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    Before reading: Please note that I am just an average simmer, and not an experienced reviewer. But I felt that these liveries deserved a comment. I've only just installed these two Vietnam Airlines liveries, but my first impressions are that artists Vu Viet Phuong, Minh Bui and contributor Pham Thanh Cong have done an excellent job. Although I have yet to see these aircraft in real life, the repaints here seem accurate and very pleasing to the eye. Just an installation note: depending on your Un-RAR settings, it's possible to end up with the actual texture folder within a higher level folder of the same name. I'm no expert, and initially installed these textures as folders-within-folders. Consequently, the aircraft showed up black in FSX. Sharper thinkers than I would have avoided this problem, but if you're dim-witted like me, just take care that the DDS files (etc) for each livery are contained by only ONE texture folder. That, in turn, goes into the aircraft's main folder with all the other Aerosoft textures for that version. So, if you get a black A321 in FSX, just check that the texture graphics are contained within just one texture folder, rather than folder-within-folder. If in doubt, compare your results with the installations of the existing official Aerosoft A321 textures. Otherwise, just note that the text to be added into the Aircraft CFG file appears not to be included in the packages themselves; get the text from the download page for these two liveries. It's a simple matter to copy and paste that text into the .CFG file and change the 'Fltsim.X' numbers to the next available texture numbers. Remember to save the modified .CFG file. Again reiterating that these are first impressions by an unskilled simmer, but I'm really pleased. Many thanks to Minh Bui, Vu Viet Phuong - and Pham Thanh Cong for two very attractive Vietnam Airlines liveries. My screen captures (below) don't do these liveries justice. Best you try them yourself! Ian Mac.
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