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    Warning… this is work in progress and if you dislike us to toot our own horn, better not read on. As you know we have been working with Microsoft and Asobo to get the new sim into retail stores (with great success, it will be available widely in Europe) but less known is how our developers have worked with Asobo on making complex add-ons possible. The major credit goes to Stefan Hoffmann and Hans Hartmann here. But Asobo has been incredibly kind and it was a fair exchange of ideas and code. They helped us getting a product done, we helped them shape the SDK so it will benefit all add-on developers. And honestly, companies like PMDG, and Carenado are friends of us, this is not something written to get our code to work, if this works any complex code is possible. We have just been selected by Asosbo to assist. In response we have invested a lot on the new platform, hired new people specifically for the MFS products, moved resources around. To be honest, we have been seeing and using the new sim for over a year now and we believe in it. Now other companies have shared images of their models in the new sim (or will do so shortly) but I can assure you none will be able to show you something like this. Complex displays, using nonstandard code. P3D V5 standard. There will be video soon, shared in combination with Microsoft. This is code that actually works. Not bitmaps. Things like the reflections still need tweaks (did I mention this was work on progress?) but we really wanted to show you what people have been working on for the last few months. These images are pretty high definition, click on them to see the best resolution the forum allows. Now as you might assume, complex aircraft are not our only market. Airports are a major part of our product line and the scenery developers that work for us have been working with Asobo to get our airports in the sim. Of course, Paderborn airport, where our HQ is based, had to be first and we are happy to see Microsoft has included the files Jo Erlend Sund made, that we send them into the default sim. And yes, you will be able to find our office. In pretty high detail. We will have more images soon but here is a first image. The CRJ images are also on that airport btw. Again, all shown here is work in progress, things might and will look different when released. In the first release some stuff might not work as we want it, but we’ll be open and honest about that. As said we are working with Asobo to get things working and in the end we believe we will match all features the a mature platform like P3D offers. Speaking about release. No, we are not willing to give out dates for releases. Things are still very much in flux. Every single day changes in the SDK allow us to tweak things. We are also not hurrying things. MFS is an incredible product. When you get it you will need many weeks to explore what is possible, how to tweak the hundreds of settings to your liking, see how Chernobyl looks and no, Asosbo did not model this, this is a fantastic example how their code create scenery from data). When you are done with that, we hope to have the CRJ and some airports ready for you to download. Ahhh, I see the first questions… is this a free update from existing products? No, my friends, it is not. There is a shite load of work already been invested in this new version. It is not a simple port, almost every single file is new. Prices will be decided when we get closer to release. As a last comment. No, we are not abandoning X-Plane or P3D, we love all simulators at Aerosoft and while we might have our own likes and dislikes, we sell what customers buy. You decide, not us.
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    Please allow me a personal comment I have been cropping up for close to a year. We learned about the new sim at the same time as everybody else. It is utterly incredible Microsoft and Asobo managed to keep this such a secret for over two years. But very soon after the first announcement was done we were called by Microsoft to see if we had any interest in working with them. Uhhhh.... yeah! Now we had some luck. The development team, Asobo, is based in Bordeaux and I live close to Bordeaux. So we could set up a quick meeting (this is all before Corona, when we still could shake hands etc). At that moment we already understood that the team from Microsoft was very willing to coordinate with 3rd party developers, but they also wanted some of the experience Aerosoft gathered in the last 27 years. It was bloody amazing to be honest. We had questions, we got questions, we met people in every part of the project. Utterly different from any team at Microsoft that worked on FS. They started with the question "what can we do to make your addons work?'. And then I visited Asobo for the first time. Now remember this was a good while ago, I think it was August 2019. We were all (and I mean everybody) assuming the videos we seen were rendered on some high end server farm. But here I was, stick in hand, on a rather modest machine, in meeting room, seeing the sim at 50 fps on a 4k screen. My yaw hit the floor. And I have seen a lot of yaws hit the floor since then. This was default sim, no add-ons, and the aircraft were pretty solid and the world was alive and looked totally amazing. Not just Frankfurt airport, but also my house. In the default sim. No add-on in FS or P3d has my house. I mean this is very rural France. A village of 300 persons. Looking even closer I noticed that even the trees were accurate. They have a tree database. Not kinds of trees, but actual locations of trees around the world. Mind blown. We have been working with Asobo ever since. I visited them many times and have been always received with grace and friendship. No question was too weird, no comment was ignored. Super kind people. I wish I could share what information was exchanged, just take my word, what we asked, we got or got an explanation why it could not be done (yet). This is a very very cool team of developers. They get FS, they understand it, they read forums. Next to this technical exchange (remember there was no SDK yet and Asbobo and our devs were still very much discussing what a high end, complex add-on needs), we started commercial discussion with them. We wanted to bring the product in boxed form to customers. Keep in mind that in many parts of the world boxed FS add-ons still do very well. The boxed version of X-Plane we handled did extremely well and we are super proud of that. As we learned that MFS was a very large product (over 80Gb) we knew that there would be alot of people who could use a boxed version. And after a lot of discussions we got the deal. Aerosoft would produce the boxed retail version, starting with the European market. This is a big deal for us. Believe me. Enter Corona. Try to get hundreds of thousands of DVD's pressed and boxes made while Asia was unreachable and most of Europe in lockdown. It was not easy. It was stressful. But it is done and we are able to start shipping soon. As we reach this next milestone in this project, I can tell you I have never met any team working on MFS that was this nice, this responsive and this focussed on what this sim really is. It's a platform, MS and Asobo make money on selling it, others make money on expanding it and yet others expand it because they love it. I have been working flight sims for 20 years and I can tell you this is different. This is a new start. Is it done? Nope, nobody will claim that. You never complete a flightsim. But is a very stable new base to work on. MS and Asobo are not delivering this and step back. They understand it needs enhancements and optimizing. They understand that of the world changes the base sim needs to change. They understand it need accurate weather andt AI traffic. They are in it for the long run. And that, my friends, is all that counts.We can make the Airbusses, my friends at PMDG can make the Boeings, Carenado will make the smaller aircraft, others will make the airports. But what we all need is the base. A solid, reliable base. And I think we just got that. A platform. It needs to grow and P3D and X-Plane are far from defeated, but boy do they have some competition. To show our dedication to this new platform, we have hired a new top class support guy who will support this sim ('Thomas' The Flash' Flashman) and are hiring development staff to increase our production for the new platform. As we were (are?) one of the very last companies to stop development for FSX and it clones) you can rest assured that existing platforms as X-Plane and P3D will be stay supported. We love all serious sims. Always have, always will. You decide the best platform and we'll make the add-ons.
