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  1. Benjamin, The BBJ is not working due to a needed name change on the folder structure for this product so a chnage is needed to the interface you are using in order to communicate with the BBJ. I can provide more info if needed. Mathijs has my email if you need to contact me directly Chris Makris PMDG Customer Support
  2. Can we have some more info regarding the ACARS and Crewinfo on PFPXv2? I have seen the folders in the C:\Users\Public\Documents\PFPX Data but no info anywhere
  3. I can confirm that this fix now solves the problem. I have made 3 fligts to LGKR and no more mesh issue.
  4. Did you run Aerosoft activator? Chris
  5. LGAV LGKR PIKAD1T - UL53 - PARNA- KRK No STAR selecting rnw35 with exteded centerline to 9mile
  6. Emilie, Done the suggested chnage but no joy Same thinks happens approaching.
  7. Emilie, There are elevetions problem all around the airprot. If you try to land on RNW35 with crashes ON as soon as the wheels touch down (on the touch down zone) you get a plane crash. I have made a try. I removed the LGKR file from word/scenery. I know by doing that the runway is in a ditch, but approaching from Athens I did not observe any other problems. All other airport mesh was OK.
  8. I am glad I am not the only one LGIO is very close to LGKR and propably LGKR is loaded with LGIO and hence no mesh problem. As I see it the LGKR* file in th word/scenery for some reason is not loaded correctly.
  9. Just a note. At least on my PC the problem with the mesh underneath the airport is still present when appraching
  10. awf, Removing the LGKR file from word/scenery gives you a similar effect but not the same. By removing it you just do not have mesh for teh runway, The runway is like a trench.
  11. Unfortunately no Joy. Same issue even with unistalling running FSX reinstalling Acceleration.
  12. I will make the tests later today and will report back.
  13. Did you activate the scenery from aerosoft activator?
  14. HSP mesh has no isntaller. just 5 or 6 bgl which as I said tryied with out. Even if it was HSP mesh problem it wouldn't go away by just reloading the scenery.
  15. Acceleration SP2, and YMML from Orbx
  16. I have a strange problem when arriving to LGKR. For some reason the mesh doesn't seem to load correctly. Reloading the scenery fixes it but surly there must be a better solution. My settings I have HSP mesh installed on Scenery/world/scenery directory, but I tryied even with out it but nothing. Any ideas?
  17. You are lucky 17 is not in use 35 is an easy straight in approach. Cant wait for winter weathe
  18. Just bought Can not wait for evening flight LGAV LGKR LGAV
  19. The following problem seems to appear on old sceneries that was either made for FS9 and imported on FSX or made when FSX first released. I am posting it just in case anyone has any idea why this is happening. I have tried it on Frankfurt and Madrid and confirmed it is happening while at Larnaca it worked OK. Also tested on Uk2000 EGKK/EGLL, Flytampa LGAV and works perfect For vatsim I am using FSINN with variety of freeware AI to show the rest of the planes. On Madrid and Frankfurt when the scenery is active I can see only the AI lights and no body. When the scenery id deactivated then all AI shows ok. I am running on Win7x64 with 6 GB ram, 1.5GB nvidia (which I am starting to thinkg this might be the problem). Default aircrafts are shown ok Madrid enabled Madrid Disabled Frankfrut Enabled Frankfurt diabled Any ideas? Chris
  20. Thank you Thorsten BR Christos
  21. Yes but I beleive there was always the option to remove static planes if you don't want them. What about making the GA apron actual surface and not dirt? BR Chris
  22. Hi, On LCLK for FSX on the GA apron as it can been seen there are a lot of staic aircraft. Is there a way to get rid of it? Also is there the posibility of making the GA apron parking surface solid and not dirt? BR Chris
  23. Oliver, On FSX with latest version of UK2000 EGLL (V2.15) and AES on some gates at terminal 5 I have overlaping jetways like the one shown below Gates that this appears are 554,547,521 and 513. With AES deactivated gates appear normal. Can you take a look? Also can you advice on how many gates on T5 there are 3 jetways? BR Christos
  24. Negative he is not walking he stays there all the time. As I wrote I have seen it at EGLL and LGAV. Airctaft used LVLD 767
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