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    lol Dave, thanks for the kind words. Just because I fly professionally that doens't mean I can't be mistaken though. Especially on a type I do not fly
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    Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum PPL!!! Zur Vorbereitung von Flügen zu mir unbekannten Plätzen nutzte ich auch X-Plane, weil damals (2011) das in XP10 wenig mit der Wirklichkeit und den Merkmalen an denen sich VFR-Piloten orientieren zu tun hatte, fing ich an eigene Szenerien zu entwickeln, so fing das alles mit simHeaven an... Mittlerweile haben wir mit X-Europe eine so hohe wirklichkeitsgetreue Darstellung, dass man XP11 getrost für die Schulung einsetzen kann. Meine Fliegerkameraden die jetzt nicht so PC-affin sind, kriegen den Mund vor lauter Staunen nicht mehr zu wenn ich denen Bilder oder Videos zeige!
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    There are new desktop clients available that solve most of the open issues. We advise you to remove the previous version first! Download the desktop client for Windows and macOS here: https://navdatapro.aerosoft.com/ndp-charts-standalone/ Access the web client here: https://navdatapro.aerosoft.com/ ------------- At this moment work is being done on a Linux desktop client, android and iOS versions. Also the flight following module should be available soon. This will show your position on geo-referenced charts.
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    Aerosoft CRJ Professional has been updated to version - Implemented a new version of the Navigraph Charts API to fix issues with Charts server access The update is available via the Aerosoft Update ("Experimental Updates" needs to be enabled).
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    That is the speedbrake logic/max deflection. It‘s always the same for MSN2xxx to MSN8xxx. No airline option (except SteepAppr). And yes there we still have some bugs: - Auto retraction logic (incl missing ECAM) - AP on/off logic for A320
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    Hallo i just go the scenery keflavík X andd someone told me that it would work for P3D but is not leting me
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    Uploaded all four of my cargo birds to Avsim just waiting on approval. Link is in my signature. Might be a UPS bird coming, not exactly sure though. Thats more of Steves thing. If you find anything wrong with the paints please let me know so I can fix them.
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    Great work on the Freighters Brian @thibodb and Steve I look forward to downloading them when they are released Will be interesting to see a Tampa Cargo A330P2F
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    Fiji Airways DQ-FJW, "Island of Rotuma" https://cdn.jetphotos.com/full/6/28319_1551908668.jpg Thanks, Samoilov

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