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    Dear Aerosoft team, First of all, I'd like to say a huge THANK YOU for releasing such a nice aircraft as the A330. I can fully appreciate the immense effort that was put into this project. This aircraft has a lot of potential, and despite the initial bugs below described, I believe that after a few service packs, this could be a very good simulation of a great airplane. Let me introduce myself. I'm a RL A320 Captain, with about 2000 hours previously flown as an A330 F/O. I have even wrote a tutorial for the PSS A-330 for FS2004, back in those days. I've been flying your A330 strictly according to the Airbus Industries' A-330 SOPs, so some differences may exist between the SOP you're using and the one that I'm using. Nevertheless I think that these differences are quite minor. I'll write about the aircraft operation itself, I won't get in detail about EFB, connected flightdeck, external model etc. My focus is in the day-to-day operation of the aircraft from the captain's seat. After half a dozen flights here are my first impressions/comments/suggestions about the A-330. Before engine start: 1 - FMGS programming: A- The INIT B FUEL PLANNING function is not working. There seems to be some confusion in the fuel planning algorythm. Basically the block fuel should be the Dest Fuel + Route Reserves + Alternate Fuel + Final + Taxi. B- When setting the payload using MCDU3 AND GSX2, I can't set a pax quantity above 255. If I set, for example, 280 pax, it loads only the quantity above 255 (in this example 24). If I type a full pax quantity (300) it will load only 44. However, if I disregard GSX it loads the right amount of pax. C - It's not possible to set a derate takeoff/climb D- After engaging the FDs, the FCU should go to an "all dashes" configuration, except, of course, the altitude window. As the FDs are engaged on ground, the default modes are managed for both NAV and ALT. There's no need to push the altitude selector to engage the Managed CLB when on ground 2- Engine start A- I'm aware that the objective is to replicate the day to day normal operation of the A330, but it would be nice to allow the engine start using an external pneumatic source. I've noted that the External Services Menu has both an Ext Pwr GPU and an Ext Power. Should this Ext Power be the Air Start Unit ? 3- Taxi out A- The plane should start moving without any need of power application other than Idle, and it should slowly accelerate during taxi out. I feel that it's accelerating to 20 Kt quite quickly, meaning that either the idle thrust is high or the ground friction is low. I'm using a joystick axis as a steering tiller (Assigned STEERING SET in FSUIPC) and found the turning radius slightly wider. But it may be my setup. B- If you check the takeoff config without turning the Pred WS system on, there should be an amber memo PRED WS OFF in ECAM memo display. 4- Takeoff/Initial Climb A- Takeoff is quite good, the plane accelerates as it should. B- The flap retraction problem was also described in a previous post. Basically I'm able to retract the flaps from either full or 3 to 2 using the assigned flaps joystick axis. The problem occurs when retracting the flaps from 2 to 1, the flap lever jumps from 2 to zero and so the flaps move accordingly. The only way to set flaps 1+F after takeoff is to assign a "flap retract one notch" button. It should be noted that I can select flaps 1+F on the ground, for a Flaps 1+F takeoff. The problem only happens after moving the flap lever past the Flaps 1 detent. C- The plane was able to fly perfectly a SID, flying all speed/altitude constraints precisely. However, when manually flying a SID, after capturing either an FCU selected altitude or a FMGS Altitude Constraint, if you don't keep the altitude precisely, the FMA reverts to V/S ZERO, and commands the Flight Director to maintain V/S=0 instead of maintaining the ALT or ALT CSTR mode. In case of an alt deviation after the vertical mode (ALT or ALT CSTR) is active, the Flight Director should smoothly command guidance to re-capture the selected altitude. D- During an altitude capture phase (ALT *) or (ALT CSTR*) iF I select another altitude, the AP/FD should enter in the reversion mode, meaning that it would change the vertical mode from (ALT/ALT CSTR *) to V/S and keep the vertical speed the aircraft was maintaining at the time the FCU altitude was changed. 5- Cruise Flight/ Systems behaviour in flight A- ECAM Control Panel / ECAM Handling A1- During ECAM pages change, there should be a brief "please wait" of around 0.51 second while the Display Management Computer generates the page graphics. This was common in the older 330s, not in the 320s. I'm not sure if the newer 330s have this feature. A2- Engine Page - No issues in normal flight. During an engine restart in flight it didn't show the Starter Valve open, but nevertheless the engine started normally. System operating normally on ground. A3- Bleed Page - No major issues, system works accordingly, however, when I switched one Bleed 1 OFF, there was no corresponding ECAM BLEED OFF displayed. The corresponding pack was correctly considered inoperative, generating the ECAM AIR PACK 1 OFF. I wasn't able to clear this ECAM using the CLR button. The STATUS page should display in the INOP systems PACK 1 and BLEED 1. I'm fully aware that you don't intend to replicate system failures, BUT since you can make a "packs off" takeoff and forget to switch them on after takeoff, it would be nice to at least show the appropriate ECAM warnings. A4- Pressurization Page - I've noted that the plane will remain pressurized even if you witch both packs or bleeds OFF. In real life, the cabin should slowly climb at about 300-700 ft/min (depending on pressure diferential and door seal condition). Same thing here. If you perform a "packs off" takeoff and forget to turn them on, you would not pressurize. Regarding the other indications, there's not much to say, since the Mode Selection is AUTO only. Once again, it should be nice in a future update to allow at least the use of the Man LDG ALT selector, since we can fly to an out of database airport (I can think of Beijing's new airport and also the old Kai Tak). But this is not a priority. A5- ELEC AC page: The IDGs indications are in amber and its temperature is low. Generator load is quite low also. A6- ELEC DC page: No further comments A7- HYD page: No further comments A8- APU page: No further comments A9- COND page: Very nice. Temperature variation should be slower, but it's acceptable. I have only another minor comment. If the HOT AIR pushbuttons are set to OFF, the trim air valves should go to the full closed position. The temperature is still controllable (at a slower variation rate) via the packs. A10- DOOR page: No comments. A more realistic SLIDE arming sequence would be the following. The slides should start to arm (one at a time, in a random way) around 10 seconds after last pax door closure. The slides disarming (one at a time also and in a random way) after both engines are OFF AND the seatbelt sign has been switched to off (this is the command for the Flight Attendants to disarm the slides, sometimes we forget to switch it off and they don't disarm them until they call the cockpit and ask us to do so). A11- Wheel Page: No further comments A12 - Fuel Page. Since I only have an A330-200 FCOM and its fuel system is slightly different (it has a center tank and being shorter, the target CG for the aft transfer is different) I can't get right now into much detail about it (a friend of mine has promised to send me an A-330-300 FCOM and as soon as I get it I can provide more info about the trim tank transfer system). However AFAIK it seems to be working properly. X-Feed is working nicely. It should be noted that when there is fuel in the trim tank, the FMGS is "losing" this fuel for its predictions. As soon as there is a forward trim tank transfer, the EFOB in the FMGS fuel pred page starts to rise. The fuel quantity indication should be amber in case of low level (Fuel L(R) WING LO LVL ECAM is triggered when fuel quantity in inner tank is between 1100 and 2520 kg, depending on aircraft pitch attitude). During outer to inner fuel transfer the ecam memo should be OUTR TK XFR, turning into OUTR TK XFRD after outer tank fuel has been transfered. B- Performance in cruise seems to be good. I have found the plane to be burning slightly less fuel for a given weight (keep in mind that I am using the A332 tables, but since I'm using it for a given weight, the fuel figures shouldn't be too far away. Once again, as soon as I get access to the A333 data I can check it with more precision. 6- Navigation Display: A- When in ROSE VOR/ROSE ILS mode, no VOR or NDB icon should be displayed in the ND. Auto or Manually tuned VOR/NDB should be displayed (in blue) only in ROSE NAV or ARC modes. B- ROSE VOR has a small arrow in the Course Deviation Indicator that is a TO/FROM indicator. When the aircraft is in a course TO a VOR station, it should point upwards in the upper part of the deviation indicator. If the plane is flying in a course away from the VOR, it should points backwards in the lower part of the deviation indicator. C- If flying in NAV and if you rotate the heading knob, the selected heading should be displayed (for a max of 45 sec IIRC), even if you don't pull the knob. The HDG mode will be active only after pulling the knob. 7-Primary Flight Display A - Flight Path Director behaving incorrectly, specially in managed modes. Also, the Flight Path Angle calculation is using the True Airspeed (instead of groundspeed) to determine the required vertical speed. B-Enlarged 2D PFD has the pitch attitude marks variating/oscilating during flight. 8 - FMGS/Autoflight A- Most of the FMGS functions are working accordingly. However there are some minor bugs. The fuel Prediction was already discussed in previous posts and need a complete overhaul. They are absolutely wrong during climb/cruise. During the descent phase they seem to get back to normal. B- Holdings: This is an important feature, specially for those who fly online. Whenever I insert a holding, it draws some strange circles over the holding fix This usually happens when a holding is inserted less than 20 miles from the holding fix, or inserted in the TO waypoint. Sometimes if the holding is the TO waypoint the plane gets lost in the holding entry . Sometimes the plane doesn't decelerate to holding speed. B1 - I have found that if the holding entry is a direct one, the FMGS is correctly calculating and flying it most of the time. Minor correction. The FMGS computes as default a 1.5 minute holding whenever the aircraft is above FL140. B2. - In a paralell entry to a holding, the plane is usually turning to the wrong direction, acting like it's flying a direct entry, but eventually getting estabilished in the hold. B3 - In teardrop holding entries the aircraft seems to be flying the correct pattern, but is slowing down to holding speed only after overflying the holding waypoint. C- In general, the plane is quite able to fly a fully managed approach, but if you make any vertical revision, in particular at the TO waypoint, the vertical profile will be messed up sometimes. D - ATSU is allowing the receiving of only one airport in each METAR. E- If you start a managed descent before the TOD, the V/DEV should start slowly increasing to show the actual altitude below the profile, then this "below profile alt" will gradually reduce as the aircraft nears the optimum descent profile. Currently when you start the descent, the V/DEV is showing instantly what I believe is the "below profile alt" for a given distance. F- In some STARS, if there is a speed constraint below green dot and the aircraft is not already at approach phase, the speed bug is commanding that speed, meaning that the plane will fly well below green dot. In real life, if there's a waypoimt with a speed constraint lower than green dot, the DECEL point will be located before that waypoint, in order to allow proper deceleration. G- Autopilot is disconnecting upon touchdown in an autolanding H- Rudder trim should be automatically handled when autopilot is engaged. I have noted that in AS A330 if you leave the rudder trim in other than neutral position, the Autopilot doesn't ajust it to fly straight and level. You must turn the AP off, reset the rudder trim and then re-engage the AP. The AP should t=automatically trim the aircraft when engaged. 9-Aircraft handling/Protections A- I found that if I'm using the OLD Airbus_ECAMD2D.dll file AND IF I'm using either the default control assignments OR FSUIPC option "send to FS as normal axis" the plane is almost unflyable in manual flight. If I'm using the FSUIPC option "send direct to FSUIPC calibration" the plane is flyable with minor control slope adjustments. If I'm using the new Airbus_ECAMD2D.dll the plane gets very responsive to flight control inputs in either FSUIPC option. Checking the F-CTL ECAM page showed inconsistencies between the sidestick orders (neutral position) and the actual aileron and elevator positions. I strongly recommend using FSUIPC "send direct to FSUIPC calibration" and ajust the slopes to your particular hardware. B- Pitch envelope protection seems to be working, but Bank protection is not working properly. The plane is limited to 67 degrees in bank angle, but it's not returning to 33 degrees max bank when sidestick is released. C- Alpha Floor is engaging accordingly, however, TOGA LOCK can be disengaged by the pilot, using ATHR OFF instinctive disconnect pushbuttons. D- There's a safety valve that closes above 280 KIAS and prevents the crew from lowering the gear above this speed. It's not modelled and I was able to lower the gear at VMO... I'm sure that there are some more issues that I haven't noticed/don't remember right now. There are some issues that other users may find, but overall the plane is quite flyable and enjoyable. As I have said, it has a lot of potential and I hope these issues get fixed. Thanks for the attention! Best regards, Paulo M Soares
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    Some more images... nothing really new to see but do compare this to default aircraft and you see we are learning some new tricks.... Still a lot missing, but we are getting there! As you will see the current model is one that is brand new and highly polished. It still needs to get its dirt and paint imperfections. Can you believe we are now talking about imperfections in a paint layer? When I started with Flightsim Paris was one huge uniform polygon with 7 corners. London was cool as it had a river and 15 corners. And as said, we will not do cheap ports from P3d V4, this is all brand new stuff. Click and open to see full size...
