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    Switzerland Proffesional X Stutters

    Windows 10x64 32GB RAM GTX 1070 DUAL i7 7700K SSD for Windows and another SSD for P3D, all ORBX terrain and FTX and a LOT of airports.
  2. Hi Guys, I installed Swiss Pro X and I'm getting 4-5 seconds stutters when Im flying over a region? is there any fix or update for it? P3Dv4, otherwise refund would be nice.
  3. peter131176

    Austria Pro East and West Winter textures

    ok thx, I must have to missed it
  4. Hi Guys, I bought recently both of Austria Pro HD East and West, does anyone know how to switch to winter textures as at the moment I have everything in green. LOWI airport is white and surroundings are green