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  1. Sie sind tief und nahe an der Felswand geflogen, damit die Passagiere einen guten Blick auf das spektakuläre Loch in der Felswand bekommen. Und sie sind sehr langsam geflogen, damit die Passagiere auch etwas davon haben und die, die auf der rechten Seite sitzen, eine Chance haben, aufzustehen und links aus dem Fenster zu sehen. So denke ich es mir jedenfalls. Jedes für sich ein schwerer Fehler im Hochgebirge, beides in Kombination eine Katastrophe, die nur darauf wartete, zu passieren. Ich erinnere mich noch gut an den Tag. Wir waren auf dem Weg in den Urlaub und sind am Startflugplatz der Ju (Locarno-Magadino) vorbeigefahren, als sie noch in der Luft gewesen sein muss.
  2. I now have my Alpha yoke and the Bravo throttle quadrant. But i'm not happy with the way they are sitting on top of my desk. I have found a product that addresses this problem - in a nutshell it's a steel plate that can be mounted on top of the yoke and the throttle, and that in turn is then fastened to the underside of the desktop. Have a look here: https://www.allsportsystems.com/flight-simulator-under-desk-yoke-mount.php I woul gladly order one even if the price ( $ 99,--) is rather self-conscious, so to say, if it weren't for the staggering shipping fees which amount to $149.80 for shipping to Germany. The company doesn't seem to have a salespartner in the EU yet. Does anybody have any information on how to obtain this product in Europe/EU with reasonable shipping fees? Hint: Maybe Aerosoft might consider selling these parts over here?
  3. In the Checklist menu, simply press "Skip item" if it hangs like this.
  4. OK, what I'm going to say won't contribute to the solution of the PMDG/LGTS OOM problem, but I think the way to go for the foreseeable future (until the advent of a Prepar3d-64Bit that is) will be to do it like the folks at Majestic did. They wrote (or purchased) their own simulation kernel for their Dash8-Q400 which they run outside of FSX. They use FSX simply as their display engine, nothing else, and have a very basic flight model that resides inside of FSX. They don't use this flight model but rather move their arcraft in slew mode from outside of FSX. This way, their aircraft simulation can be as complex and memory-consuming as they want it to be, and it doesn't add to FSX VAS. The only parts of their code that uses FSX VAS is what is needed for display of their panel/VC and the looks of the aircraft. Rather clever if you ask me. PMDG should take a closer look at this technique for their future products. Just my 2 ct.
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