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  1. processeur AMD FX-4100 Quad Core 3.6 GHZ RAM 8 Go OS : WIN10 64 bits Carte Graphique NVIDIA Geforce 650 Ti
  2. Always automaticaly rebooted at the end of installation operation .. The fonts are correct on two others cdu
  3. http://imgbox.com/wjEX7AyT And if i presse SLKL5 this http://imgbox.com/Hh8rIimg
  4. The A318/319 version is the latest Response in updater : Chemin d'extension: E:\P3D4\Aerosoft A318-A319 Professional Version installé: Pas de mise à jours disponible pour ce produit!
  5. Hi all I have P3DV4.3 installed correctly ( for this i had unstalled and reinstalled following Lockeed Martin instructions ) i have Airbus Professionnal A318/A319 version V1.2.1.0 and after updating by aerosoft updater I am on WIN10 I have desabled " Force ecam rendering" without effect I cannot use this aircraft and if this , witch solution ? May be tehe refound ?
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