Recently we have seen a lot of codes used to unlock our products being offered for discounted prices. Almost all of them are bought using stolen credit cards. These codes will all be blocked by our systems and you will have to try to get your money back from the seller, we are unable to assist in these matters. Do be very careful when you see a deal that is almost too good to be true, it probably is too good to be true.

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    I am still considering if it makes sense to continue the way we did things up till now (be as open and honest as possible) because as you have seen it makes us highly vulnerable to abuse. Perhaps we should just do as other companies do and say it will be released when it is done and that questions will have to wait until things are close to releasing. However I did make some new images. These are VERY much work in progress and absolutely nothing should be considered as final, not modeling, not shading, not texturing, nothing...
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    I am happy to announce it is now 90% certain we'll have a simplified EFB in the A330 that will initially be used to show the geo-referenced charts. Both the Jeppesen (Navigraph) and LIDO (NavDataPro) should be supported. As soon as more information is available we'll share that of course.
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    It is a long time since I written one of my Friday evening chats where I try to explain what is happening with our projects while drinking a glass of wine. Well, it is Wednesday but after 1700 so I got my glass, the new album of Joe Jackson (yes I am that old) on the stereo and some information to share. Basically, it was very hard to keep you fully in the loop because there were a lot of things I could not speak about, and there are still a few I can't, but today we had a big meeting to align all eyes and it's time to explain some things. First of all, we do not have new images of the A330 because modeler Stefan is working on another project. That's one of the things I am not at liberty to speak about. It might come to your sims, but it just as well might not, time will tell. In the timing, it all does not matter a lot as I will explain. The 'not to be named project' is a big deal for us, both in growth for Aerosoft in new ways and also financially. The developers Baylan, Frank and Robert were still basically working on the A320 platform. Now, this is a fuzzy statement because 95% of the code they are doing for the A320 series is part of the A330. But apart from some issues, I will discuss later, the issues they were working on were getting smaller and smaller. Bugs with the chrono starting at every startup tweaks to the many printouts we now have etc. All stuff we like to close but not things that spoil the flights. So today we decided to switch the focus fully on the A330. When Frank installs the chrono in the A330 he will solve the open issue. So all these smaller issues will all be picked up and solved in the ongoing process. We have a solid bug tracker that has over 500 issues we like to look at. When these fixes are done they are automatically exported to our A320 series. Almost all of our code is built so it works for A318 all the way to A330 exactly the same and uses config files to set different parameters (just as Airbus Industries does it). When they are more than just a tweak we'll send them to you. For example, the moment the PFD we want to rewrite for many reasons is done you'll get it. This means the idea of a fixed SP1 is gone. I much rather send out what we have and not keep it on our systems until it is all done. For example, Connected Flight Deck, one of our core developments, has started performance testing today ( we need to know how many servers we need worldwide), the moment PMDG open up their server for Global Flight Operations we will have the client and share it, etc. You will hear a lot about Connected Flight Deck btw, not just from us. So what does this mean for 'the schedule'? Well in my calendar it means we are fully on track but my calendar is rather fluid, it has to be. What it means for you, customers is that you will see a rather steady flow of new features added to the busses, slowly a lot of smallish issues solved and hopefully some large issues solved soon. Because for some issues we have not changed focus. We are slowly getting a better idea on the causes of the big issues that happen to some people and we are hard at work trying to think up ways to solve them. These are mainly related to the vertical path following at this moment. We now can recreate most of these issues so we finally can get serious about them. These issues are not moved to the A330 development path, they are on the front burners now. In my experience, a post like this will make almost nobody happy. I don't give a date for the A330 and the bug you find almost impossible to live with seems to be shifted forwards. We know that if you take off from a high alt airport, at high temps at the southern hemisphere things are not as they should be. But if there is one thing we learned in this looong development it is that a real Airbus is not the near perfect machine many simmers seem to think it is. You know what pilots do when the aircraft does not slow down as it should at a waypoint (could be a database error or a logic error)? They switch off the AP and AT and fly the aircraft. Show me any Airbus pilot who thinks the computers can fly better then he/she can and I show you a pilot who needs more experience. We have hundreds of photographs of ECAM pages that are just whacky or ND displays that show a path not even an F35 would be able to fly. Now please, do not ask for a release date of the A330 because I have no idea. Honestly, no idea. We release when I feel comfortable and when my CEO does not kill me and my devs do not tell me I am out of my freaking mind. At least you now know as much as I am able to share. If you have questions you think I can answer, please ask! My answers will be as open and honest as possible. Just not about a date, week, month, quarter, year, decade ok?
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    Today I had an installer made so we could make it a bit easier for the external testers to get the files in the right location. Of course, we told them serious testing really should be done on the A318 platform (we use that for all systems that are the same on the Airbus platform) but that did not stop them taking the big bus up for a spin. So why not share some of the images they shared on the beta skype group. Please do not read the fact there is an installer as a sign of an imminent release. As explained there is one other project that has partially priority at this moment. But things are moving smoothly. Over 200 hours testing on the Connected Flight Deck server the last few weeks and we are learning a lot about how it could affect framerates etc. I am sorry that this topic remains closed for comments at this moment. But if you see that my post about the EFB that could not possibly offend anybody still managed to get three downvotes it is clear, an open discussion will still lead to problems. I am simply not willing to spend time on managing that kind of behavior.
