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    I noticed in the "update" threads like this: there is no mention of whether or not a product is to be updated via the AS updater or via a re-download? In addition, would like to request that updated version full version "current" installers be made available in our account download section ... especially of the older installers caused any issues. And finally, PLEASE, PLEASE ... begging now ... provide some ability to search my downloads (I have a lot of them which I think is a good thing, no?) And it's been a few years now, why do we still have two separate locations for downloading our purchased products? I thought these were going to be combined eventually? As it stands now, I'd rather go to SimMarket to buy Aerosoft products just because they provide a good search feature for my existing purchases. I know I've requested this before and I got brushed off, fair enough ... but it's pushed me aware from purchasing from Aerosoft. Cheers, Rob.
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    Hi Thomas, looks like for some reason our Display Engine cannot acquire the surface elevation of LSGG: can you please attach the file in the message to this thread? Plus, on which version of P3D are you running?
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    Last topic. A nice tutorial you can find here:
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    I'd like to hear more about the rendering issues? We provide higher zoom level than competition and our charts are rendered in higher DPI. So if too much zoom exposes quality issues I will limit it to 100% which is more than enough to see every detail without seeing any quality issues. Lots of issues are being fixed as we speak. Windows version is ready, Mac version coming. All will provide auto updating so we will be able to push updates more quickly in the future. Printing is also working with new versions iOS and Android apps coming after stable desktop apps are out.
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    robscho, according to the release notes, it has indeed been fixed: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- HISTORY - Release Version P3D V4.x - Added photoscenery and autogen surrounding the airport. - Corrected approach lights systems for both RWY 04 and 22. - Corrected runway end lights color. - Replaced default LOC and VOR with custom models. - Various flatten improvements. - Removed ORBX lights placed inside airport boundary. - Removed double lake shorelines. - Added pre-rendered light effect on ground next to hangar buildings. - Fixed incorrect compression for texture files. - Corrected Config tool - Fixed missing runway description - Fixed config-tool - Corrected instrument approaches to match new runway designations. - Removed PAPI lights from grass runway.
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    Ok, thanks for the feedback. Currently we unfortunately have no idea what is causing this. Cannot reproduce it either. We will however keep eyes open during our tests. Also if you find anything that could help us recreate this problem, please let us know.
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    Good morning, It would be really interesting to know, when we can use the Navigraph charts in the EFB. Have a nice day
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    332 and/or 343 please!!!! day 1 purchase, for sure
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    Version 1.0


    Aerosoft is pleased to offer you from SSG team member and graphics specialist Greenlock GT his first new livery for the recently released SSG 747-8 Freighter in the colors of Saudia Cargo, which currently operates 2 of the type in addition to other 747 and MD-11 freighters. With Greetings, Greenock GT

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