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    The A330 is what we call a 'stepping stone' release. It incorporates a lot of new code that is the base for several new product for several platforms. That means that even though we use a continuous test cycle there will be issues. We guarantee it. A lot will be fixed soon after release as we have a bit more time and more feedback. If this would be on steam we might consider calling it 'early access'. If you are somebody who gets easily annoyed by bugs we strongly advise you to simply not to buy when the product is launched. Give it two more weeks to mature. Important notes: You need the very latest version of P3d V4.5 plus Hotfix 1 and Hotfix 2. Do not forget to disable AV software, we have seen some false positives. You absolutely need to reboot after installing. If you see a problem after installing, the chances are pretty big any of these three could be the reason! There are some rather tricky sim settings that are very important. These are described in Vol 1 of the manuals. Do us a massive favor and read, the manual is attached. We use a rather aggressive update scheme where we push out almost anything we alter immediately to the Experimental update channel. Make sure you have that activated! ========================================================================================================= Some loose comments on things we are still working on. Electronic Flight Bag See more: https://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/forum/940-electronic-flight-bag/ We found two users for whom opening the DOCS section crash the sim. We do not know yet what causes it but we are talking to the developer of the module to see if he has any idea. If this happens to you avoid the DOCS and LINKS section for now. Although we have done a lot of what was intended we are left with some open issues. The calculation module is currently just a placeholder. We have got good ideas for it but they are a tad complex. Will be done though. The links did not work out as well as we hoped. As the core of this module is basically Chrome running in an iFrame not everything runs there without issues. This is not a solvable problem at this moment. If you have any sites that do work and are useful, please share them! But basically it is and will always be the worst web browser you have ever seen. Navigraph chart support is missing at this moment due to some technical issues, we are working with our friends at Navigraph to solve that. The first person to say this is because we want to push NavDataPro charts will be banned from this forum. Nothing further from the truth. Ask them. CPDLC We are not too happy with the CPDLC options and decided to wait until the ATC organisations can offer us a solid service to connect to. You will see some preparations for that in the some menus, these options are not yet active but are planned to be made active later. It is important to have these menu option in the menu at this moment. Connected Flight Deck As Connected Flight Deck is basically a huge load of parameters send around it is always very tricky right after a release. As parameters are changing to fix issues or to change behavior they might break CFD. As the product matures this will slowly be solved. Light Artifacts As you might know P3d V4.3 and up do not want to play nice with the superb Real Light technology we have been using when PBR textures are used. So another technic has to be used (one that most add-on builders now use). But it has drawbacks. Not only does it not look as good, it can also have artifacts. It also makes some displays very very hard to manage in brightness. At this moment this cannot be totally avoided. Here is a possible artifact you might see: Checklist FO BARO checks and settings still need to be included. The ViewFocus option is not compatible with view add-ons that change the aircraft files (like ChasePlane). This probably can't be changed. Manuals Because our Test Manager is on sick leave I had to take over those task. This causes some delays with the manuals. The final one (Step-By-Step) can normally only be completed at the very end of the development but that will now be pushed beyond the release 3rd party shaders Full PRB products (at this moment only the CRJ pro, the Madddog and the A330 can be seen as such, all others have partial PBR or have PBR added) can be highly problematic with third party shader because the PBD settings from Lockheed are highly linked to the colors chosen by the modeler. If the colors are changed by a shader unpredictable effects can happen and we are utterly unable to assist. We strongly advise you to see the product as it was designed. Only then will you see all details and effects. LIvery Manager We are working on a pretty special livery manager but it will take some time to get ready. To make your livery work with it the standards are the same as for our smaller busses. For now just manually install them. Vol1-In P3D.pdf
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    Rebirth of a legend It is with great pride that we can announce that Microsoft has chosen Aerosoft as its retail publishing partner for the new Microsoft Flight Simulator . Aerosoft will bring the two boxed versions of this venerable simulator to customers in Europe. Including 10 (!) double-layer DVD’s and a printed manual in a spectacular box, it is an ideal way of entering the new age of flight simulation. For the last few months, we have been working closely with the spirited team from Microsoft and the talented developers at Asobo. They have helped us in getting our add-ons ready for the new simulation platform and in a very small way our 27 years of experience assisted in creating this amazing simulator. We should be able to start shipping the boxes at or around August 21st. The official announcement from Microsoft is here.
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    The name is preliminary and everything you see here is work in progress (pre-pre-pre-pre-pre-pre-pre-(add a few more pre-'s)-pre-Alpha stage) First outside model shot in the hangar: P.S.: Don't ask for wingflex or release dates.
