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  1. Hi Ben thanks for the info, but any idea where the axis levers need to be (full forward, full back, some approximate place in the middle when it asks for the axis to be centered?With the Alpha yoke its easy to know as you just leave the thing alone but with the Bravo....its not easy to know what to do?
  2. It has been a long few weeks since getting my honeycomb bravo yoke but at least have it working somewhat successfully for my PMDG B737 and B777 aircraft. The few niggling issues still remain and I was hoping for some support. 1. The flap axis in only operates between 1degree and 30degrees. You bush the flap lever all the way up but it won't go to flaps up and you push it down and it wont go to flaps 40. I can use a key stroke to get these flap positions. I tried the calibration within the drivers but it hasn't made a difference....One anomaly of the calibration tool is it asks to
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