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  1. Understand, but it would be great if the .pdf was to be available within the virtual cockpit.
  2. Great news, Judith and Christian, re new daughter and new release
  3. With the imminent release of the PMDG B748, will we have PFPX support for the aircraft?
  4. Hi! I feel that much greater flexibility is offered by using video. A mixture of photos, video, text and audio, although requiring a lot of forethought, is likely to give the greatest impact. From making my YouTube videos, though, I know just how much work is involved in creating something with which I am happy. Best of luck Regards, Richard
  5. The Route Export page requires an entry for P3Dv4, please.
  6. Today I purchased what I believe are new credits, using the order form for AES Credits costing Eur 14.95. Unfortunately, I forgot to alter my email address from my old one (speedbird@dsl...) to my new one (speedbird747@...). So the serial number will have been sent to an invalid address. How can I recover my serial number? Cheers, Richard McDonald Woods
  7. I am not aware of any recent posting about the potential of an FSX AES. What is the official position and timing on such a product? Cheers, Richard
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