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    Today I will talk about the flight (drive) model. I mention drive model specifically because perhaps the biggest change you will immediately notice it. We all know that FSX/P3D sucks balls on the ground. It is like driving on ice that is very sticky at low speeds. It takes way more power than it should to get moving and when you have some speed the nosewheel only has a modest influence on where you are going. It seems just as happy to go sideways than forwards. Complex aircraft add-ons have tweaks for that (FSUIPC also has) but they never functioned as they should. But not only on ground there was an issue (or several) but also at the moment you lifted off. See, in FSX/P3D there is a major change in physics when there is no wheel (or technically, contact point) on ground. It toggles from a ground model to a flight model in some way. Rather sudden. That’s why you always have that little ‘jump’ into the air when you lift off. On landings it is incredibly hard to a real ‘greaser’ because there is no real smooth transition between flying and driving. The best way of testing this is by trying to take-off without moving. Just increase the wind until you get enough lift. YouTuber Squirrel shows that in this vid: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iFszHTaOs6I&t=713s. Now do not tell anybody, but this was something that Dutch Air Force guys used to do a lot with Super Cubs. I grew up in the household of a fighter pilot who flew everything from Spitfires to Starfighters and who was the persons responsible for introducing the F-16 in the Dutch Air Force. He claimed he could only do that after being checked out on type, riiiiiight. Basically, he just loved flying and as base commander of Leeuwarden AFB was a checked-out line pilot on the first F-16 to arrive. Send up to intercept the Russian Bears. As a full-blown colonel. Never happened again. And yes, I am that old. And yes, he did take me up in the two-seater F-16. And yes, I did puke. But they had two Super Cups and when there was a lot of wind, they had contest on who could take-off and land and get negative ground speed. Land behind from where you took-off (without flying around the world). Hours upon hours. Several props were wrecked. But as it was easier when there were two persons in the aircraft, I got a lot of airtime. And what that video shows is what I remember. The unstable wobbling because air currents ARE not stable, you will never get the same lift on your left wing as you get on your right wing. Stepping back into 2019… I was visiting Asobo and one of the devs showed me how they model air flow over objects. They asked me to fly at a steady speed, steady heading, steady altitude over a runway with steady (!) cross wind. Every time I got in the wind shadow of a hangar, I had to do some serious correction. Honestly, I made a mess of things. Simplifying the wind model to what FSX/P3D/X-plane does and it was easy. That is bloody amazing. What you see around you (buildings, trees) affects the aerodynamics. Now that is all about the mechanics of the sim. How this works out to what is to actually fly aircraft is a bit open. Though major steps have been taken, there is still some comment on how the default aircraft behave. As somebody who has flown at least some of the aircraft that are included, I am not always very impressed by the bug reports. I often feel that the people commenting are trying to make the aircraft fly the way the think it should fly. But a Robin is crazy stable and it needs a lot of stick to turn. A Cessna 152 is a trainer and when you do not ‘fly’ it all the time it will default to level and steady. How many of the tester that commented on the ICON A5 have actually flown it? I certainly have not so I would be very hesitant to make any comment. In the larger aircraft, like the A320, B747 I find the comments even harder to swallow. I have 11 minutes of stick in an actual A320 and around three hours on the sims pilots train on. But based on that I would not dare to make any comments. The advisory pilots in the Bus projects we run would tear me a new exhaust port if I did. When we started working on aircraft for the new sim we learned a lot. Aerodynamics are far less ‘stable’ then they used to be (good!) and making a good flight model is far more complex then in FSX/P3D. It compared more to X-Plane as it also models actual airflow over surfaces. But the air in X-Plane is rather static while it is not in MFS. You can trim all you want but 90 seconds later the aircraft will wonder off. And it should. Yesterday I told you that MFS smashes the other sims in it’s representation of the world. Today, about the flight model I am not so sure. In the default aircraft I still feel some tweaking needs to be done, but the characteristics or the aircraft I know (like the Robin), is most certainly there. As add-on developers we are still trying to learn what is possible. Most certainly more than ever before, but we need to understand it. We need hundreds of hours of testing and tweaking. In the end I think FSX/P3D will be beaten hands down, X-Plane got a major fight on its hands. What matters most is not how realistic things actually are, but how believable they are. How many hours do YOU have in a Pitts Special, ICON Z5 or a Xcub? I have none so I will not comment on how it should fly. I got the documents on how fast a A320 Neo should climb but I also know these are VERY complex tables where even the temperature of the fuel plays a role. I also know B747 pilots tell me they use these tables as guides and would hesitant to judge an add-on based on them. Not long ago I was flying on IVAO with a friend of mine who flies busses for a living. He was told to fly heading 333. When we were at 336 the controller commented on that. He later commented on the fact we were 200 feet low. Drove my friend mad. He said, “do they think I am flying a simulator here?”. Aircraft are not trains. You can’t fly heading 333. You can fly something close to 333 and on average, if you are lucky, it will be 333. Simmers often miss that and ask for precisions that simply should not be there. I think that with the more unpredictable way MFS aircraft fly, we will see that a lot of people will complain about how unstable things are. And you know…. That’s great!
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    Friends, let me explain what we are planning in 2020 for the Airbus (and CRJ) series. First of all, let me say how incredibly lucky we are with so many simulators that are simply very good. Laminar (X-Plane), Lockheed (P3D) and Microsoft (FS) will all be superb simulators in their own right in 2020, while for many people FSX remains a viable (but unfortunately not any longer commercially viable) simulator platform. We are spoiled for choice and that is amazing. With these choices come the fact we need to make decisions. As we do not know what the biggest platform will be late this year, these decisions have to be made with some flexibility in mind. To be perfectly honest, we were very enthusiastic about P3D V4 in the beginning but as many parts of the graphical engine were left half done this enthusiasm slowly evaporated. Doing the modeling of the CRJ and A330 using the latest standards was a royal pain in the behind to be honest. The fact there are almost no aircraft add-on devs who do fully blown P3D V4 models (95% has only partial PBR for example) speaks volumes and our worries were shared by other developers in non public forums. So clearly we are not looking forward to redoing the A318/319/320 and 321 to the latest standards. It will mean many many months of work (as we do not just want to drop some {BBR textures but do it as it should be done) and will bring in almost no new sales. Asking an update fee for this is not really our style. At the same time Microsoft is showing us what a simulator can look like in this day and age. As you might know Asobo was so kind to invite me a few times to their offices (as I live close to them) and when we saw the sim for the first time running, the sound you heard was jaws hitting the floor. What we all thought were rendered demo video's turned out to be real in game footage, not even on a crazy hardware system. I follow up visits we learned a lot about the platform, what can be done, how things should be done and above anything, how determined Microsoft and Asobo are to assist developers. If we have a question, we call them and get answers. Let me tell you, that's bloody amazing. (BTW, Lockheed was also very approachable for us for a very long time). As you know Aerosoft loves all simulators. we sell add-ons for FSX, P3D, X-Plane and AFS2 . And we'll continue to do so, Flight Simulator will just be another platform. But one that we believe very strongly in. So at this moment we decided not to work on full new builds of the smaller busses for P3D V4. We do expect P3D v5 somewhere this year and are sure a lot of the issue we now have will be solved. We decided that because we feel the current versions are pretty strong and can stand the competition in the same price range. What will come very soon is a smaller update that adds the Electronic Flight Bag to the smaller busses. This will be at the same time as we can include Navigraph support for those device. After that we'll still work on open issues and if there is time we'll also complete CPDLC that is partly developed at this moment. At the same time we will start working on the Airbusses and CRJs for Flight Simulator. How much of those will be 'ports' and how much will be done to the new standards remains to be seen. As there is no SDK yet it is impossible to say what can be done and what not. For sure the old idea you will not pay again for code you already bought will remain intact, so depending on much how will be new, you will get a substantial discount if you own the current versions. The same is true for our scenery products and tools. A smooth transition is the key. There will be enough problems and new things to deal with. Depending on the manpower we have available (we are expanding our development staff) we will also being as soon as possible on a project that is fully based on the new standard. Most likely that will in the form of the Twin Otter that seems ideally suited to explore the new world of Flight Simulator. I hope this clears up some of the questions. If you like to tell me that we are bonkers and P3D will remain the platform of choice, feel free to do so in reply! As I said, there are a lot of uncertain factors and your opinion is always welcome.
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    At this moment (June 30) the following products are updated to Prepar3d V5 status (some might still be uploading btw): Mega Airport London Heathrow professional (full new installer on your order history page) Aerosoft Updater tool (this tool updates itself on startup) Cologne/Bonn professional (full new installer on your order history page) Canary Islands professional - Tenerife South (full new installer on your order history page) Canary Islands professional - La Gomera (full new installer on your order history page) Canary Islands professional - Gran Canaria (full new installer on your order history page) Canary Islands professional - El Hierro (full new installer on your order history page) Canary Islands professional - La Palma (full new installer on your order history page) Barcelona Professional (full new installer on your order history page) Mega Airport Madrid professional (full new installer on your order history page) Malaga professional ((full new installer on your order history page) Balearic Island professional - Mallorca (full new installer on your order history page) Balearic Island professional - Menorca (full new installer on your order history page) Balearic Island professional - Ibiza (full new installer on your order history page) Aerosoft-Kosice-Barca Airport (full new installer on your order history page) Mitchel Wing U2 (free product!), get it here: http://freeware.aerosoft.com/forum/downloads/AS_MITCHELL-WING-U2_P3DV5_V2000.zip Gibraltar Professional - (full new installer on your order history page) SIMstarter NG P3D - (full new product, 60% discount for existing customers) Anchorage professional - (full new installer on your order history page) Fairbanks professional - (full new installer on your order history page) Milano Malpensa professional - (full new installer on your order history page) Mega Airport Berlin-Brandenburg professional - (full new installer on your order history page) Mega Airport Frankfurt professional - (full new installer on your order history page) Aerosoft Honeycomb tool - (updated via the updater tool) Helgoland professional - (full new installer via order history page) Mega Airport Zürich V2.0 professional (full new installer via order history page) Genf professional - (full new installer via order history page) US Cities X - Boston- (full new installer via order history page) Lukla - Mount Everest Extreme (full new installer via order history page) Aerosoft A330 professional - (full new installer via order history page) NavDataPro-Client (Windows) - (automatic update) Geneva professional - (full update via order history page) Aerosoft-US Cities X – Chicago - (full update via order history page) Skiatos - (full update via order history page) Trondheim-Vaernes X V2.0 - (full update via order history page) US Cities X – Cleveland - (full update via order history page) Mega Airport Oslo V2.0 - (full update via order history page) US Cities X – Detroit - (full update via order history page) Aerosoft-Antarctica X - (full update via order history page) Aerosoft A318/A319 professional (full update via order history page) Aerosoft A320/A321 profesional (full update via order history page) Welcome to Kolyma - (full update via order history page) CRJ professional - (full new download from order history page) Chania - Ioannis Daskalogiannis Airport - (full new download from order history page) Mega Airport Prague - (full new download from order history page) The following projects are not scheduled to be updated to Prepar3D v5: DC-8 If you bought these products on other shops you will find the new installers there. When that is depends on the shop, they all have access to the new files at this moment.