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    What is the actual status of the current product? You spoke a lot about some of the odd bugs, but where is the project at? I feel like it's been done 'from the ground up' numerous times. There appeared to be a functional aircraft many years ago according to YouTube videos posted by a beta tester. The actual status is 'in development', often people ask for a percentage and I always say 77.5%. It has never been done from the ground up and indeed we have had 'something' flying for a long time. But that was all A320 code in a different jacket. I heard rumours that multiple developers had left the project. Any truth in that? If yes, how has this impacted development? Total and utter nonsense. Nobody left, we only added people. Have you considered hiring more developers if having only 3 people on the project will continue to delay the development further? I did add more people, it's a team of six and not three. Adding more makes no sense. would not speed up things at all. I appreciate that the project Stefan has been pulled on is of importance to Aerosoft, but does that mean the A330 isn't as important? Who made that decision? Doesn't feel very community orientated. (P.S. I understand that things happen and priorities shift...) I am not sure what you mean with community orientated. Our staff works for Aerosoft, not for the community. While it is of course none of your business, the decision was made by me as the project manager. Service Pack 1 was promised "weeks" after the original release of the A320 Family. Now you're saying that it's not going to happen but instead have sporadic updates. What progress was made on SP1 in the first place and why haven't they been issued already before announcing this type of statement. ( Will you be issuing any kind of refund or apology to those expecting to see the updates previously promised? We have added a lot of what was intended for the SP1 and a lot more will come soon. I did not say sporadic updates. The choice was to keep it all on our disks or to release it the moment if was ready. We decided the latter. You have previously mentioned in the past that PBR will come but at a cost to the consumer. How do you respond to that when other aircraft developers are releasing PBR content free of charge? Leading on from the previous question - PBR is being treated by other developers as enhancements, not whole new paid for packages. It concerns me that we'll start seeing the aforementioned updates charged for in the future. How do you respond to that? A lot of the PBR released I have seen does not impress me at all. If and when and under what conditions we'll add PBR to existing projects is something we will discuss internally. If a 'config' file is all you need to change, why haven't we seen the A330 released at the same time as the 320 Family and then you issue updates as mentioned? Or you inferring there are still over 500 bugs in the A320 series as well? Because for example it does not look the same? And indeed a lot of the issues are in the A320 series. These are more things we like to fix and not su much bugs that have been reported by customers (90% of them has NOT been reported). Do you think that Aerosoft's reputation as a reliable aircraft developer will be impacted by the continued delays and still unfixed issues with the aircraft? Actually no, sales are fine and we feel the issues are being dealt with. As the project manager, what are your KPIs / goals for delivering projects in a timely fashion? To satisfy my CEO first of all and to make customers happy. How I actually do that is our business. I am not sure what you actually mean with being accountable. Nobody paid for the A330 yet and I am not accountable to anybody except my CEO. I am not sure why you feel entitled to information that we conder internal. And to cust things short these are the last comments I make in this kind of posts. If somebody wants to know about the product I am more than willing to reply (as always). If people wanty to know how I run the over 30 projects I am running I am afraid that's not public. So follow up discussion in this line will be deleted. And you will probably see that as unacceptable, but that is something I will live with.
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    Thanks for the kind words hunteral. You are welcome! Also time for a small friday update. Lufthansa satcom fairing has been done and so also the rest of the livery. Wasn´t that easy to get info on that pieces. The next one will be a VirginAtlantic A330, WHICH ISN´T COMPLETELY PAINTED YET on the images posted. Also those its seems have been fitted with some kind of internet antenna fairing. As i not found detailed info on that, you are free to help and document from what company that maybe and pictures of it would be even better! Sadly any airline seems to use its own system or at least fairing...
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    Time for a small friday update: Works on the A330 continue and I am currently doing addtional liveries. The first one is the first A330 with the new Lufthansa paint, D-AIKO. Note that the works are still underway at this paint: Work is just done on the EMER DOOR3, which is much more narrow than on DragonAir aircrafts. So there we got the first option already. Additionally with that another window layout comes, which is also added next week. The most prominent change will be addition the FLYNET fairing at the aft section of the aircraft. Collecting data was needed, to be able to model that first. They differ from the ones used with A320 aircraft, so its sadly not only "copy and paste"-job here. Images are taken out of the 3dsoftware. The looks in the sim will be better with all the lighting, reflections and shadows there...
