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  1. Hi Mathijs. Yes correct. The iPad display doesn’t match the sim. The keys work and transfer the data to the sim but I have to look at the sim to see what is being typed. Any ideas. Thanks. Mark
  2. Hello everyone. Hope all is well. I'm making progress and can now get this connecting. I have a question. My external MCDU can input data into the flight deck MCDU however the image on the iPad doesn't change. It has a screen showing arrival to and from EGCC regardless of where I am. Is this correct. On a side note. Thanks Aerosoft. The bus is everything someone with the time available to fly wants. I think it's even starting my 9 year old daughter on a path to an aviation career.
  3. Hi Gunter What are you referring to when you say “After adding the MCDU behind the given numbers” Thanks Gunter Mark
  4. Hi Thomas, thanks for the post. When you say you launched connection servers as admin, what do you mean. Is that right clicking and running the apps as admin or is there another part of Windows not connected with Aerosoft that you ran. Thanks Thomas Mark
  5. I’ve heard enough from datguytho. Moving on to posts that most of us are interested in like I loving the stewardess who’s waiting by the door for me.
  6. Yes I’m sure. Everything is as it should be and I’ve read the manual. Thanks so far. Mark
  7. At. Is turning on the transponder to On. It’s next to the TA/RA Section. Rudder trim I move all the way back and then to the position I want. And Cockpit Voice Recorder I still can’t find so I bypass it until I work out where it is. If you do please let me know. Cheers. Mark
  8. Hi everyone. Hope all is well. I've done everything from the 1st post that's now closed however I'm still not getting this working on my iPad. Any updates yet. Many thanks Mark
  9. Fixed it. It won't follow a flight plan unless I'm using NAVDATAPRO. Until Navigraph update their installer any work arounds as suggested in other parts of the forums mess things up. Stick with everything default until the rest of the community catch up. Thanks guys.
  10. Yep. Did it all correctly. The Company Route Editor isn't working like lots of others have reported. Could this be the problem.
  11. Hi Aerosoft, I've flown this in circuits and it's lovely. Well done. However I now want to fly some routes so I'd thought I'd follow EDDFEGLL that comes with it. I've not changed anything from default install and all virus software was disabled. The MCDU can't find the flight plan. Can you lead me into where to start to put this right as I assumed the installer should of set this all up correctly. Many thanks. Mark
  12. Installed Default but not working for me.
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