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  1. Mathijs, I do indeed like the idea of a server and the page looks amazing... I am especially hoping it solves the issues of helping people who aren't that advanced in technology help to connect. The elimination of computer 2 computer connection would be really helpful as in the past I have needed to use a VPN service (LogMeIn Hamachi) to start CFD sessions and it is very hard to help people to get things started sometimes. I really look forward to the possibility of this implementation Also... dimmable VC lights... yay
  2. Will there be a somewhat of an integration with CFD and VATSIM
  3. Sorry if this has been asked before, Will the framerate and graphics problems be improved for this release vs the current A320/321 as it is been an ongoing issue with the previous version. I think that is because it seems that the current one is an x86 (32-bit) addon or it could be the sim. Other addons from PMDG and other high-quality companies have not given me this kind of a problem. Please say if I am wrong if that is the reason Also... what will be the compatibility with FSX and the newest addition... Flight Sim World Current System Dell XPS 8100 -Intel i5 GTX 750 Ti- DDR5 OS: Windows 7 Ultimate -- Austin "Does the APU run during refuel??"