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    Version 1.0.0


    Aer Lingus brand new A321 EI-LRA As per my previous NEO repaints for the Airbus A321 , It features NEO textured engines! Install instructions in the README. Happy flying.
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    MCDU4 in Version= The "Start Boarding" button is not illuminated since the penultimate version and also in this version. Can anyone confirm this? It does no matter what Aircraft state I choose. Regards, Wolfgang
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    I like Active Sky as well, it is the best weather engine currently available. However due to its complexity it does simply not inject everything into the simulator. Unfortunately many things are only injected when you actually enter them. There's nothing we can do about this, only the Active Sky developers could work on this. You could also try the REX weather engine coming with REX Sky Force if you own that product. From a real life perspective however I have to say there simply is no realistic weather addon available for any flight simulator. I have simply never seen any pattern on any radar which looked even remotely as in real life. What I usually notice is that most weather addons are tuned for great visuals, which leads to a hopeless overdepiction of weather in the sim. Weathercells are much stronger than they are in real life and there are far to many of them. Most certainly with Active Sky but also with all other weather addons I tried so far. The best in terms of realism of the weather systems so far was FSGRW however they focus more on the weather systems than on the visuals (which aren't bad either if you're using addon textures like REX). Just to be sure though: "best" still has to be seen as very modest compared with the real world.
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    I will check next week with a test flight. Last time I did a GA all was working fine.
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    Version 1.0.0


    Aer Lingus brand new A321 EI-LRA As per my previous NEO repaints for the Airbus A321 , It features NEO textured engines! Install instructions in the README. Happy flying.
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    It's not often that I pre-order but I couldn't resist this time and have both the yoke and throttle quadrent to look forward to. In fact had there been a set of pedals on offer then I'd have gone for those as well, I could do with replacing my old CH products pair but the Thrustmasters are too much of a stretch for me. In fact (here I go again), the top plate of the yoke is not only a useful place to fit Saitek panels it might be handy to put a nosegear steering wheel there too! Regards, getting slightly ahead of myself, Mark :-)
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    That is correct. Since the wind is variable it can be from any direction but the direction cannot be determined (there are several rules into wind reporting on ICAO documentation but I will not go there now). Therefore the direction doesn't really matter as it's constantly changing. North is just an easy direction to put in there in such situations. Wind direction can never be reported variable between two values without a base wind being reported. If the wind direction is between 200 and 270, then the METAR would read something like 24010KT 200V270. So in such situations there is always some base wind direction reported.
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    You can assign the 3rd Engine axis and activate the tiller option in the A3XX MCDU already. The Axis assigned will then act as tiller without rudder movement.
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    Beginning this Saturday (August 3, 2019) we will be putting together a group of Aerosoft Connected Flight Deck Captains who will make themselves available to fly Connected Flight Deck (CFD) and when necessary help them to understand: - How to use Connected Flight Deck - How to fly the Airbus - How to understand everything necessary to fly on VATSIM/IVAO, including flight planning and communicating with Online ATC. With many years of using Shared Cockpit / Connected Flight Deck to introduce flight simmers to new aircraft and how to fly on VATSIM, I can say that there is no better or more enjoyable way to introduce people to a new aircraft or how to fly online in a realism based environment such as VATSIM/IVAO than Shared Cockpit / Connected Flight Deck. As our CFD community grows, we'll be doing group flights during VATSIM events as well as long haul flights in the A330 with crew changeouts! Crew members swapping out then have the choice of leaving or staying as an observer on the flight for as long as they wish. This is something people will definitely want to be a part of! Can you imagine 20, 40, or even more fully crewed aircraft flying a large VATSIM event? Talk about "As Real As It Gets"!!! If you are experienced with both the Airbus and flying on VATSIM/IVAO, and you would like to share your knowledge with someone who does not yet have the same experience, please let us know by sending an email to us at flightsimmessages@gmail.com. Please include your real name, your age, the city where you live, your time zone (example: GMT+1), how long you've been flying the Airbus and flying on VATSIM. If you are already a member of the Aerosoft CFD Discord Server please include your Discord username. Our CFD Discord Server is located at: https://discord.gg/zp95782
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    Using a good weather engine (like ActiveSky) should solve that. If it doesn't, then I would check your software firewall to ensure it's not blocking weather information. I've never seen this happen, but it can and depends on how tight your firewall rules are. If you're getting temps in other payware airliners and just not in the Airbus, then I would uninstall and reinstall the Airbus, and be sure to update your Airbus using the ASUpdater. Be sure to start the ASUpdater, enable Experimental Updates, close and restart the ASUpdater and then install the most recent update. Best wishes.
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    That is not quite right Patrick, if done right a hand drawn groundpoly will look at a LOT better than photoreal. The developer simply has to put a lot of time and effort into it. Photoreal is very limited since the pictures are taken from high altitudes and therefore limited in their resolution. If a developer tells me about a 1cm/px resolution the first thing I'm asking them is: Is that the resolution of the groundpoly or of the photo you used for it? The recent trend I see with many developers is to use a quite blurry photoimage and then to paint some details on them. Looks rather bad if you ask me because the difference is easily visible and, at least for me, ruins the whole feeling and immersion.
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    Apropos immer besser, Wälder schnippeln haut auch gut hin, hier war vorher nur Wald zu sehen, nun sieht man die Straßen und Eienbahnlinie:

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