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    Here's a few screenshots from P3Dv5,
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    ... for being so positive about this release. It is remarkably stable (we can only pray the A330 is the same) but even so we have found some issue that need to be looked at. And Hans has been working on those issues and the testers already have updates to test. But in this day and age of anonymous internet rants it is a relief to see people reporting issues, feeding additional information when asked for without going berserk. It is rare that you do not have to step in strongly with moderation shortly after new release but even though we simply have very strong sales the tone is positive and helpful. And again, that does not happen every time. The people who worked on the CRJ poured their heart into this project. Honestly. I managed the project, I know. I try to be online when people working on my projects ane online. And I know I worked crazy hours. Hans and Stefan did more hours. If you want to make money do not make add-ons because the pay per hour is lousy. It is 21:39 local now and Hans is still around helping people. I got his fist Skype message around 08:45 this morning. Do the math. That reminds me, I need to get a life. And I can tell you they appreciate your kind comments a lot. They appreciate your patience even more. A lot of people complimented the developers, but sometimes the compliments need to go the other way. Thanks!
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    Dear Mathijs, Dear Aerosoft Team Today I recieved a nice sitemail from a person i tried to help in a forum, ending with the advice, „to write only when i can help the topic or else shut the *&%$ up“. It made me think. What times do we live in, where you insult people you don’t even know for trying to help you? I don’t want to rant, I pitty those people, they must have been growing up in an enviroment or family where you did not learn respect and thankfulness. If you even get those mails as user of a forum, I don’t want to imagine what you guys have to read or hear all day. So time to say thank you for all you do for us here. You are there day and night, i am sure you often check those posts in your freetme and answer them if you have time to. Such a dedication since many many years, that’s very uncommon. So thank you, Mathijs, Emanuel, Mopperle, Dave and Tom and many others, working in the forum with such a dedication, for all you do to make our hobby even better. It must be hard sometimes, to keep up with it when you are critizised for so many things. I sometimes wonder why so many people think they are in a position to command a developer what to do, just because they bought a license for a product. So to conclude: I think I will still post things when I think it could hlep, but I like to send a huge thank you to all of you at aerosoft for doing this on a daily base! And all others: please guys, try to show a little respect. It’s our hobby, something that should bring os joy and happyness. We should be glad and thankful for every plane or scenery that comes out that enrichens our sim even more. There are enough problems in the „real world“, we don’t want to poison our hobby with agression and hate as well. Kind Regards Beat @ LSZH
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    In this series of posts I will write down my personal (!) ideas on the new simulator that is at this moment on approach. They are a combination of what we learned over the last year working with Microsoft and Asobo and my personal experiences. I hope to make one posts a day, but you know, life.... I'll start with the big round thing. The world. As there are a kazillion images and videos (check out my good friend ObsidiantAnt on Youtube) that show it far better than I can so I will stick to text. Feel free to comment. Again keep in mind these are my personal views. ----------------------- The MFS world might not be perfect (surprisingly there are some airport missing because the sat imagery was not available, even in Germany and the US!) and there might be a kazillion places where things do not look exactly as they should, but we get a ‘believable’ world. I know X-Plane used the term but MFS's world is far more believable. Go to any place you do not know intimately, and you would not know that the sim showed something that is not there. You will ALWAYS get a rather good impression of what that area looks like. If you take P3D v4.5, add all the terrain add-ons you can get for a region and you get what default MFS will show. Some bits will be better, some will be worse, but overall, it will be very comparable. The difference is that MFS does it world-wide. Check out Fouleix where I live and you will see the three small lakes in my garden, the house, the stable, the workshop and the black dots on the car park are my cars. All the very big trees on my terrain are correctly placed. That is in the middle of bloody nowhere in France. In the default sim. Not just a sat image, but 3d buildings and 3d trees. Correctly placed. And again worldwide, that is mind boggling. Microsoft always said that MFS would be the showcase of what Azure (the network of MS servers and storage) and Bing (the databases) could do. And boy, does it deliver. Google might have more up to date imagery but in combining data and making it into a 3d world they are way behind. Google Earth looks childish in 3D compared to MFS. Not StreetView, but that is just a bunch of pictures, incredibly cool, but basically amazingly simple technology. It just takes a lot of cars driving around to get the data. MFS is with some distance the most detailed representation of our globe we now have. Google could do the same as they also got the data, but they have no business case to do it. Microsoft did. In many news programs you now see Google graphics when there is a news event somewhere in the world. They slowly zoom into the location, but it remains 2D. I guarantee you; you will see Microsoft Flight Simulator used in news items. It is that good. I have spoken to professional simulator guys. They train pilots. And they all said that there is no simulator, no matter what you pay, that gives the same sense of depth, same sense of distances. The sim now does not have full seasons, it has 'summer' and 'snow' but a snowy landscape looks perhaps even better than the summer one. When the sun sets (those sunsets are fantastic btw) the inhabited world lights up like we have not seen before. I have been able to fly over Paris South to North following the outer peripherique . There is NO way, no matter with what add-on, I could have ever done that in any other sim. I think I like night flights even better than day time flights. Fly towards a big city and you see the light slowly build up, first a glimmer, then a dome of light and then you start to see the roads and structure. Try Paris or Seattle. Can it be improved upon? Ohhh yes, If you know the color and EXACT shape of a building you can make a better one. Certainly airports can be massively improved, even the high definition ones made by Microsoft/Asobo. What is clear if you look in some details at them, you see they are made by people who have little or no experience with flight simulation. You see how they spend a lot of effort on parts you never see from the cockpit (the ‘car’ side of the airport, you miss the higher level of detail in the normal sightlines (mainly on final) and you see how they did not understand why details on the departure routes matter far less then on the approach routes. I have been in Asobo’s offices a few times and I never approach charts on the desk of a modeler. Hey, don’t knock them, it took our scenery developers two decades to perfect those skills! And I have seen the modelers at Asobo learn amazingly fast. They intend to keep on adding more content and if they listen to what customers want, they will be damned good damned fast. These are skilled and trained people. And P3D and X-Plane? Highly respectable platforms but comparing the ‘default world’ can only lead to one winner. MFS blows the competition out of the water. You can spend hours and hours just flying around, looking at the world. From the Norwegian fjords, via the Italian lakes to the Amazon, it is stunning. Just absolutely stunning.
