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  1. Stillwater

    Repaint requests

    Do we already have an adapted version of the SAS / Scandinavian livery working for the 320/321 professional? I only found files from 2016 and older.
  2. Stillwater

    Where can I get A320 v experimental?

    Sorry, now I found it: It is just a different way of updating than any other add-on I know...
  3. Hi, I have just bought this plane, downloaded & installed the version (which is the one in my account). But I can´t get EZDOK / EZCA to work. Now I read that this would be an error which is corrected in v - but where can I grab that version ?
  4. Stillwater

    A320/A321 release

    Good to read... Will it have the open issues solved or still be on the status of July 31st as written here?
  5. Dear all, though the proposed new update system is not yet running, I received the v2.2 of FSDGs Heraklion via your e-mail support system. And - voila - the new version works in p3dv4:
  6. Stillwater

    So nice: Ve-nice in p3dv4

    I knew you would be trying to have Venice in your Sim, Farman. Nice way to organize your files....! Indeed, this light makes a great impression.
  7. The title says it all: Manually installed (copied out of FSX & added to scenery.cfg), seems to work (at least with no AI traffic pack installed).
  8. Perfect, Mathijs, I - and all the other customers with the same situation - will profit from this. And I´ll happily wait some days (so much to install & rediscover new in p3dv4 for me). Thank you all, Gerold
  9. Thank you for your quick answer, Bob. Indeed i did open a ticket, and was just referred to the Aerosoft support database - with the result posted in my screenshot. The version number given by Aerosoft is not the same as the one at FSDG, whatever the reason may be. Neverthess in my sim the problem persists...
  10. Hello Bob, hello support, I have contacted support at your given e-mail adress, but was just pointed me back to, which results in the same answer as I have already found before installing LGIR: If 2.2 is the current version (and potentially the only one that will work with p3dv4), how can I get it? The Aerosoft shop also does not give any hint on version numbers.
  11. Hello Bob, many thanks for your hints. Indeed I am running v 1.10 in p3d. As I have the boxed version, I do not see Heraklion in my online account. But I did already follow the link - and found only the version 1.10 there. I will drop an e-mail to support@aerosoft so that they can check this issue (for all happy users that want to virtually travel to Crete!).
  12. Hello Otto, as this is a fresh p3dv4 installation, there can be no leftovers. I did find bgl files as follows: many in D:\Prepar3D v4\aerosoft\heraklion x\ plus D:\Prepar3D v4\ORBX\FTX_VECTOR\FTX_VECTOR_APT\scenery\ABP_LGIR_Default.bgl D:\Prepar3D v4\scenery\world\scenery\AFX_LGIR_ALT.bgl I have deactivated both (together and individually), but no improvement. Then I started the Vector AEC tool, where LGIR was automatically disabled. Changed this to enabled. Also no improvement. Could it be in conjunction with REX 4 TD? Or do you have other ideas?
  13. Yes it is. I have Orbx as the base (below Tongass Fjords), and all 3rd party or freeware above. I have also run the Vector AEC (&applied), with no help. In Vector there is no active file containing "LGIR" left.
  14. Hello, I have just installed LGIR (boxed edition followed by update v1.10) into P3D v4.1. The buildings & autogen look fine, but the apron is using a wrong texture, layer or whatever. FTX Global, Vector and OLC Europe are also installed here. Any ideas? Any files I might need to change? Regards, Gerold
  15. Stillwater

    Flight Keeper in P3D v4 works

    Already good news - for the time being... Did you try to install the ACARS device also?