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  1. Hi A little up : I woud like to knowt if there will be a patch or a quick fix, for Heathrow X and this problem on the runway With regards stéphane
  2. Thank's for your aswer With regards Stephane
  3. Hi Here is a sceenshot of the problem: But I've already done it... here is the link: http://www.forum.aerosoft.com/viewtopic.ph...highlight=crash
  4. Hi, I woud like to knowt if there will be a patch for Florence X and SP2-DX (probleme of texture) ? With regards stéphane
  5. I've switched myFSX in SP2/directX9 and then this bug disapeared !
  6. How I can do that ?? I'm not sure to understand...
  7. Thank you Larsa It works : Now there is no crash, but there is a graphic bug still: Is someone has got this texture problem ? Is it the same bug as "white planes" (tranparence texture) ? Thank's With regards Stephane
  8. Hi Here is the bug: :shock: Installs of VISTA and FSX-Acc. Pack - SP2 are clean ! Thanks Stéphane
  9. What is the bglman ? A file from fsx ? from addon manager, or ohther soft ? Is someone know when it will be possible to download it and where ? Also, I see other users who can use Florence X with SP2? How can they do ? Thanks With regards Stéphane
  10. I don't agree ! I've got problems with Heathrow X and Florence X. You can read some posts about it...
  11. Hi I've installed Heathrow X with FSX - Acc Pack - SP2 and there is a problem with the runway: I can see 2 different "markings" on the floor. Actually, I suppose that there are the old runway (FSX) and the new one (aerosoft). What can I do for that ? Thank's With regards Stéphane PS sorry for my english but I'm french I hope that you will undertand what I mean...
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