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    In addition to Tom's instructions with pictures showing you where to go on this site, if you're still struggling to find what you're looking can do a Google® search. Try typing "Aerosoft repaints" as see what you come up with. The top hit was the correct one when I tried it....and took less than .38 seconds (It took me longer to open the page and type in the search) I remember in 7th grade I had to do a report on the sulton of butan...I had to go to the library, break out the Encyclopedia Britannica, etc. Took me HOURS and hours to find a few tidbits of info on the subject. As you can see below, I got six million, four hundred and thirty thousand results on the subject in a half a second. I even spelled Sultan and Bhutan wrong above (on purpose) just to point out that I didn't even have to know how to spell it and this wonderful machine in front of me instantly knew what I was looking for....and didn't even make me break out a paper dictionary to get the proper spelling (anyone remember those?) Anyway.....just trying to point out that Google search is your friend when looking for anything if you don't like to explore within the vendor's website specifically, and it is uncanny how fast and accurate it can be. might take you a few MINUTES to find exactly what you're looking for on a slow day...but imagine if you had to go to a library to find the same info like my example? Here.....I can even give you a one-click solution if you're in a hurry and seconds count: Click here to get the Google search for Aerosoft repaints Amazing technology. This whole post took less time to compose than it took me to ride my bike to the library that day looking for info on the Sultan. Perspective.
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    We will consider the issue. Today I completed the Lufthansa PBR paintjob that will join the default liveries coming with the A330 product...
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    As I explained, Stefan is back on A330 as 'the project we are not able to discuss' is delivered. The first thing I asked him was a complete export of one model to the latest P3D (released version) to show why a model that has PBR included from the start looks better then a model where it is added as a layer. You end up with a very realistic surface.
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    Why in the world would you think that? Guys, I never like to drop the hammer, but I'm afraid I'm going to have to insist on a few things in this thread to prevent it's closure again. This is the A330 Preview thread for P3Dv4+. It's not a thread to ask about release dates, try to pry information from us about potential release time frames because you desperately need a the aircraft for some future event or your life will not be worth living (grin/wink), or complain to us many individuals in the flight sim community have moved from FSX (we don't control that guys). This thread is purely for us to show progress with this project when there is something new to show you, and for future customers to ask questions about the P3Dv4+ A330. I'd like to remind each of you that we had to close this thread for several months because people didn't respect that, and I'm leaning really strongly towards seeing this thread closed again if we can't curb this. All this speculation isn't healthy for you or for Aerosoft, so please, just wait until the Boss (Mathijs) provides updates and you yourself can gauge the status of the A330 Project as those updates are shown. But as for an actual release date, I'm betting that Mathijs will let us all know about one or two weeks before product launch, and rightfully so. If you want to know more about why release dates are no longer forecast, please read my thread BY CLICKING HERE. Believe me when I tell you that everyone on the team knows full well that the A330 is one of of the most anticipated flight sim products in our community. Two weeks ago I spoke with Calum at FSElite, someone who sees upcoming products for many developers, and he told me that he's dying to see the A330 Pro released as well! Can I share a secret with you guys? I'm probably more excited that any of you, as are many on the team! There is a terrific team working on the Airbus Professional Series, including the A330 Professional, and they are working hard to provide the community with a terrific A330! With every click of the mouse or press of a key on their keyboard, they know how badly people want the A330 Pro and we are all very, VERY grateful to each of you for that! The team takes their work very seriously, and I have no doubt that our customers will be enormously happy with the A330 Pro when it's released. In the near future we hope to stream some flights in the A330 for you, but please remember that most systems will be in various Beta states and a couple may be Alpha as we get this going. Such streams are to show you PROGRESS in the development, not the end product, and I want to make sure that everyone REALLY understands that. Moreover they will be LIVE streams, rather than a recorded flight that is edited and uploaded as some others do, and you guys know that live broadcasts are unscripted and anything can happen so keep that in mind as well. Let's try to remember that Aerosoft has many devoted flight simmers on the team, and we're flight simmers first just like you guys are! We know what you want, and we do our absolute best to provide it to you, and to ourselves! My very best wishes.
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    Keep in mind that there was a bit more history between FSL and Aerosoft that explains that. Sections of our VC modeling were stolen by FSL and only after we complained very loudly for some time replaced by their own modeling. This issue was solved to our satisfaction between Aerosoft and FSL without legal actions. Next to the other notable events (illegally including malware, threatening Reddit etc) nobody should be surprised this created little love towards FSL. Personally I find the actions of FSL to be highly irresponsible, damaging to the whole small FS add-on scene and offensive. They do a fine Airbus, no doubt about that. We do not share their basic idea of what an add-on should be but my problem was never with the product but with the company. And this concludes this line of discussion.
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    Today the CathayPacific livery was finished. I added one nice Lufthansa view too again for your viewing pleasure...
