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    Well.. I have painted for flightsim the past 20 years my friend. Search my name. Stian Svensen all over the internet. Avsim and so on. Do not tell me that i'm rude or something against you. If you don't accept constructive notes.. You better stop painting! Good luck!
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    Try the one from HV Repaints instead. They seem to have a better attitude as well :).
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    Doesn't work for me... livery looks darker than normal on the outside, and dark textures in cockpit view as well... same for the LH repaint as well...
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    I have installed it but my engines are blacked out and the cockpit is black
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    Thank you very much, I am working on it, but the v1 is complicated because you must have the aerosoft checkelist activated.
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    awesome pack! is there any chance you can include the V1, Rotate callouts?
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    drag all the files from the callount folder to your A330 Professional Base/Sound_ASC
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    how do you install this?
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    Just downloaded this livery pack, and it looks amazing! Would love to see there will be another version of the Aerosoft A320
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    Για κάποιο λόγο μου κατεβάζει το 1.0.0 και το 1.1.0 το έχει ως unavailable
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    Corrected windows...
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    The engines are grey-silver.. also in the photos you asked SAS!
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    Hi.... No one to this date seem to get the new SAS livery correct. There is a general problem when painters on the new SAS livery try to make it... They paint the engines grey or white... and they paint the big SAS logo grey.. But no one to this date has done it correctly.... It's apparently a huge deal this paint. Because the engines and logo are in SILVER... This is because of the history of SAS livery... In the old dragon livery Silver was dominant.. I can't make the livery myself.. And thank you to all you guys who does these paints... I can only offer my comments.... Thank you and Happy New Year. Jens
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    Nice. Blue on the engine seems a bit to wide. Also SAS should stand inside on the winglets.
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    the best ❤️ thank you for this awesome livery. kheyli Mamnooon!
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    Great job on the yellow bird! I'm doing the new A330-300 P2F (Pax to Freighter)..... flown also by DHL...I love flying Freighters. Customized the bump maps to give a 3d effect to the new cargo door on the converted passenger A330. Hope to have it done soon.
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    sorry for the engines I will fix
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    Thanks for the feedback! I actually added a new tail map with your suggested edits so simmers can fly the post or pre 2015 versions. (they changed the registration font as well after 2015...the D was fatter and the K was funky back then....could not perfectly replicate but did the best I could).
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    engines are coming up white?
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    what is this addon from the airport
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    que ganas tengo de que se estrene !!!! el teaser espectacular
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    Ah, finally a reason to start from my MK Lisbon
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    Que pasada !!!! En serio muy bonito !!!
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    I put in in the livery manager a320 IAE and I opened FSX and it was not there along with the other aerosoft aircraft. Please help!!! I have tried it several times in different ways but it still doesn't show in FSX
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    Will you be doing a fictional paint for the A330 when it is released? Hawaiian Airlines operates the A330-200 with Rolls Royce engines so the only difference will be that the Aerosoft version is the A330-300 (but also with Rolls Royce engines).
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    Great livery! One thing to amend is the texture of the engine inlets. In the livery it´s black. In real it has got a metallic colour.
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    thanks fort the work your doing a great job ❤️
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    Thanks bud! Nice job :) Beautiful livery to fly, screams "britishness"
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    Αντε με το καλό να δουμε και SkyExpress !!
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    hi, I'm the only one who this texture is not working with p3d v4.3? If someone have a solution i'll be happy
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    I understand that Joon was chosen because it sound's similar to the French word for young "jeune". The division is marketed at younger travellers, basically defending market share from airlines like Norwegian. I'm sure any Farsi meaning in the name is purely coincidental.
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    Very nice and painted fast...wish to get the Bus back for Prepar 4.1! Trying to figure out why Air France named their new budget airline "Joon" for an Iranian/Persian Farsi language word meaning "Dear"? Darryl
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    waaaahhh , its my second joon livrery i have the F-GKXN already it will grow up my joon fleet GREAT JOB !!!!
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    Hi Holgi, is there a way to put this livery into the Aerosoft A319? Or would you maybe want to repaint it for the A319 too? Thanks in advance
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    i installed it exactly like i should. the cockpit is now black. including the windows. everything is black and has no life. like all the other textures. how to fix that?
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    Thank you Holgi for the Owl !!!! Finally this great repaint is available
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    I only have one issue, the aircraft are darkened out including inside the cockpit. Is there something I may be doing wrong? They show up fine and load fine, it's just the paint scheme is darked a lot
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    tell me, where is texture.cfg, i can't install it with Aerosoft Airbus Extended liveris manager

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