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  1. On the actual aircraft the auto Cross flow will engage when you have a difference of 200 pounds on each tanks. It will stop when the tank with less fuel it's 50 gallons more than the tank that initially had more fuel.
  2. At my outfit we leave the App running between turns. Just like you said the shades are close during the summer times and that of course is done by the flight attendants because of heat. If it's an overnight we do leave the external power connected so we can get the plane clean off if maintenance is going to show up later on. If we do write up the plane we just leave it there and they take it from us.
  3. Hey, everyone, I put the Aerosoft CRJ 700 HEAD TO HEAD with the real aircraft. I hope you enjoy the video. Thanks for the love everyone and WITH THAT BEING SAID... take care
  4. Hey everyone better video coming up tonight. I'll cover from all the checklists from the origination checklist all the way to before taxi. Stay tune. I am also going to back it up with real world images I took on my trip these last 4 days. Expect a detailed walk-around.
  5. it normally doesn't take that long to align and I dint even realize it wasn't done yet. After I get back from these 4 days I will be putting up another video with a better order of things. Next video I'm going to cover the walk around and the. The following one I will be doing the fms.
  6. Hey everyone in the video I pointed out the wheel on the main entry door. Today on my walk around I took a snap of it so you guys can see what I was talking about in the video. At the moment I'm actually on a 4 day trip so if you have any questions or any pictures you might want to see let me know and we'll get it up. Also guys thanks for the love I really appreciate it. Also in the video I din't realise this but I did say "with that being said" like a million times, I'm sorry about that. Haha
  7. Hey, everyone, I promise I was going to create a video taking a look at the CRJ and comparing it to the real deal. Once again admin please delete if this is not appropriate for this forum.
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