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    The landing gears in the recent images are in transition state, they just go into upward position. The mechanics of the mainlanding gear, so levers and joints, are extremly near the original and we work also on a correct physical behaviour of that system. Regarding the PBR shaders i can say that they make quite some more work than they old shading system, but they also bring a lot of advantages, mostly visually with them. The FSX shading system consisted of the so called Phong-Blinn system. Phong and Blinn are names of real people. Mr. Phong, a vietnamese exilant, created the Phong-shading algorithm in the mid 1975. This was a very important event in computer generated imagery, as on his work relied much of CGI in the coming 2, almost 3 decades. The new thing introduced was the reaction of polygon surfaces on simulated light, as before polygon were only simply filled with a single color. This needed also in the 1980s high performance computer to generate, like SiliconGraphics provided them in that time. The most famous usage was maybe the movie TRON. The first flight sims used the simple shaded version still til the mid 1990s, when graphics accelerators came into usage for home PC systems. Then this model ruled the "gaming" industry as efficient way to generate very acceptable realtime 3d output. But the demands in visual fidelity grow all the time and so all disadvantages become visible: The phong/blinn shading works best in a single lighting situation only and in our flight simming environment we have usually quite fast changes of daytimes. Especially in midday FSX produced pretty suboptimal results resulting in much to bright reflections, where you often got simply overexposured, featureless surfaces. This could not be controlled by the graphic dev. The physical based shaders go a different way. They not accept that more energy leaves the surface again, than penetrates it in the first way. Then we get features like metalness, which lets us simulate the difference between nonmetals (plastic, wood, rubber) and metals in a much better way. Additionally we get a smoothness parameter which also blurs the environment reflections, adding to the feeling of getting rough structured surfaces. Ontop the icecake we have now also a dynamic behaviours of the diffuse shaded AmbientOcclusion. Those technique creates darker zones in deep edges and cavings of surfaces which almost dominant leads to realistic looking materials, as i lets us prebake pretty complex physical behaviour of light. This reacts now to direct light contact and diminishes there how it does also in reality. This was the leap the game engine graphics was ahead of our flight simming engines before the introduction of PBR shaders in our sectors. But we have still go a certain way, as we still got not the same flexibility a game engine like Unreal got, but that may change with coming new competitors in that field. I am too open for kind surprises there. One guy wrote that our bird looks like "any other PBR bird out there". This is not only logically not coherent, because if this claim would be true, only Aerosoft A330s would be out there or at least only a single type of product which isn´t, already trivially thought, not true. To these people i can only say: Please make constructive claims, not only ventilate your personal frustrations here.
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    Probably, but is totally against my nature to do so. But it's hard to sit here and see 6 forums users reluctantly click the minus button and not even caring what was written. I know some of them are youngsters and more of the Facebook generation where that's all normal but I am 59 and insist that discussion and being as open and honest as possible is the only way to go. That clashes with people who communicate via up/down votes (how many sim fora have the downvote active?). As I did last week I'll close this topic so things will calm down. If people want to stir up a shitstorm they can do so elsewhere. If they want to win the up/downvotes race here, ahh well.
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    Time for the friday update: The VirginAtlantic livery has been finalized now. Inspect the winglets please for not being mirrored and freely paintable ;-). Also the images should answer the question if DOOR2L and R are openable. It contains the whole galley there too for the exterior view. At the end comes a little preview for next weeks livery...
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    After the release of the smaller busses package, now there is more time for me to work on the A330 again: So time for a friday update again!!! To show what has been added to the plane, there will be some "walkaround" the plane. As it is over a dozen images, i will split the image post in the separate items. Images are take out of my 3d software, but the texture content is those, which you will see in the sim later too. Note that all is still work in progress, usage traces are also added later.
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    Time for the small friday update. This week i got images from the CathayPacific livery for the A330, which is finalized by now.
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    I have just deleted some posts. As I said I am as open and honest as possible but a lot of our internal plans and discussions are simply not public. Sometimes because things go wrong, sometimes because plans change, sometimes because other things need to get priority. For example professional and educational projects. These are simply very important for us. The whole idea that the A330 is four years delayed is probably based on some forum post somebody will undoubtfully dig up and rub in my face. Again, being open does have drawbacks. It's behind schedule, not terribly and partly for reasons out of our control. We made a schedule early 2018 and we are around 7 weeks behind on that (but will fall behind more for reasons I explained). But I am simply not willing to let this forum be used to used to discuss our internal decisions making process. And certainly not if that is mixed with unfounded rumors and allegations.
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    Just to be totally clear... as you know I have always been as open and honest about our projects as possible (name me one project manager that does it that way) and though I find a lot of the questions Calum are suggestive and a lot simply none of his business (I would NEVER ask the same things about him running FSELITE) I have replied, again as always, as open as possible. But that discussion stops here and now. I know that telling people what is happening opens me up to these kinds of questioning, it's something I will live with. But this is 2019 and I am assuming our customers are mature. Calum will get his upvotes for his post and it's public. So be it. Perhaps for future projects, we'll simply do no previews and say that it will be released when it is done. That will prevent a lot of stupid rumors etc.
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    Gents, I have been deleting livery requests for the past few days. I have also noticed that some get even more creative in asking for a livery by sugarcoating the post with fluff. If you want to know which liveries will be in the release package just scroll up 5, FIVE, posts from this one. If you have a request for a livery we have a seperate topic for that. The reason for asking this is because we like this preview to be informative and not full of repetetive questions and requests for liveries. We appreciate your interest but also ask to atleast read the last two pages or search the forum before you ask one of the following questions; - When will it be released? Not anytime soon. - Which liveries will be in the release version? Not decided. - What variants will be released? Only the vanilla A330-300 with RR engines for now. - Will it have wingflex? Yes - Which platform is supported? Only the actual P3D version at release time. ( V4.4 or after ) - Will an 32 bit version be available? Not decided yet. Cheers!
