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  1. I love my airliners as much as the next crazy simmer-nut. Some here may recall that I even painted a few of them for the community... For now, MSFS is not our sim for this facet of simming. However, nobody can deny that this is just about sums up the diversity of the amount of simmers in the current market: Now of course ALL those new customers will not continue to become even casual simmers that developers will count on for sales (when they're done showing all their friends their house in MSFS, and realize they can't fly it like GTA and crash into anything with graphic
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  2. Plus, no doubt MSFS is mostly used for GA/VFR flying right now. I can foresee the number of MSFS users to explode the moment advanced airliners will hit the market and people can take off with their high-level Boeings, Airbuses, and Business Jets. This may be a year from now, give or take a few months, but the moment will come (and personally I think it will come earlier). Aerosoft is well-advised to be early in that market, which I understand they are working on. Kind regards, Michael
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  3. Well I can of course understand, that no scenery developer can make any promises to update a scenery indefinitely. But I still hope that at least some basic layout adjustmens wil be made, e.g. the taxi way C goes only until L5 in the scenery but all the way up to L7 in the charts.
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  4. This screenshot should have started the topic about Bratislava
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  5. The basic fact is that the less copies of the sim were sold the less potential customers we had. Please believe me, when Dovetails sold FSX on Steam the amount of potential customers exploded. I know three companies selling sim add-ons that were saved by that. At this moment we have the first sales data of MFS add-ons. From our free Paderborn to the stuff we charge money for. We also have our market research. And we are looking at numbers we have not seen since 2002.
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  6. Can you point me to ANY add-on that promise top be kept up to date after it was released? The simply fact is that margins on these products is such that bugs are solved when possible but keeping it up to date over many years would simply mean a price that is seriously more serious.
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