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  1. Hi I have just purchased the Mega Airport Madrid Professional scenery for P3D v4. When I start the install it chooses a location of "C:\Airbus Professional" as the default installation folder as I have recently purchased Aerosoft's new Airbus for P3D v4 and that is where the aircraft add-ons are located. However, it seems a strange default location for the installer to choose to install this scenery. What if I did not have the Airbus? What would it choose then? Would it be better to define a new folder on the C drive , say "Madrid Professional" and direct it to install there? ( I am never very confident about re-directing scenery installs, but my recent study of the forums has led me to believe the scenery will still work OK.) Regards Keith
  2. Hi Can someone please explain the procedure for calculating fuel required using the CRJ load manager. If I fill in the distance to fly and flight level and just the taxi fuel, the "Trip Fuel" and the "Block Fuel" change but are not the same, nor do they differ by Taxi fuel value. I thought Trip fuel was equal to Block fuel - Taxi fuel, but this does not seem to be the case here. Also what is the purpose of the "Calculate" button. If I press it, both figures alter. If I press it several times, both figures eventually become the same? Also altering values in the flight information fields do not give consistent results when reset to the same values again. In particular, if I reduce all data fields (in the flight section) to zero again, the block fuel goes to zero, but the trip fuel does not (unless I press Calculate button). Thoroughly confused? Regards Keith
  3. Hi I too am having weird behaviour with Chaseplane and CRJ. The inboard views only work if I boot up a default aircraft and then the CRJ. As soon as I go to outside views, the screen flashes a lot and then settles to the outside view and all other outside views work OK. However, going back to inboard views and I get just a default view but all other views do not work. Also in inboard mode, the Chaseplane defined key assignments (for movement of view) are incorrect, but OK in outside view. I can see two cache files in the Chaseplane folder, "cache" and "cp_cache". I have tried deleting either of these but no success in solving the problem. This behaviour occurs in both my P3D v3.4 and my P3D v4 installations on the same computer. All other aircraft in both installations work normally with Chaseplane. Any ideas?
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