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    Developers often need quick activation and de-activation of add-ons to test things. That’s why Hans Hartmann spend three years developing this small tool. Just kidding, it was done in half an hour but that does not make it less useful. There are far more advanced tools (like SimStarter!) that do the same but there are no tools that are easier and quicker. Hans shared his tool with friends and they all told him it was just ‘useful’, and he should share it. So here we are, the launch of The Hans’ Addon Manager, rejoice! See it as a Christmas present. A manual should hardly be hardly needed, just a small note that the repair option renumbers the add-ons, so gaps are removed. Not needed, but it just makes things a bit neater. Just unzip the file and place the exe where you like. This software is provided ‘as is’ and is free of copyrights. We do ask you only to link to this location if you want to share it so always the latest version is offered. Changelog: - Initial Release - Changed group names from "Global entries" and "User entries" to actual path of the respective add-ons.cfg file - Speed optimization. Permanent check for running Prepar3D. Function to activate/deactivate all but favourites - Function to move add-ons to a different drive or folder. This might not work for some add-ons, so use at your own risk! Download: AddonMgr_1003.7z
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    Time for a small friday update. Exterior texturing works on the cargo bays have been finished now. Next week integration of the aircraft into the sim is one main task and also introducing new technologies available...
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    Time to update you on the EFB that will be part of the complete airbus range of products. Normally I would not show anything if it would not be visible in a screenshot but as the VC is still under construction it's not possible. It will however be the standard Microsoft Surface 3 that is in use by most airlines these days. it will be mounted on the window ledge using the mounting hardware in use by many European carriers. We have looked long and hard at several different 'brands' of EFB software (there seem to be 5 major companies who provide them) but we decided to stay close to what they do but do things a little different. This is mainly because we got limited pixels to show the EFB with. Of course it will have a 2D full HD popup, but we want it to be usable in the VC. So we need things to be a bit bigger. To show you what you can see on it a screenshot of the files layout might be useful. The first thing you might notice is that we default to HTML as a default file format. This is for two reasons, first of all, what we build is basically a standard webbrowser (more on that later). Secondly, it will make it easy for you to tweak the files. Your airline got different flows? No problem, easy to change the files. Making this adaptable is REALLY important for us. Secondly what you might see is that we focus a lot on Flows (also in the tutorial and manual etc). That's because flows are what pilots use these days. So we provide the complete flow for both pilots and then the checklist to check if all has been done well. Starting with the checklist is NOT how pilots work these days. Checklists are to check, not to do. The EFF folder holds documents relating to your flight, briefing package, load sheet, flight plans. We will talk to SimBrief and PFPX to see if they can export direct, but you can also manually move the file in the correct folder. The charts will be our own Lufthansa charts or Navigraph, we most likely be able to offer a free account for NavDataPro Charts for a few days but after that you will have to insert a serial. Of course you will see your location on the geo-referenced charts, enroute, SID/STAR, approach and airport layout. If you have your own files you would like to see in the EFB, you can simply copy them to the User Defined folder and as long as they are not overly complex HMTL files they will show up fine. As said, basically it is a browser and that opens a whole lot of additional options. But also problems so we need to look closely at how we are going to handle that. Perhaps a list of links you can browse to (simbrief, avsim etc). If you got ideas we like to hear about it. Basically this whole EFB works at this moment, we do have some major hurdles. Performance for example. While this is not a major issue for Boeing etc, for Airbus it is still very complex and considered rather secret. So we need to see how we do that and we might not have this 100% completed on release. If you have comments... please! And the project I blurred? That's a kick ass project you have not even heard about. It's the one that Stefan our modeler worked on before he jumped back on the A330.
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    Gentlemen, this is a preview topic and not a general discussion topic. As Mathijs just said, everything not related to the A330 or follow ups to the line of discussion Mathijs closed will be removed. There are lots of other places in this forum for general topics.
