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  1. Sorry but no. Our checklist are based on Lufthansa standards and we'll stick to those.
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  2. As I got nothing to say about the CRJ, let me bore you with an Interstate Race story..... We are talking a long time ago. A loooong time ago. There were options to connect sims together via serial port (RS232 for people that are seriously old). There was no internet. Only BBS's. And Compuserve (some day I will tell you I was banned from Compuserve because I forgot the add a 'f' to a single word'.). The device looked something like this but 5 times bigger. And clearly it had not USB ports as USB was no yet invented. So we had 8 teams for an I
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  3. Yeah I agree, I am using the PMP 330 as a stop-gap but we deffo need long hauls in the sim, all 3 packages will be in my hanger day 1
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