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  1. I have a similar issue to the originator, so I have done some testing with all three Airbus packages A318-9, A320-1, and now A333. Initially, I re-calibrated the CH throttle quadrant levers in the Windows devices panel. I set up the same FSUIPC profile for all three packages, defining two levers, one per engine, using the "Axis Throttle X set" assignment but not calibrating them in FSUIPC. To test idle readings , I initially increased the throttle levers to about half setting and then back to idle position. In the first two packages, I got idle N1 readings of 19.1%, which is about what I would expect. More to the point, these figure did not decrease when pressing the F1 key. With the A333 however, the figures for idle settings are 1.014 EPR, and N1 of 23.9%, which seems a little high. Unusually, when I press F1, the figures drop to 1.011 EPR and N1 of 19.2%, which seems more reasonable. Only in the A333 do the figures in idle not reduce any lower than 23.9%, unless I press F1. Why is this? Is this the reason for increased speed while taxiing with idle throttle. Certainly the A333 seems to behave differently to the others. I wondered if FSUIPC was the cause of the discrepancy, so I removed it altogether from P3D. I defined the throttles inside P3D's normal axis definition menu.. I repeated the tests and the figures for the A318-9 and A320-1 were identical to those using FSUIPC, with no change in idle setting before and after pressing F1. With the A333, the same figures were obtained as above, with a repeat of the discrepancy noted when FSUIPC was in use. So FSUIPC does not seem to be responsible for this varied behaviour. I would be interested to hear what the developers make of this. I must add that in all of my other aircraft, I do not remember a similar case. Generally, if the axes are defined and calibrated properly, the idle engine values do not reduce any further when F1 is pressed. I always do this check when setting up a new aircraft to ensure the throttles are working correctly.
  2. Thanks for your post. I had assumed the topic would come in the general support section, not in any other category. I must remember to use the Search function in future. Regards Keith
  3. I have just installed the CRJ Pro alongside my existing CRJ X but when I try to load the tutorial scenario for the new aircraft, I get the old aircxraft version loading. I decided to uninstall the new aircraft and then the old one, and clear out all remaining folders and scenario files before re-installing the new aircraft. When I now try to load the tutorial scenario, I get an error window which says "Vehicle initialization has failed for: CRJ700ER American Eagle N508AE You will now be placed in visualization-only mode". When I click OK, it takes me back to the normal Prepar3D scenario screen though I am located at KLAX, gate 9 in the early morning, which I guess is the correct place and time. It is obvious that the software is trying to load the aircraft for the old version of the CRJ, rather than the new, for which the aircraft is called "CRJ700 Pro American N508AE (NC or OC)". I assume the mistake is in the original tutorial scenario files rather than because I did not originally uninstall the old aircraft first before installing the new one! I guess I can now just reload the correct plane (NC version?) to get the correct initial state for the tutorial, and then re-save as the correct tutorial state, but will all necessary settings be correct to start the tutorial? Regards Keith
  4. Hi Jo Thanks for the help. I thought this might be the safest, but some flight sim software installs over the old without problems, so I am never sure what to do when the software has no specific installation advice. Regards Keith
  5. I have just downloaded v1.0.6.0 of Cologne-Bonn professional for P3Dv4.5 (+ hotfix2). Before I try to install, would you advise uninstalling v1.0.5.0 ( + updated to v1.0.5.0) first and then installing v1.0.6.0 or can I just install the new version over the top of the old? Regards Keith
  6. Hi I have just purchased the Mega Airport Madrid Professional scenery for P3D v4. When I start the install it chooses a location of "C:\Airbus Professional" as the default installation folder as I have recently purchased Aerosoft's new Airbus for P3D v4 and that is where the aircraft add-ons are located. However, it seems a strange default location for the installer to choose to install this scenery. What if I did not have the Airbus? What would it choose then? Would it be better to define a new folder on the C drive , say "Madrid Professional" and direct it to install there? ( I am never very confident about re-directing scenery installs, but my recent study of the forums has led me to believe the scenery will still work OK.) Regards Keith
  7. Hi I too am having weird behaviour with Chaseplane and CRJ. The inboard views only work if I boot up a default aircraft and then the CRJ. As soon as I go to outside views, the screen flashes a lot and then settles to the outside view and all other outside views work OK. However, going back to inboard views and I get just a default view but all other views do not work. Also in inboard mode, the Chaseplane defined key assignments (for movement of view) are incorrect, but OK in outside view. I can see two cache files in the Chaseplane folder, "cache" and "cp_cache". I have tried deleting either of these but no success in solving the problem. This behaviour occurs in both my P3D v3.4 and my P3D v4 installations on the same computer. All other aircraft in both installations work normally with Chaseplane. Any ideas?
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