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    Hi guys, i own for a long time the DA-40 that i purchased here. Sincé alabeo convert this addon to work with Prepar 3D V4. there was an issue with DME RADIO. basicly it was not turrning on. I want to post how i fixed here is a solution but you have to own and install 172RG from alabeo. here we go. Open alabeo 172rg panel.cfg : search and copy "GAUGE_172_DME!Radio_KN62A_DME". just this text not the gauge number or coordenates. open alabeo DA-40 panel cfg: on Vcockpit02 replace gauge01. so you must read " gauge01=GAUGE_172_DME!Radio_KN62A_DME, " do not change other thing or coordenates. done! save and enjoy.
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    Looks like problem is solved. I have opened a support ticket and I was suggested to run PFPX in compatibility mode and I can start PFPX with no problem. Thanks
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    Well add this to the list of known issues.
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    Hallo Hermi, bitte für ein neues Problem (Thema) immer einen neuen Topic aufmachen. In diesem Thema geht es ja nur um den Ortho4XP Patch. Wir finden solche Fragen sonst nicht wieder und es antworten dann wohl auch nicht allzu viele User, da Sie ja im Topic Titel Dein Problem nicht sehen. Also: Für LSGG (und für viele andere Flughäfen) muss die Funktion "Runway follow terrain Contours " eingeschaltet sein (Landebahnen passen sich Geländekonturen an). X-Plane 11 Menü - Einstellungen - Allgemein. Sollte es das nicht sein, dann mache bitte tatsächlich einen Neuen Beitrag mit Deinem Thema auf, damit wir hier bei Ortho4XP bleiben können und diesem Topic Ersteller (ZeeMan90) nicht sein Thema wegnehmen.... Gruß heinz
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    As Otto notes, it seems you're asking about dirt on the window. As part of the realism settings, during use, the engine throws oil and the windshield gets dirty. I think the windshield may have a permanent crack/scratch or two as well. Head to the maintenance section of the in-game kneeboard (Shift+6 or pick it up from between the seats) and enable a "...check through the plane and systems". IIRC, this also cleans the windshield.
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    Version 1.2.0


    Azul Linhas Aéreas PR-AJB DO NOT ALTER, EDIT OR UPLOAD THIS PAINT TO ANY WEBSITE WITHOUT MY EXPLICIT PERMISSION. Use AirbusX Extended Livery Manager. Follow the instructions in Readme! http://www.texturasbrasileiras.blogspot.com.br/
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    hi in future can you add the possibility to have this info on OFP : ----------------- FULL THRUST ------------------- +15C 80000 FIELD 131-139 139 145 2201M 90.7 ---------------- REDUCED THRUST ----------------- +61C 68829 FIELD 148 148 151 722M 84.2 +62C 67940 FIELD 148 148 151 569M 84.1 +63C 67116 FIELD 148 148 150 414M 84.0 +64C 66292 FIELD 148 148 150 251M 83.8 //+65C 65469 FIELD 149 149 150 78M 83.7 and for landing : ---------------- MAXIMUM BRAKING ---------------- //MAX MANUAL 80000 KG 860M (MARGIN 1768M) -------------- AUTOBRAKE LDG DIST --------------- MED 80000 KG 1202M (MARGIN 1426M) LOW 80000 KG 1798M (MARGIN 830M) thank you

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