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    This is actually the ‘episode’ I wanted to close with, but I am moving it forward because I feel this discussion should be done now. It is a complex topic, and for many people it will be controversial, so moderation will be heavy. Feel free to attack any number I use here. Part are wild-ass guesses, some are based on information only insiders have, some are hard data that is not generally known. They might be 100% off, but as you will see, even that does not matter a lot. ------------------------------------ See, things are about to change. Way, way, way more than many current forum users believe. Let us start with how the scene is now 'organized'; 75% of the people on the current Flightsim forums are P3D users. That makes them by definition pretty hard-core. They are using a simulator that Lockheed ‘officially’ forbids for entertainment use, that has a hard-core user interface, has almost all things that make it easier for beginners to start removed. Has basic options like real-time weather removed. Professional users never need real time weather after-all. Lockheed sold 20.000 copies of P3d V4. This is a wild ass guess, but we do market research, have an idea of how many P3D users buy add-ons, we talk to people at shows, we see how many of our customer we know used FSX now go to P3D product pages. I would not be surprised if they sold 10.000 copies and I would not be surprised if it was 40.000 copies. As said, you will see it does not matter a lot. What matters is that these are hard-core simmers. They accept the sim has no real time weather and are willing to pay $40 for weather. They accept the sim has 2002 navdata and will spend $10 a month to fix that. Between 75% and 80% of them will buy add-ons. Ideal customers, honestly, we can reach them, they got money and basically buy anything they like. That’s what we are now working with. A very small group of customers that are willing to buy add-ons. Very different from the scene in 2002 when Flight Simulator still sold half a million copies easy and only a few of those people bought add-ons. In 2001 I was involved with a scenery of Tokyo that sold in two weeks as many copies as we now sell two months (for all FS add-ons!). Almost all sold in Japan. That market for FS add-ons is now dead. Gone. A few copies a month. You might sense where I am going with this. The difference was the number of potential customers. We had hundreds of thousands of potential customers and just needed to find the product they wanted. Here is what matters in a few weeks. We can only guess what the production costs of MFS are. But I know how many people worked at Asobo’s offices, I have some ideas on what the licenses they need cost. I know what project management of something these big costs. Make no mistake, this is not a title for Twitch, but it is a triple A game. There are at this moment hundreds of people involved. It is massive, huge. Bigger than any flight sim development. I dare say ten times bigger than any flight sim development before. So, we are talking about an investment that even for a company like Microsoft is sizable. They need serious sales. How much? I think they are aiming for a million minimum, that will get them in the ball-park of breaking even. With the PC and Xbox version that seems very well possible. Remember the 20,000 sales of P3D I suggested? We'll plan to ship more boxed copies then that. Just to give you and idea. Steam has already dropped hints this is one of the biggest products they ever had in pre-order. So, let’s use the estimated P3D sales, 20k and a conservative MFS sales of a million. See the issue? It is simply far more attractive to aim for a million customer and hope you reach a fraction than reach out to 20k and know you will reach half. So why will MFS sell so much more then P3D? The most important things is that it will be sold when customers go. Windows Store, our shop (and our affiliate shops), Steam, retail shops all over Europe, MediaMarkt, Amazon etc etc. To sell you need make the product easy to find and attractive to buy. Text like this: “Can Prepar3D be used for entertainment? No, Lockheed Martin does not offer Prepar3D for entertainment, and we have no plans to enter the entertainment space. The EULAs explain that Prepar3D can be used for purposes other than personal/consumer entertainment”, do not really help with sales. ---------------------------------------- Okay now for the difficult part of this post. For the ‘platform’ it does not matter a lot what the current P3D customers think about it. Some, I think most, will see the potential and like it. Some others will take a far more ‘elitist’ stand and point at all the issues. They will compare it to their P3D installation with all add-ons. And yes, probably that is better. But that is EXACTLY the same discussion we had for every new version of the sim. Aerosoft is 28 years old so we have seen a whole lot of new versions and we have seen the same thing over and over. Existing customers will shout that their installed version is better and will only move when PMDG released all their aircraft on the new platform and when Frankfurt, Heathrow etc are available. The different things this time is that we lost customers on every new version in the past. The release of Dovetails FSX:Steam saved a lot of add-on developers because it brought in new customers. Believe me, that version was massively important. Commercially. Because it will not lose us potential customers, it will add hundreds of thousands. Of course there are major challenges. for example a lot of products will have serious problems finding customers. Weather add-ons…. The weather system in the sim is in my personal opinion better than any current add-on, so these will have to find new angles. Large terrain add-ons like Mesh, Landclass etc…. You need a load of expensive data to make the world better then what the sim has. Cities and small bits of the world can be improved but again who will pay for making things a bit better? Products that offer world wide coverage of mesh, landclass, textures etc are in my opinion dead as dodo's. There might still be there, but they will aim for small markets. NavData…. I know Navigraph disagrees, but the sim comes with free, monthly updated complete (!) navdata, fully covered by the SDk so everybody can access it . If I would buy an add-on that requires me to buy a monthly subscription for navdata I would seriously ask what makes that better than the build in data. It would mean I would also have to replace the default free data in the sim with something that costs money and will be the same. By default, the build in data will be the standard. If you use any other, it might not merge with other add-ons well. One exception here, the early add-ons might use provided data as we need the MFS SDK to read the data. Aerosoft will ALWAYS provide a dataset that is current when we release the product btw. No outdated data. So yeah… we do not believe NavDataPro is a viable product for the new platform, we might add it as it is pretty simple, but we’ll focus on charts. Got some super ideas on that. AI Traffic. We might still need models but the sim places aircraft where they just have been in real time. Things do not get better. I have seen aircraft passing over my house and checking the sim I see that same aircraft. You need to be a very clever project manager to find a product to beat that. I am not saying there are no options for these kind of add-ons but who will pay to get things a 'bit' better? Not to add completely missing weather or completely missing serious traffic, but to perfect it. -------------------------------------------- So, things will change far more than most simmers now realize. The biggest thing they will have to deal with is that there might be fifty MFS users for every P3D user. And that will just move more and more to the MFS side. Aerosoft has commercial interests. We are co-publisher of MFS, so read this post in that light. Just like when we became the publisher of X-Plane and were able to bring it to steam and in retail stores in 20+ countries we benefit from the success of the MFS platform. We want this to succeed badly. Not only because it is good for Aerosoft. but also because it is good for the hobby. A new solid and stable platform when all customers, beginners and experts, hard-core and an hour a month users can all use it. Having things like good weather and near perfect navdata INSIDE the sim will stabilize things. If anybody agrees on where that and that VOR is things become a lot easier, right? We still create a load of X-Plane add-ons because of our commitment to that platform, we love X-plane and can't wait for version 12 to see how Austin responds to Microsoft. We will continue to make X-Plane add-ons, same tempo as before. We still love P3D dearly. We wanted to bring P3D to retail and Steam but could not get the deal completed. We will still make P3D add-ons. Our work for MFS is the same. We love any serious simulation platform. Aircraft, busses, trains, trucks, anything as long as it is serious. So of course we'll make DLC for MFS. In the end the only thing that decides how much is done for what platform is how many people buy is. We do not make add-ons because we love them (okay, the Catalina might be a exception here, damn if I do not love that aircraft), we make them to sell. We have 60+ people to pay. So it is not in our interest to try to control the market, we follow, not lead. But MFS is really something special. It's Phoenix rising from its ashes. In a way that nobody could see coming. So big that everything done for Flight Simulation pales in comparison. Microsoft and Asobo still have to make it work, but damned, they are sure going for dominance here. Times will be exciting. I love it.
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    Because airports have no systems. And small aircraft don't have complex systems. Especially Carenado, Alabeo, etc. are just default system with nicer looks. I'm not an Aerosoft employee. Only a volunteering pilot, trying to help the flight sim community. I wrote my post in the same stlye you wrote yours. Try to reflect on it. As we say in Germany. "Wie man in den Wald hineinruft, so schallt es aus diesem hinaus". If you want a nice answer I suggest you to write in a nice tone next time. How do you believe those people who invest 10+ hours every day into getting things compatible feel if they read post like your "I can't believe......., It is obligatory........"? Write in a nice tone and I'll answer in one. Write like an ass and I'll be an ass.
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    Version 1.0.0


    This is a .90 release. I wanted to release it for folks to fly on Christmas but do not have time to do all the little things I want to for it to be 100%. Its certainly flyable in its current state, and I hope you enjoy all the special features I added to this very unique paint. I used a gradient method to paint the surfaces to match as closely as possible to what you actually see when you view this paint in real life. I also created a special technique to emulate the sparkle you see when the sun glint's off the fuse in a certain way. Bar far one of the most complex paints I've ever done. To install this aircraft, copy the following text into your 'aircraft.cfg', inside the folder 'SimObjects\Airplanes\Aerosoft A333 RR Professional'. Replace the XX in [FLTSIM.XX] by the next number in your sequence (like [FLTSIM.11,12 etc]) [FLTSIM.XX] title = Aerosoft A333 professional American N275AY sim = A330-343 model = SD3 panel = sound = texture = N275AY kb_checklists = AirbusA333_check kb_reference = AirbusA333_ref atc_id = N275AY atc_airline = American atc_flight_number = 1000 ui_manufacturer = Airbus ui_type = A330-343 ROLLS-ROYCE ui_variation = American N275AY ui_typerole = Commercial Airliner ui_createdby = Aerosoft atc_parking_types = GATE,RAMP atc_parking_codes = AA description = Airbus A330 - 343 RR / American N275AY \nwww.aerosoft.com\nRepaint by Steve Drabek Next, copy the complete texture.XXXXXXX folder in the zip file to the your \AS Airbus 330\Aerosoft A330 Professional\SimObjects\Airplanes\Aerosoft A333 RR Professional folder (your folder will be wherever you installed the Airbus) That's it! Let me know what you think of this paint....I put a lot of time and attention to it.
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    We got some questions about our commercial plans for Microsoft Flight Simulator recently and I decided to make a small comment. Because we are still early in the process (i.e. we simply have no copy to test on nor do we have an SDK) we have freedom to make the best decisions based on what we see in the new sim. It may very well be that we can 'import' the product easily, but we’ve never been fans of that. Our preference is to use the new options and features to make a product that utilizes the new sim. This has been a principle for all our aircraft and most certainly will continue in this case. We simply ask you to trust that we'll offer a reasonable upgrade price. I think our track record in this area is pretty solid. This comment, next to what my good friends at PMDG recently did, might suggest PMDG has more information then we have. This is not the case. As some people might know I live not far from Bordeaux where the developers are located and I have had the pleasure to visit their office already four times. The people at Asobo are not only incredibly open and helpful people, they are also very gracious hosts. All the information we gathered there, is shared with PMDG, as they are one of our strategic partners and of course also in contact with Asobo and Microsoft, but for whom a visit is less easy. I can't stress enough what a pleasure it is to 'work' with Microsoft and Asobo on this exciting new platform. It is a total change from our past experiences. They really want to make this a platform for everybody. A new base for the future.
