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  1. I hope and I'm pretty sure the devs are working hard on this? I know they changed devs during the development but it has ben 3 years! Some updates would be nice... Looking forward to it!...
  2. Any idea for the release? .. I'm not hearing any updates about his amaaaazing airport?
  3. Please don't spend hours and hours on the grass, it is indeed not a GA airport.. We don't care about some grass that is passing by at 150 knots! Better to have a good fps instead of fps eating but nice looking grass! thanks!
  4. This really looks amazing! Good job so far! Just a couple of questions, maybe they have already been mentioned, but; - will there be movable jetways, that, (yes I know it's not AES) but will be compatible with GSX..? - will the new Jetairport, from Jetairfly be modeled? - Recently there have been added a "brussels aiport sign" to concourse A, just a detail.. And the connector but I read it will be modeled! Great work!
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