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  1. Any new updates? Maybe the current state of the product development?
  2. I hope and I'm pretty sure the devs are working hard on this? I know they changed devs during the development but it has ben 3 years! Some updates would be nice... Looking forward to it!...
  3. Any idea for the release? .. I'm not hearing any updates about his amaaaazing airport?
  4. when will there be a trailer/ video? Great work so far!
  5. Please don't spend hours and hours on the grass, it is indeed not a GA airport.. We don't care about some grass that is passing by at 150 knots! Better to have a good fps instead of fps eating but nice looking grass! thanks!
  6. This really looks amazing! Good job so far! Just a couple of questions, maybe they have already been mentioned, but; - will there be movable jetways, that, (yes I know it's not AES) but will be compatible with GSX..? - will the new Jetairport, from Jetairfly be modeled? - Recently there have been added a "brussels aiport sign" to concourse A, just a detail.. And the connector but I read it will be modeled! Great work!
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