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    Sven hat eine Collage der neuen Fassaden gemacht:
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    Hi, Richard, We know the original English user manual was based on v1.0 which is already outdated. For this reason I made a completely new manual/tutorial based on v2.03 which contains: 1. Intoduction 2. Program Overview 3. Program Interface 4. Tutorial: 4.1 How to create Aircraft Database 4.2 How to create Fuel Policy complied with CCAR (China Civil Aviation Regulations) 4.3 How to create Restriction Airspace. For example, creating a military drill restriction airspace. 4.4 How to create 'virtual' airways, waypoints and airports. 4.5 How to set the preferred alternate airports 4.6 How to quickly create the Flight Plan (Non-Euro Airspace Plan, Euro Airspace Plan and IFPS online validation 4.7 How to create a more complicated Flight Plan (Redispatch, EDTO, Diversion) I have shared the manual with some Chinese FlightSim community and received a lot of praise. Cheers
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    And in fact is close to release.
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    Hello, the addon Seychelles XP (for X-Plane 11) is now available in our shop. It comes from the well-known developers Maps2XPlane and Albert Ràfols. It contains the detailed Seychelles with the International Airport, Praslin Airport and many small airports and heliports.
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    Hallo, ab sofort ist das Addon Seychelles XP (für X-Plane 11) im Shop erhältlich. Es stammt von den bekannten Entwicklern Maps2XPlane und Albert Ràfols. Es enthält die detailliert anchgebildeten Seychellen mit dem Inernational Airport, dem Praslin Airport und vielen kleinen Flugplätzen und Heliports.
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    We are testing the new installer. Once the tests are complete, it will be released. Can't give a date because it depends on the tests.
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    Hello, guys. After spending 4 months and hundreds of hours, I've made the Simplified Chinese User Manual based on PFPX v2.03. I hope this manual would be useful to Chinese people and those who speek Mandarin. Cheers. PFPX v2.0 Simplified Chinese User Manual 简体中文用户手册.pdf
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