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  1. Made a flight today in the Aerosoft Airbus A320 Professional where VOR NEW(Castle) Freq. 114.25 was on the route, flew right above it..... The strange thing is that when I enter NEW at the NAV/Radio in the FMC of the Airbus A320 Professional, it neatly shows NEW 114.25. But if I enter 114.25 as the frequency, it comes with MEL 114.25 The NAV display does show the DMA up to NEW 114.25 but not the Radial when I fly an exact course… Everything is Up to Date, Prepar3D v5.2, The Aerosoft Airbuses are Up to Date and the NaviGraph AIRAC Cycle is 2110 Maybe a Bug…? This is what Navigraph replied to me: Hi…, Welcome When I enter NEW I see 114.25. So data is correct. When located at say EGLL, and enter 114.25 I too get MEL/114.25. When located at YMML I get DCD/114.25 so it seems to be location dependant. Best to check in Aerosoft forum. Cheers Ian Navigraph gives a very wrong answer! I flew right over/above NEW(Castle) 114.25 VOR I wasn't even close to MEL 114.25 VOR! Is it a bug or......? Greetings, Hans
  2. Hi Tom, Sorry for the late response but the problem was solved the nex day... Thank you for the quick response! Greetings, Hans
  3. Yes Tom, i buy Aerosoft products directly from the Aerosoft Shop otherwise i can't get the message from the Aerosoft Updater.....;-) Greetings, Hans
  4. According to the Aerosoft updater there would be an update for Aerosoft Airport Zagreb for MSFS (version but my account still has the old version... So I can't update (yet). Please update the right version *.zip at my account? Greetings, Hans
  5. I also had quite a few problems with the correct positions on the throttle quadrant (Aerosoft Busses in P3d v4.5 and v5.1). I suddenly found out that if you disconnect the quadrant for a moment, disconnect the USB-C plug at the back of the quadrant and reconnect, everything suddenly works as it should ... It's just a tip .... Good Luck! Hans
  6. Version 1.0.0


    This is the DutchFly A330-300 liverie. Come and join our Virtual Airline? Find us at www.DutchFlyva.nl
  7. Yes, i have version of Kosice-Barca Airport. When i get a message in the Aerosoft Updater i always update my software instantly.... Either via the Aerosoft updater or as now for this moment a new update for the A330 via my account .... Thank's for the reply, Hans
  8. Hello, I discovered that in the .xml file of Kosice-Barca for P3D v4.5 there is an error in the text related to the Aerosoft Updater, He indicates "Geneva Profesionnal" instead of "Kosice-Barca Airport". I have already adjusted this myself .... But I just wanted to mention this ... Greetings, Hans
  9. Hello, Is it possible that the radar on the main building (see picture) not rotate? I remember that in other Geneva scenery from an other scenery supplier, the radar on the main building does rotate..... That's why i find it strange that a prominent scenery developer like Aerosoft maybe forgot to add that function. Sincerely Greets, Hans
  10. Yes! Now it is added to my (Old) shop account too! Thanks for the quick response Aerosoft! Greets, Hans
  11. Mathijs wrote: Tromsø X has an update waiting for you on your order history page (not via updater, sorry) (AS_TROMSOX_JETWAY-TOOL-UPDATE.zip) This update solves and issue with JETWAY-CONFIG => SODE unfortunately this is what my account says: (AS_TROMSO-X_FSX-P3D-FSXSTEAM.zip - 13.07.2018 06:35:00 | 893 MB) For me no update? How come? Hans
  12. Hi, I don't know what date it is in Germany .....;-) But I still can't find the version for P3D V3 and FSX (SE) in my account .....? NOTE: FSX & P3D V3 versions will be available in your customer account on the 16th Dec 2019!
  13. Version P3Dv3.0-v4.5-v5.1


    This is a liverie from our fleet for the A320-200 CFM For more information please contact us on our VA's website at: www.dutchflyva.nl Everybody is welcome to join our Virtual Airline!
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