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    I have sat by and watched this thread, hoping some contemplation of Emanuel's excellent explanation would lead to some education and understanding. Based on mustangcoyote's responses, especially the last one, I no longer hold any hope of this. I've placed mustangcoyote's account under moderation. We simply have no time for this type of nonsense. And... I am a member of of the Aerosoft Corporate team with 14 years in customer relations including as a vice president for a Fortune 100 company, so I do understand customer relations and as a parent, I understand setting an example. We are happy to educate, but we'll not put up with this, not in our house. Best wishes.
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    Just got the plane..... I have this in work....... I'll try to showcase the wonderful PBR effects Stefan put into this plane....its simply stunning when the sun hits it just right! So far this is what I plan to paint: Lufthansa old D-AIKL (as seen above) Delta Hawaiian AirEuropa Philippines If the mods here approve....I'll post random progress shots and release notifications here so we don't have to navigate and monitor a separate posts.
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    Just a quick note on what's happening right now. We are at this moment testing full new installers for the A318/A319 and A320/A321 for P3d V4.5. As we have seen some issues that can only be explained by mix-ups in files versions we decided to do only a new full build. This version has a lot of small tweaks mainly intended to put all users on the same platform and should be out in the next few days. Full new build Bug Fix: EFB folder path full unicode support to fix issue with special characters Bug Fix: Dive issue when speed increased Bug Fix: Small fix for GSmini display Bug Fix: After setting altimeter to STD it might have happened that former QNH still was set on according ND altimeter while STD displayed on BARO selector Bug Fix: Fix for park brk desync issue in CFD Improvement: A/THR response adapted for better turbulence handling Improvement: Several small adjustments in ND like heading bug visible with preselected HDG on FCU Improvement: Several adjustments with STEP ALTS implementation Improvement: Several speed flags and protection speeds and logics improved Improvement: Multiple fixes in holdings line drawing Please note that there is a lot of ongoing work with Connected Flight Deck and this release cannot connect to older versions. When these two installer are done the A330 will be updated the same way, release early next week. -------------------------- Work on P3D V5 is progressing well. The new features like 8.33kHz tuning works fine, the newer compiler create some better optimized code so the GPU can handle more. The main bulk of the work is on the lighting system that has seriously changed in V5 and that we really want to use. As new version of Real Glass and Real Light are also in Beta right now we believe things will move quickly. We are enthusiastic about the V5 version, Lockheed needs to do a few tweaks but already things are faster and look better!
  22. 11 points
    As you might know we offer low cost (or even free) licenses for our products used in education. For example there are 15 US high schools with aviation courses that use our Airbusses. Recently we also assisted a Hong Kong based group with the A320. Thought you might enjoy learning about that. ----------------------------------------------------- CARE Charity for Aviation - Recreation and Education (CARE) is a non-profit body established at Hong Kong in 2015 by pilots from local airlines for providing basic training courses including Basic Aeronautical Studies, visiting and ATC knowledge studies for teenagers aged 13 - 18 with the aid of PC flight simulators CARE also collaborated with Hong Kong Air Cadet Corps, Scout Association of Hong Kong and Hong Kong Dragon Airlines (known as Cathay Dragon) to deliver the Cathay Aviation Certificate Programme for nurturing future talents for the aviation industry The latest development of Aerosoft Airbus A320 and A330 products are selected as a practicing tool before the final screening and jumpseat flight experience offered by the Cathay Aviation Certificate Programme
  23. 11 points
    Ben, with no disrespect, but which aircraft do you fly? Little toyplanes aka Cessna 172 or Piper 28 in CAVOK conditions or real aircraft with hundrets of souls on board with thunderstorms close to the airport and gusts up to 45kt and more? This one's a real story, happened a couple of months ago. An about 20 year old aviation geek visited my flightdeck during boarding who happened to be a simmer as well with a couple thousand hours on VATSIM. He told me how much he loves Boeings NGX. I asked him what an NGX is. He looked strange at me seeing that we were sitting in a 737-800. Even after digging a bit deeper he did not seem to have a clue where the difference between a 737NG and a 737NGX is. Small hint as I'm sure there'll be some simmers around here who don't know either: One costs 80$ list price, the other 80.000.000$. Heck, he even spotted a "mistake" right away and without even bothering me with it he reset my MCP altitude from 5100ft to 5000ft. He was even kind enough to tell me I forgot to execute my FMC routing and did it for me without even asking. A very helpful guy! Weather at our destination was quite a bit bumpy with some 30kt crosswind.We made a textbooklanding. On centerline and on the aiming point with a positive touchdown. After landing this same guy came to my cockpit again and asked me what went wrong during landing that we made such an impact. Correct piloting technique, as every pilot would know, would have been to hold it off the ground, bleed off the speed and then touch down, however he could understand that as an FO I still needed to learn and no landing could be perfect. He could fully understand that it would have been hard for me to judge the height above the runway, since this only comes with experience. I was impressed, right from the passenger seat this 300h Cessna pilot knew exactly what went "wrong" during my landing, he even knew exactly how I can improve next time! Darn it, why did I not know all his expertise after spending a hundret thousand bucks on professional flight training and years of flying. Next time I'll have this gentleman land the plane for me, I am sure the accident investigators will rewrite major parts of the pilot training manuals after evaluating the flight data recorder from the burning wreckage in the trees next to the runway. Long story short, this is pretty much my opinion on the average flight simmer or Cessna pilot. I have absolutely nothing against these people, both simmers and general aviation pilots have great ideas about what they're doing in their respective field. Simmers usually have a broad understanding of aircraft systems while the average GA pilot has a good understanding of his Cessna and all associated piloting techniques. However: Just because you have an idea in ONE field of aviation you don't know it all. Even a 737 or A320 pilot will not be able to give a sound judgement of an A380's flight dynamics. It's different. Totally different. In fact: Every aircraft is different. Not even two 737's build within a week from one another fly exactly same. Therefore, with all due respect: If you don't at least have experience in airliners, let alone in widebodys or in fact A330's, please be so kind not to mislead other people by saying you're a pilot and you know it's not ok. On a sidenote, in my airline it is SOP to set the MCP altitude to the expected initial climb altitude +100ft until the clearance is obtained as a reminder that you're not yet cleared to climb up. The Route page is executed once the routecheck has been completed during the takeoff briefing, when both pilots are happy that everything has been entered correctly.
  24. 10 points
    Here's some work in progress screenshots from MSFS
  25. 10 points

    Version 1.0.0


    TAP Air Portugal CS-TOU DO NOT ALTER, EDIT OR UPLOAD THIS PAINT TO ANY WEBSITE WITHOUT MY EXPLICIT PERMISSION. Follow the instructions in Readme! Requests are paid! http://www.texturasbrasileiras.com/ http://www.texturasbrasileiras.blogspot.com/
  26. 10 points

    Version 1.0.0


    Recommend use with AIRAC 2005 or newer for best results. Updates for RAD Restrictions and Directs are cumulative. Changelog Update: Route Restrictions and Altitude/FL Restrictions Update: RouteCharges (May 2020) Best regards David
  27. 10 points
  28. 9 points
    Very early days but at least you can see we have started the project. This is NOT a conversion but everything will be done new, to the latest standards. As we have expanded our internal aircraft development team we are now able to run tow full size projects at the same time.
  29. 9 points
    FOR FREE: AS|Airport - Paderborn/Lippstadt - The first Aerosoft & German airport DLC for Microsoft Flight Simulator! We are proud to present our first Microsoft Flight Simulator airport DLC and it comes for free! Located in Germany, North Rhine Westphalia, Paderborn Airport offers a short hop to most central European airports and hubs or it can just be your home base for scenic VFR flights in the local area. Features: Detailed recreation of Paderborn airport Custom aerial images covering the airport and surrounding area Current runway, taxiway and stand layouts Custom taxiway signage Realistic night time lighting Accurate depiction of the terminal interior Custom jetway models Custom windsock models You can find the free version of Paderborn/Lippstadt for MSFS here: https://cdn1.aerosoft.com/paderborn-msfs.php Explore Aerosoft's home base at Paderborn/Lippstadt airport in the new Microsoft Flight Simulator!