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    Hi, as the download section is still down, I will upload the files in this thread, till the section is available again. File can be found at the bottom of this post. ======================================================================== To be used with AIRAC 1810 or 1811 for best results. Update: AltCap, RAD and Directs Update: added Free Route Airspace Bulgaria again (FL175+) Update: adjustments in RAD and Directs to ensure correct routing - e.g.: - Munich EDDM arrivals via Marseille UIR and then Milano UIR Download file can be opened with: 7-zip, IZarc, Winrar, ... Regards David ======================================================================== Update 1811.rar
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    Hello, We really apologize the very loooong absence here in the forum... we´re glad to announce that we don´t have Ebola, are not lost in Antarctic or even dead… As Mathijs wrote the "fantastic thing" what happened to us is our second daughter, so our time was very limited. That´s of course not an excuse for no updates. We are going to release the new PFPX version within the next weeks (we try to release it before start of the worldflight 2018) – in advance we would like to post a few screenshots … Best regards, Judith
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    There are so many more factors involved in real life like the weather conditions in the past (has it rained or snowed before? Is the ruwnay maybe already covered in ice/snow/slush, etc.), relative humidity, the actual runway (how easily can water flow off, what's the surface condition, etc.) and so on and so on, it would seem very hard if not impossible to actually use the variables available in the simulator for a fully realistic braking simulation. Generally: Yes, of course it is. The Boeing data package for the flight dynamics alone costs about 4.5 million Dollar and that's just the flight dynamics. Of course there are other aspects where P3D is also doing very well, if not even better: Mainly: Visuals! In a full flight simulator you don't need a lovely landscape, you don't need HD clouds, you don't need nice sunrises or sunsets, you don't need shadows, you don't need animated cars, people, etc. What you need is an airport looking like the one you operate into, a horizon and some mesh. Even that is usually on an FS2000 level however as that's all you need to show a pilot that there's a mountain ahead and if he comes close this is how the systems will react. My airline in fact only has our two main operating bases in our simulators in a highly detailed version (which btw has a lot lesser resolution than what most FS addons have nowadays) and the rest is just generic airports. Generic in these terms does not mean a default P3D airport btw, but simply a runway and maybe an adjacent taxiway. Apart from that, let me try to summarize and comment a little, but please be aware that these comments are mainly based on my comparably few hours spent in these simulators during my type rating: Flight Dynamics: A LOT better than P3D. When I say a lot I really mean a lot lot lot. And still shitty compared with the real aircraft Systems: Of course much more detailed than any addon available for P3D, X-Plane or AFS2. Even PMDG and FSL look like toys compared to a full flight sim! Yet many FFS's still lack behind the real aircraft when it comes to some tricks and hacks you use in your daily life. They're pretty damn solid however! Visuals: As described above. Weather: Again, a lot better, especially in terms of effects of the weather on the aircraft as well as the different weather phenomena, weather systems, etc. However: When I asked my instructor to do some max crosswind and full gusts training at the end of my last session when we had a couple of minutes left he only told me it would be negative training because the simulator would not even come close to how the real aircraft handles. And I probably have to agree with him based on even the lesser effects I noticed earlier on with weaker winds. As a final word: Keep in mind what those flight simulators (all the way up to the full flight sims) are. They are devices to train pilots in flows, SOPs, abnormal and emergencies. They are basically system trainers and they are not meant to replace any actual hands on flying skills. No simulator can replace good judgement and experience. And that you only gain flying the real thing. A simulator is there to give you a solid base of understanding how things work. It will give you insights into how certain situations might look like. Reality on the other hands side will always be different. One failure will never come alone and chances are things will evolve in a different way than in the simulator training. Look for example at that Southwest flight which had the engine separation in the climb at FL300. They got both, a rapid decompression and an engine severe damage (I believe a fire bell as well) at the same time. On top of that they had injured and, as far as I recall, even one dead passenger. The simulator might train each of these things at a time to give you an idea of how to handle those. In real life it is the good judgement of the crew, both captain and first officer, as well as cabin crew, which will lead to a safe and successfull outcome of the situation. No simulator can ever simulate that and in fact they are not intented to do so.
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    Some comparison shots between the old and the new version:
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    You will get that discount when the product is launched. Have we not done so for all our aircraft? Perhaps you are unaware of our policy but we do take it rather seriously that we like to keep prices as low as possible and do not charge twice for the same code if at all possible (check out how other companies handle that). If you want to see how that works, why not simply check how we did it for previous products?
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    Friends, time for a status update on our Bus projects. Let me take you back to when we released our Pro busses (keep in mind that the 'Professional' relates to the fact they are made for P3D that is aimed by Lockheed for professional users and that they allow us to use. The Prepar3D team is seriously cool, if you ever meet any of them, make sure they do not pay for drinks! The first problem I had was that the dev team was exhausted, had massive amounts of overtime and did not take any vacation for nearly a year. I did know that but underestimated them size of that issue. We really needed to make sure the devs had some time to rest and that slowed things down a lot. Right after that we needed to deliver some professional and educational versions and also provide some partners with the 3d models they could use (really not allowed to say much about that but I am allowed to show what we provided the moment their 'product' is 'launched'). All pretty big deals and very important for the financial side of things. But when that was done we could go back to sorting out issues on the consumer busses. The biggest issue without a doubt was the vertical profile. We believed we could tweak it but that was simply not possible. With 20/20 hindsight we might have seen it coming but fact is we did not. So as did several time in this project we decided not to take the easy route but to swallow the work and do it right. Next week we'll deliver the first model and the climb model should be pretty perfect. I mean better than any competitor and not tweaked to suit the tables but to match the exact same performance documented on flights done by our befriended pilots. Of course some users will complain that the aircraft is not flying the manuals but we rather model real aircraft than tables. If you want to get an idea on the amount of attention.... one of our befriended pilots made a descent where he extended and retracted the landings lights three times so we could get a good idea on how much that affects the profile (an amazing amount, you really see the aircraft pitch up when the lights are retracted!). At the same time a lot of small issues with the flight routing have been sorted out. Holdings should be pretty solid in the Experimental release next week. That release will also include support for the popular Remote CDU ( btw. We are working with other companies to provide support for their add-ons as well. All remaining issues with LB/KG should be sorted out as well, as well as many other small issue. After the vertical profile parts are delivered we plan a two week 'bug bash' when we focus on the many small issues that people have reported. Many of those are not bugs but things people like to see done different. At the same time work on the A330 is progressing well, almost all we do now for the 320 series is fully intended for the A330. It's only a different config file. The parts of the SP1 (like Connected Flight Deck) are also started and we got the first bits we are testing. CFD is a big deal as we got a few companies who are very interested in using it. Flying an airliners on your own is seriously unrealistic. Did you know 30% of flight training is spend on crew coordination? Way more than on emergencies? An Airbus is flown by a team, flying it with one person is utterly unrealistic and totally illegal. Any pilot will tell you teamwork is what defines flying an airliner. What I like to know from you is what you feel we should focus on after the bug bash. What are the big things you feel we should focus on?
