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    Das ist genau das Besondere des LOWI Anfluges. 🙂 Nicht umsonst gehört dieser Anflug zu den weltweit Schwierigsten! Den Kurs selbst durch das Inntal zu fliegen, sollte zum Verlust der Flugberechtigung führen, ohne Sicht ist das (im echten Leben 🙂 ) unverantwortlich. EDIT: Das ist der feine Unterschied zwischen Spiel und Flugsimulator
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    Hi, I have been following this topic as I too have been suffering from intermittent .NET runtime termination followed by a D3D10Warp.dll fault and P3D crash to Desktop when flying the A330. Are all these C++ Redistributable and Runtime packages listed by @tommaGT required by the Airbus Professional software? Or are some of them installed by other add-ons? Which begs the question, why the heck are we in a position where P3D add-on developers are developing against 6 different C++ versions? Or have I misunderstood this completely... Thanks, Dave.
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    Sorry my bad, I updated the file further, attached. FIR2.zip
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    Ok, thanks. Will make note.
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    Dear Hanse, Thank you for the detailed reply. I worked through your points and checked that I don't have any duplicate data from v4.5. Everything was totally cleaned before I moved to v5 so I don't have duplicate config data. This was useful if only to refresh my memory on my install paths! Daniel, This step seems to have completely resolved the issue for me. Thanks! Did you select the option while the aircraft was loaded? The first time I selected Recheck Configuration Files, the sim was shut down and consequently nothing happened. However, after jumping into the A330 and then selecting the option in CP I got a confirmation message from CP saying that the Aerosoft A330 had been added and that the changes would take effect after restarting the sim. Give this ago if you haven't already. Best regards, Louis
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    That worked. Resaved the add-ons.cfg as ANSI in notepad, reran the configurator, saved, no chinese!. Thanks!
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    Hi Guys , i put my new computer together. its the AMD Ryzen 3900X processer, Aorus X570 Master motherboard, 2 m2 SSD 970 EVO 500GB each , G skill 32GB ram, Radeaon 580 GPU well right out of the box ,fresh install of windows 10 pro, no addons or anti virus no over clocking .my FPS is over 160 plus. WOW 160 plus!!! Thanks guys for your recommendations .
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    Hello , Wow - Thanks for the fast Solution and Support 🙂 I can confirm that now with the Update all works perfect . Michael
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    Hello, there was a bug in the installer that caused a file not to be installed correctly. We fixed it. Please run the Aerosoft Updater to update the scenery. best regards Guenter Zehnel.
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    Same here. Using configurator from V2.0.0.2 Completely messed up my add-ons.cfg. Chinese letters & all entries gone. Luckily for me there is Simstarter NG P3D, which has a function of adding missing add-on.xml John
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    All right, for the case someone might be interested because he has similar thoughts on upgrading his hardware, here's a little update on what I did: - Just tidying up the sim brought nothing than a little shorter loading times. - Deleting the graphic driver completely and reinstalling didn't help either. - Various settings almost changed nothing at all. - Cleaning the inside of the tower was not point either, it wasn't that dirty. So I had to invest. I tried a new graphic card first, not because I thought it was the main issue, but because it was the easiest part to change. Now, I've got the RTX 2060 Super with 8 GB VRAM. What to expect: The blurred textures on the approach have gone, autogen scenery is now ALWAYS there - yay! Even at very dense settings, and I could extend the LOD, cloud and shadow radius a bit. Very good, but fps only improved very little at the big airports. But at least I've tried if it might have been "good enough" - well, it wasn't. Upgrading the CPU means indeed a new mainboard (no octa core for my 1155 socket), and updating the mainboard meant also updating the RAM - because it now really needs to be DDR4 RAM. And that means probably a new Windows 10 licence, because the old one was a free upgrade from a Win 7 OEM licence, which would be linked to the old mainboard, as people say... (?) You see where things go... I hope at least the CPU cooler, the PSU and the case will do their job as well as before. I've now grit my teeth, closed my eyes and ordered an ASUS Prime Z390-P with an i7 9700k and 16 GB DDR 4 RAM, additionally to my new RTX 2060 Super. Don't this new system dare and work brilliant for anything less than the next 10 years of flightsimming I'm gonna report back again how much better it is when it's done.
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    Son buenas noticias, que bueno que haya mejorado todo
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    Aerolineas Argentinas LV-FVH / LV-FNI

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