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    It is a long time since I written one of my Friday evening chats where I try to explain what is happening with our projects while drinking a glass of wine. Well, it is Wednesday but after 1700 so I got my glass, the new album of Joe Jackson (yes I am that old) on the stereo and some information to share. Basically, it was very hard to keep you fully in the loop because there were a lot of things I could not speak about, and there are still a few I can't, but today we had a big meeting to align all eyes and it's time to explain some things. First of all, we do not have new images of the A330 because modeler Stefan is working on another project. That's one of the things I am not at liberty to speak about. It might come to your sims, but it just as well might not, time will tell. In the timing, it all does not matter a lot as I will explain. The 'not to be named project' is a big deal for us, both in growth for Aerosoft in new ways and also financially. The developers Baylan, Frank and Robert were still basically working on the A320 platform. Now, this is a fuzzy statement because 95% of the code they are doing for the A320 series is part of the A330. But apart from some issues, I will discuss later, the issues they were working on were getting smaller and smaller. Bugs with the chrono starting at every startup tweaks to the many printouts we now have etc. All stuff we like to close but not things that spoil the flights. So today we decided to switch the focus fully on the A330. When Frank installs the chrono in the A330 he will solve the open issue. So all these smaller issues will all be picked up and solved in the ongoing process. We have a solid bug tracker that has over 500 issues we like to look at. When these fixes are done they are automatically exported to our A320 series. Almost all of our code is built so it works for A318 all the way to A330 exactly the same and uses config files to set different parameters (just as Airbus Industries does it). When they are more than just a tweak we'll send them to you. For example, the moment the PFD we want to rewrite for many reasons is done you'll get it. This means the idea of a fixed SP1 is gone. I much rather send out what we have and not keep it on our systems until it is all done. For example, Connected Flight Deck, one of our core developments, has started performance testing today ( we need to know how many servers we need worldwide), the moment PMDG open up their server for Global Flight Operations we will have the client and share it, etc. You will hear a lot about Connected Flight Deck btw, not just from us. So what does this mean for 'the schedule'? Well in my calendar it means we are fully on track but my calendar is rather fluid, it has to be. What it means for you, customers is that you will see a rather steady flow of new features added to the busses, slowly a lot of smallish issues solved and hopefully some large issues solved soon. Because for some issues we have not changed focus. We are slowly getting a better idea on the causes of the big issues that happen to some people and we are hard at work trying to think up ways to solve them. These are mainly related to the vertical path following at this moment. We now can recreate most of these issues so we finally can get serious about them. These issues are not moved to the A330 development path, they are on the front burners now. In my experience, a post like this will make almost nobody happy. I don't give a date for the A330 and the bug you find almost impossible to live with seems to be shifted forwards. We know that if you take off from a high alt airport, at high temps at the southern hemisphere things are not as they should be. But if there is one thing we learned in this looong development it is that a real Airbus is not the near perfect machine many simmers seem to think it is. You know what pilots do when the aircraft does not slow down as it should at a waypoint (could be a database error or a logic error)? They switch off the AP and AT and fly the aircraft. Show me any Airbus pilot who thinks the computers can fly better then he/she can and I show you a pilot who needs more experience. We have hundreds of photographs of ECAM pages that are just whacky or ND displays that show a path not even an F35 would be able to fly. Now please, do not ask for a release date of the A330 because I have no idea. Honestly, no idea. We release when I feel comfortable and when my CEO does not kill me and my devs do not tell me I am out of my freaking mind. At least you now know as much as I am able to share. If you have questions you think I can answer, please ask! My answers will be as open and honest as possible. Just not about a date, week, month, quarter, year, decade ok?
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    There is already an Aerosoft Updater. As far as I know, it only supports more recent products, but the A320 family is included, as well as the CRJ and DC-8. Peter
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    Hi folks, I did a short tutorial on how to fly the CRJ700. I hope it can help some of you. If you guys find mistakes or want to suggest improvements, please let me know. Link below; https://www.mudspike.com/chucks-guides-p3d-digital-aviation-crj700er/
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    Well, nobody can say you're not consistent my friend.
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    Thanks for the update Mathijs, much appreciated.
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    Moin Frank! Sehr geiler Rechner! Sehr stolzer Preis! Wenn Du bereit bist, so tief ins Portemonnaie zu greifen, sollte der Gedanke "Zukunftssicherheit für min. 2 Jahre" kein Problem sein. Bei X-Plane muss man aber immer im Hinterkopf behalten, dass auch mit der tollsten Hardware, je nach Status der Plugins usw., NICHT unbedingt "alle Grafikregler: rechts" geschafft werden kann...! Allerdings gilt bei Deiner Hardwarekonfiguration sicher auch: mehr geht fast nicht... Aber: Nicht, dass Du hinterher enttäuscht bist! Ich würde mir noch eine große normale HDD (2...6TB) für Backups usw. dazu nehmen - sollte bei der Investition keine Rolle mehr spielen, denke ich. Viel Spaß! Jörg
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    Hallo Frank!!!!! Also ich habe mir selbst einen PC gerade zusammengebaut vor einer Woche. Ich würde mir mal die CPU,s von Caseking.de mal ansehen, I7 9te Generation die gekröpft sind, je CPU Kern 4,9-5,0 oder 5,1 Ghz kannst du da kaufen ich habe den 4,9 Ghz Coffy Lake je Kern 4,9 Ghz mal 8 Kerne plus Wassekühlung von ASUS würde ich raten ich bin zufrieden bei voller leistung komme ich gerade mal auf 65-70 grad CPU Temp. Ist jedem selber überlassen ist nur ein Tipp von mir!!!!!!!
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    I'm not sure why your last post was deleted, or who did it, and it appears to have been actually deleted since I can't see it. But if one of our staff deleted it, then I have to assume there was some reason for it (and the reasons aren't always right in front of us... there are many different reasons why posts are deleted and some aren't tied to the person who wrote it). The version update was a failure on our part, and we're thinking that the updater did something rather than the updated files (code) themselves having problems. I flew for a week before it was released and I didn't have any of the problems that people have cited. Rest assured that we're looking hard at this, and we've even moved far past it and we should have another update for you guys (one that corrects and mitigates the bugs reported prior to version There are a lot of good and devoted people working very hard on the next update, as well as looking at the ASUpdater to ensure there are no problems there. Guys, this was a bump in the road and as soon as we knew there were unintended problems we worked immediately to prevent others from suffering those issues and we provided a means for others to go back to Version There was recently another major developer who had even worse problems with their update, and while we all work hard to prevent such issues, they sometimes do happen. But I have already apologized for this happening, and I'm happy to do so again. So let's table this stuff so we can move on the the next update. I will close this thread in about 6 hours, giving most everyone another chance to chime in. As always, best wishes!
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    I hope that the new A330, when it is put on sale, does not have the problems that so far has the A318-319-320-321, and that previously passed through many BETATESTER and that via Rearpanel all the tests have been and have. If in a month following the release of the A330, I do not read failures (some must have, but I hope they are insignificant and do not affect the flight) reported by many users, I will be one of those who acquire it.
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