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  1. Hi Shaun, Thanks for the link. I dod look at that, but thought the forum was for Call! for the Airbus, not the actual Airbus product itself. Still nothing from Wilco... Will give it one more day before I email again. Cheers!
  2. Hi everyone, I've fired off an email to Wilco about this, but in the meantime I thought I'd post here to see if anyone has had the same problem. With the Wilco Airbus Series 1 aircraft (all of them), I am getting some strange behaviour with the thrust levers. Bringing the left lever ONLY up, *both* left and right indicators on the ECAM go up, but I get no thrust from the left engine unless I go to TOGA thrust (in which case I also get TO config warning alarms etc.). It seems that the aircraft sees my thrust levers (CH Throttle Quadrant) a strange way. No other aircraft (PMDG etc) do this.
  3. Hi guys, Update issues aside, are there any issues with moving scenery from the "Aerosoft" (or "Addon Scenery") folders to another drive and changing the references in scenery.cfg? Specifically, are there any issues with relative textures or effects from the main FS "texture" and/or "effects" folders? I see that most addon scenery has it's textures in the subfolder within the install directory... Thanks! Martin
  4. Copy protection and activation is always a difficult one - you cannot please all the people all the time. I agree that there needs to be *some* sort of protection for products. Personally I HATE internet activation - I choose not to have my main systems online, only my laptop. If is must be implemented, it needs an offline activation procedure as well - not waiting for a box/CD, but the option to use another computer (license file) or telephone (I appreciate that that may be expensive for developers to implement, but hey, if you have to use activation....). At the end of the day, hac
  5. Hi guys, I have FS9 and FSX installed on my system in the following order: FS9 FS 9.1 Update FSX FSX SDK FSX SP1 Update FSX SDK SP1a Update Does it matter which order I start installing addons (ie FSX addons first, then FS9). I know the order things are installed for each sim is important, but does it matter which sim I start with first? I can't see any reason why it would matter, I'm just completely paranoid about messing my system up after the hassle I've had over the past couple of weeks!! Cheers, Martin
  6. 18-20 would be very nice for me given what I am getting at the moment I'm going to try a few CFG tweaks, but I still don't hold out much hope... I'm reinstalling from scratch now, and am going to put FS2004 and FSX on there - 2004 for pleasure, FSX for development, on the basis that in a year or so I might be able to use the darn thing... The Q6600 is still 2.4GHz... I should be getting something decent with that and the other settings. Does changing the core affinity once FSX is running do anything? Exactly... My heavily "modded" FS2004 is far more appealing than FSX on the l
  7. Hi guys, Ok firstly my system: - XP Pro SP2 with .NET Framework 3.5 - Intel Quad Core Q6600 - 4GB DDR2-800 RAM - NVidia 8800GTS (640MB, although it is being reported as 740...?!) - 169.21 Driver - 300GB SATA-II System Drive - FSX SP1 and SDK SP1a At the DEFAULT Heathrow in the DEFAULT microlight thing I am getting 9.7FPS - occasionally dipping to 4 or 5 with my graphics settings not particularly high... This is with no addons either. Are there any "recommended" graphics or other settings for this system? I am not too fussed about AI as this is my development platform. Should
  8. Ok cool - I guess this will be more of the "Mega" range... Excellent! And I must congratulate Sim-Wings on continuing to do both FS9 and FSX versions... My "development" machine is FSX, but for pleasure I still use FS9. Well for the moment CDG as it is will do very nicely until the Mega one is released Cheers! Martin
  9. Hi guys, I am a little confused about the labelling of some of the Sim Wings products. On their website, I cannot tell if some airports are re-releases from the originals. Can someone please confirm that there are no re-releases of airports from Sim-Wings that are not contained in France 1 and 2, Spanish Airports 2, New Spanish Airports etc? Are these absolutely the latest versions (minor fixes aside)? There are no "old" and "new" versions? Many thanks! Martin
  10. AA is running at 16x with Transparency to "supersampling" Is fullscreen mode different to the "cockpit" view that is default? Thanks, Martin
  11. Hmmm... one more thing sorry... I have turned AA off in the game but set it to "on" in the Nvidia control panel - however it is all jagged now and there seems to be no AA at all :-( Also, I am using a "professional" FireWire audio interface (I am a musician in my spare t..... sorry, real job :-) ) and over "heavy" scenery I am getting noise and distortion through the speakers. Should I go back to using the onboard motherboard 7.1 audio? Thanks, Martin
  12. Ok I seem to have things running slightly better - the biggest problem I have now is that object (not just Aerosoft products - everything) are not being drawn until I am quite close to them. How can this be resolved? I have seen a cloud draw distance slider, but can't find an objects one. Has it got something to do with MIP maps? Cheers, Martin
  13. Hi Shaun, Thanks for those tips. Will try them out - have already set FS9 to run on CPU0 and other addons (like Radar Contact / ActiveSky etc) on CPU1. Will mess around with GFX card settings now... All best, Martin
  14. Thanks Tim. I am using an install to "mess around" on at the moment to find what works and doesn't. When I've done that I am going to snap restore my disk to a clean FS install and start on the "real" installation Martin
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