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  1. I exported them to the PMDG folder initially? Did it somehow change them? If i rerun the 2.01 installer will it reinstall in the proper format? Will i loose my aircraft files again as per 1.28.9?
  2. I did that Stephen but no routes show up at all (current or not). I don't know how to get them to show up anymore.
  3. Deleted my route database can someone please advise me a way of reinstalling. I have the routes but they wont import back.
  4. Replaced the .exe as per install notes and it still says V2.00? Also trying to make a plan it simply won't go through the steps....quite frankly this "product" is not even close to being ready. A total balls up and you guys just lost me for good. Will be recommending people stay a mile away from this junk programme.
  5. A fair few bugs in it at my end too. Haven't actually dispatched a flight yet though. The pax weight issue has already been mentioned, I installed a recent nav database update and although it picks up expired routes due to airway changes, I am unable to delete these as per previous versions. Seems quite twitchy in its operation to me. While I appreciate the work, this seems to ave some glitches and either hasn't been thoroughly tested or issues have been ignored.
  6. Hi I purchased through simmarket years ago and now that I want to upgrade to V2 I see no sign of the upgrade being available. I also ran PFPX and is says my V1.28 is up to date. Can someone please point me in the right direction. Thanks Tim
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