  30. 9 points
  31. 9 points
    Okay, I officially put a Beaver project on our project management system....
  32. 9 points
    It is still impossible to determine because the SDK still has so many holes, what I can say is that we hired a new modeler next to Stefan for this project. When we interviewed applicants for that project we asked them all to create the front nose strut of the Twotter as a sample. Anne made by far the best one (see below) and we are very happy to have her in our team. Having a second high end modeler will make it possible for us to work on multiple projects at the same time.
  33. 9 points

    Version 1.0.0


    Recommend use with AIRAC 2007 or newer for best result. Updates for RAD Restrictions and Directs are cumulative. Changelog Update: Route and Altitude/FL Restrictions Update: RouteCharges (July 2020) Best regards David
  34. 9 points
    PUBLIC APOLOGY FROM AUSTRALIAN AIRLINES VA We have been advised by AEROSOFT that some members at AAVA have been uploading pirated software via the Aussie Airlines public upload box, a system designed to share freeware aircraft and programs, that enhance the user experience of flight sim. This box was public and open, and not monitored or moderated by AAVA and this has now been seen as a gross oversight. Australian Airlines VA is a small community based VA, but will not be part of piracy and have advised members of the stringent and serious fines and consequences of software piracy, not only to the individual users but also to the VA. AAVA also strongly advises other communities and users to monitor files and systems in order to stamp out piracy. AAVA has now removed the upload box, and link from the website. AAVA apologizes to all those affected by this oversight including the software companies, hosting providers and service providers involved. AAVA has taken immediate action for this situation not to occur again, and advised members as a general announcement to purchase all aircraft from the rightful owner if they wish to use them. Thank you.
  35. 9 points
    Should count as what? Shall we release an unfinished product which keeps crashing? I bet *then* you would express quite some different feelings. As it has been said a thousand times: P3Dv5 is not simply an updated v4. It's a new simulator with significant changes. If you are able to convert any product to the new sim within a matter of days Aerosoft will gladly hire you. You would probably become the lead developer in a matter of days. Now look at other complex aircraft addons. Tell me a single complex airliner which is fully compatible already. PMDG? No FSL? Nope Leonardo? Njet Now take a guess why. Of course Aerosoft can hire some extra developers to speed up development. Can I send that 50.000€ bill to your E-Mail address? There's a saying in software development: You want good, fast and cheap? Pick two.
  36. 9 points
    Considered...approved....now in process
  37. 8 points
  38. 8 points
    ... and did not get the complete package. Log out of Steam, log in again and restart the sim. It should then download the missing bits. Might I make a personal comment? I understand people are upset about not getting what they paid for and they wanted to get that solved. But Microsoft and Asosbo were working very hard to solve that nasty issue. The many very unsavory comments on Steam about a bug that everybody knew would be solved were.... unsavory. Just not needed. Report the issue, fly with the fine aircraft and airports you got and wait for it to be fixed. As it is. Within 24 hours. Shit happens. Some of the Steam comments were not only nasty, but downright racist. 'The jews from Microsoft'? If a customer of Aerosoft would write anything like that he would be banned for life. That's not a customer we want. I am seriously upset about the lack of understanding. This is a massive project, things gone wrong and things will go wrong. But I know for a fact that there are a lot of people working very hard to solve issues. I have been working since 07:00 this morning assisting customers (boxed or download, we will try to help anybody who has an issue). It's now 19:00 and I am not done. Other people in my staff are working the same hours. And that is just Aerosoft, Asobo and Microsoft are also doing all they can. Guys, this is a game. A simulator. Entertainment. Not the cure for Corona. I know we all want it badly, but give people a chance to fix issues before shouting that the product sucks balls.
  39. 8 points
    So to be clear on MFS aircraft projects... our plan is to do the CRJ first, Twin Otter next (that one is seriously intended for the use on the Xbox) and then one of the Busses. Most likely the 320. Moving to a NEO model is considered.
  40. 8 points
    Friends, there have been a lot of questions about how the DVD versions exactly work during installation and how the boxed sim differs from the download version. Here is the low-down. Do not worry about it. Insert the first DVD, click okay and follow instructions on the screen. Get a drink as it will take a while. The DVDs contain only the installer and the content (aircraft, world etc). The actual simulator software is downloaded during installation. That way you always have the latest version. For this the installer will guide you through the creation of an Xbox account (if you do not have one) etc. That means you need an active internet connection during installation. You also need a connection to run the simulator (it updates itself at every start when needed). But to be frank, it makes very little sense to run this offline. After you ran the DVD installation, you will be asked to re-insert DVD 1. This will be checked during the activation. At the first start the sim will check all files and update everything that is needed. As time progresses this will be a larger download. From the users perspective you will end up with exactly the same version as somebody who bought it at the Microsoft Store. Keep in mind that the sim consists of four parts: The simulator itself, obviously mandatory. The default content (basic world, aircraft etc). This default world is on it's own far better then FSX could ever deliver. This is a mandatory part, always part of the simulator.. The downloaded content (more details for the world, better ground imagery, far more correctly placed trees etc etc). This comes in 'blocks' that can be buffered on your system so if you always fly from Detroit it will not have to be loaded every time). Contrary to what some less informed sources say there is absolutely NOTHING indicating this is paid content or will be paid content. We do not sell a time limited simulator. This is an optional part, you do not have to stream any scenery, weather or traffic. Third party content that can buy from the build in store or from external shops. Obviously optional, it is a super sim without add-ons. If you run into any issue make a ticket at: https://helpdesk.aerosoft.com/portal/en/home (or send an email to support@aerosoft.com, we prefer the ticket as the system will try to understand your question and offer automated advice. Tickets are normally solved 12 hours faster than emails because they are easier to handle!). We have MFS trained support standing by. Our new forums will be available as well. You can send us tickets is nearly any language, but we might default to English in our replies.
  41. 8 points
    Around April 1st next year we can also deliver this product on 36.000 floppy disks
  42. 8 points

    Version 1.0.0


    Hubo una caída con el Link ¡Ya lo tenéis reseteado!
  43. 8 points
    Hier ist nur einer aufgeblasen: Nämlich der, der von Leuten, die ohnehin schon am Limit arbeiten, verlangt, dass sie schneller machen, damit er sein kostenfreies Update bekommt. Technical reasoning: The A318/A319 update was a gauge and systems update which was in testing since before the release of v5. For the P3D v5 update, additional work (textures, effects, 8.33kHz support etc.) is required. On top of that, the initial version of P3D v5 proved to be quite buggy which doesn't make things easier. And now, sit down, get some tea (or valium) and wait until the updates are ready!
  44. 8 points
    You, my friend, have no idea about software development.
  45. 8 points
    And the A330-300: Disclaimers: 1) These screenshots show a beta version of P3D v5. The NDA has been lifted, so we're allowed to show them. However, it might not be the actual final version that's going to be released on the 14th. 2) These screenshots were made on my PC. I don't really care about looks. The only thing that interests me, is the loading time. So, no weather, no extra scenery and otherwise default settings. I'm sure P3D v5 can me made look better quite easily.
  46. 8 points
    To add, it seems aircraft work fine in our test and we are already updating the installers.
  47. 8 points
    Sven hat eine Collage der neuen Fassaden gemacht:
  48. 8 points
    I'm sorry that you feel disappointed, but Aerosoft has it always made very clear, that with its products it aims to simulate the daily job of a pilot. It never aimed to be a kind of "system simulation", it never aimed to simulate something that is not touched/does not happen within 500.000 flying hours or simulate something outside the aircraft that will never be touched by the pilot but only the groundcrew. So they aim a different market with a different price range. Really? Nothing more is unreal in flightsimulation then flying an Airbus, a Boeing or whatever as a single pilot. Therefore Aerosoft decided with the A3xx series, to overcome this issue by giving you a virtual FO or even better the possibility to fly with another real human being as Captain or FO via the CFD. IMHO this is far closer to reality then simulating every switch in the cockpit, a pilot will never touch in his life. But Aerosoft understands that they can not please everybody and some people will stay away from their products.
  49. 8 points
    I rarely make these types of extreme comments regarding 3rd party products, but at $45.10 (upgrade pricing) the A330 is by far the best "bang for buck" aircraft I've ever purchased in my decades of buying add-ons. From the systems depth (much more than I expected at this price point) to the beautifully rendered PBR VC, brilliant use of dynamic lighting, excellent sounds, remote CDU support, combined with a host of other fantastic features and FPS friendly. The developers on this project really should take a bow, I'm extremely impressed. Cheers, Rob.
  50. 8 points
    Hi all, We have identified as well a delay on our tests. Working on it right now. Thanks for the feedback on this.

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