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    I'd happily pay for PBR updates on older aircraft as I know there is lots of work involved in updating the textures and making them look just right and last I checked most people like to get paid to work ... hopefully I'm not alone in wanting to support P3D V4.4 development efforts with my wallet, I suspect there are many other customers willing to pay for PBR updates. Big thank you for taking PBR into consideration for your new product releases also ... very much appreciated. Cheers, Rob.
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    Version 1.0.0


    Recommend use with AIRAC 1812 for best results. Changelog Update: AltCap, RAD and Directs The archive file can be opened with e.g. 7-zip, IZarc, Winrar, ... Regards David
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    Apart from the PMDG 737 I know of no other add-on aircraft with that many liveries available. The main reason we do not include many liveries is that in increases the download size a lot and that a Canadian buyer most likely has no use for a Uzbekistan Airways livery (and vice versa)
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    Mwaaaaahh!!! That means nothing else than I have to to everything again from scratch! To account for those 2 centimeters in the past two years... Btw: I was just able to take a quick screenshot of something stalking the Everest Base camp. Didn't catch it in some better quality, I'm afraid...
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    Version 1.0.0


    Recommend use with AIRAC 1813 or 1901 for best results. PFPX version 2 is required. Changelog Update: Eurocontrol.dat (Route and Altitude/FL Restrictions) Update: Restrictive Areas (Europe region) */** Update: RouteCharges (Dec 2018 - Europe region) Update: adjustments in RAD and Directs to ensure correct routing - e.g.: correct usage of directs via Maastricht UIR London Gatwick EGKK departures via Amsterdam FIR/UIR or Copenhagen FIR/UIR Stuttgart EDDS northbound departures - check step 12 in readme on how to update Please check updated Readme.txt for backup and update procedure * UK and Ukraine will be done next release 1902 ** Not all restrictive areas can be activated, as some restrictions would block possible routes via certain airways/directs. which are actually allowed Regards and happy new year David
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    Hi, I'm not sure if I'm allowed to share this here, @Mathijs Kok @DaveCT2003 I made an xml gauge to let GSX handle the doors and services automatically. I was bored of handling doors myself every time, in fact pilots have no role in it so I always found it an immersion breaker opening them via MCDU or even buttons or keys with every aircraft I had in FSX or P3D. I always wanted the ground crew to worry about ground handling since I own GSX. So I found an easy way to let GSX interact with the bus. Thanks to Lvars and a few lines of xml code. I might add that this could be implemented via Lua plugin as LINDA did with GSX Library for other aircraft. It would be the best option (cleaner) since it does not edit files within the ecosystem of the aircraft, but I prefer xml. So if you know what you’re doing and how to revert back to originals (in fact just panel.cfg is modified) try it and enjoy. GSX crew will handle every door opening when needed and will close them when you call for pushback/departure. Service doors will close automatically when Catering service (if called) is finished. - FWD and AFT Passenger doors (BOARDING & DEBOARDING) - FWD and AFT Cargo doors (BOARDING & DEBOARDING) - FWD and AFT Service doors (CATERING) - External Power (JETWAY AND RAMP) I also included an External Power trigger, wathever comes first or available of this two premises: 1. If a SODE jetway with Ground Power is available (you’ll need GSX2) Ext.Power will be connected when jetway connects to aircraft. or/and 2. If no jetway is available Ground Crew will connect Ext.Power few seconds after calling for boarding or deboarding (I programmed a delay trying to simulate the time it would take for the ground crew after you put beacon light off and call for the service. It’s actually programmed via FWD cargo door opened completely). Install: 1- Add this line to your panel.cfg at the bottom of [VCockpit02] section: gaugexx=../../Aerosoft A320-A321 Professional Base/Panel_Fallback/AB_Systems!GSX_Doors,0,0,1,1 (Replace xx by the corresponding gauge number -69 by default-) 2- Download and copy GSX_Doors.xml to AB_Systems folder: Documents\Aerosoft\Aerosoft A320-A321 Professional\SimObjects\Airplanes\Aerosoft A320-A321 Professional Base\Panel_Fallback\AB_Systems Known limitations: - GSX will only open closed doors when the call is triggered. It will not reopen a door closed while in a service. - Time acceleration can mess up and overlap triggering, so do not use it when vehicles are about to start the service. The base code works well after testing, but there could be unknown bugs for me. I tested it on A320, can not say with the rest of the family, but it should work the same way. I believe it would be useful for many people. It does not need any special knowledge but you must be careful when editing original files. I'm not part of Aerosoft, I won't offer support to it, further than updating it if I see it necessary for my personal use. So make a back up of the originals and be careful when editing. I’m not an expert programmer, I’m sure the code can be polished and improved, so feel free to modify it and share it with Aerosoft community! Cheers!
