  12. Version FSX, P3DV2.5-3.0


    This is a liverie from our fleet for the A320-200 CFM For more information please contact us on our VA's website at: www.dutchflyva.nl Everybody is welcome to join our Virtual Airline!
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