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    Version 1.0.0


    Recommend use with AIRAC 1813 for best results. Changelog Update: AltCap, RAD and Directs Update: added Free Route Airspace Maastricht (FL245+ - Nights/Weekend only) Update: added Free Route Airspace Ukraine Lviv-sector (FL275+) Update: added Free Route Airspace Armenia (FL195+) Update: adjustments in RAD and Directs to ensure correct routing - e.g.: Gdansk EPGD arrivals via Rhine Radar Regards David
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    Not sure if we shown all of these already.
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    As long as you understand that the current textures are NOT complete and need at least two more layers (among them PBR). So this looks rather flat and lifeless right now. Again, this is NOT complete but being worked on at this moment.
  42. 10 points
    Six months ago, I did a cleanup of this thread to delete the repetitive wing flex/release date/32 bit version/OT/livery and so forth questions. I see it's time for another one. On January 1, I noted about 70% of the posts (based on pages reduced during that clean-up) were of the noted "clutter." Going forward, and in alignment with Mathijs' statement about strict(er) moderation following the temporary closure for comments on this thread, I've again pruned such clutter as well as questions that have been overcome by events. Doing so should make it easier for regular as well as new readers to more quickly learn about earlier design and strategic decisions along with updates without using the search tool or paging back. Aerosoft staff and moderators work hard to keep all the Aerosoft forum topics open and friendly. The community in the vast majority of cases offer questions and comments that sustain that. While we all appreciate the positive comments that accompany information updates (like a recent video of the beta), such comments have less relevance over time and so I've hidden those as well. Please take that as not a mark of disrespect or lack of appreciation. Each one means a lot to the person you're thanking. For that reason, we typically leave them up for about a month so their glow can continue for a while. Staff and moderators deeply appreciate the support the community has shown in the A330. One simple measure of that is we can see there are 43 pages total of comments in this thread, mostly helpful and few not. That you see less simply means there are that fewer pages worth of really lasting value and useful contribution. Thank you for your overall support and excitement about this aircraft.
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    Version 1.1.0


    DYNAMIC ENVIRONMENT PLUGIN SAM is a native XP11 plugin offering different possibilities to scenery authors focused on animations. It is currently seperated into two main parts: Custom Datarefs You can create custom datarefs without any knowledge and control the values through a settings menu. With user checkboxes you can even let the user control animations such as opening hangars, switching lights and anything else a scenery developer might think of. Jetway Animation We made a deep dive into the world of math to create realistic jetway animations basically because the current software available is not sufficient. Now you can add jetways within seconds to a scenery. _____________________ Performance The plugin is highly optimized for performance. The most obvious part is the fact that calculations for datarefs only start when an object is loaded and in visible range. It can be used in hundreds of sceneries without any noticeable fps impact. The plugin is installed into the main plugin directory, thus it's a global plugin and not per scenery. The sceneries only contain an xml file with the settings. Library A library with pre-animated objects like Jetways, VDGS, Marshaller, Hangars, Wind Turbines etc. is the starting point for developers to experiment with. You can either use these objects or create and animate your own. License The plugin is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 which means it is free to use for all users and for all freeware sceneries. If you are a payware developer you can get a license for your project in our shop, which will be online soon. Support and further information can be found in the Threshold Forum.
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    I have to agree on this one. It was stated that a new screenshots will be posted and the update could be released before World Flight 2018. Now, I am sure there is a valid reason for this delay and I am not judging anyone involved in the project. I really don't mind that the PFPX update is still not released nor screenshots were posted. However, I would have appreciated a short update so that the people are aware of the situation.
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    Indeed, I am not a fan of adding this. We much rather focus on the flight deck.
  47. 10 points
    Two years without news? Sir we have given news just about every week in that period. Virtual Cockpit F1000? Aerosoft has absolutely nothing to do with that project, we are not the developer, not the publisher. No A330 in 32 bit? You might have missed it but we have always said we have not yet decided. I am not sure what you were trying to show with your post, but it sure does not make a lot of sense to me and it seems you are mixing up a lot of things. If you have made up your mind that we suck and will not do a A330 in 32 bit that's fine for us, but what's the point in posting here? I know the Internet seems to be only a place to complain and show ignorance but please not here.
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    Hi Aerosoft, I see you deleted my message about 'another developer'. My only intention was that it is really's Murphy's law with this project. Trying hard to succeed, and when everythings seems to be back on track another developer jumps in...Of course I do know it not influences your roadmap and development. Saw the same thing happening with Gianni's Salzburg in the past. Too bad, but that's the market nowadays… FSDG had the same with Rhodos. Announced it for this year, now a bit delayed and all of a sudden another version. FSDG will still develop because they will offer a different kind of add-on. So, in short... still following this project but still not a good feeling about the removal.
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    Version 1.0.0


    Recommend use with AIRAC 1810 for best results. Changelog Update: AltCap, RAD and Directs Update: adjustments in RAD and Directs to ensure correct routing - e.g.: Amsterdam EHAM arrivals via Praha UIR and then Rhein UIR on weekdays The archive file can be opened with e.g. 7-zip, IZarc, ... Regards David
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