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    Even if it is NOT flying, the screenshots are AMAZING and beautiful!! Regards, Aharon
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    Issue has been resolved.
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    Zürich v3 might be in development, but Zürich v2 is available and works in P3D v4. I guess he was referring to that. Some people don't care about the newest version as long as they got "something that works". From that point of view, Zürich V3 isn't really needed. V2 can do the job. Just like Munich which is covered by Taxi2Gate, several other German airports are already covered by other developers (non-Aerosoft). For example Bremen (FSDG), Dresden (JustSim), Düsseldorf (JustSim), Leipzig (Digital Design), Magdeburg (29Palms) and Nürnberg (29Palms). The quality varies a bit, but some of these are really good. Of course it leaves to be wished for, development takes time. Just look at the Canary Islands and how long it took SimWings to fulfill their promise to do a new version of all of them. How long ago did they make that promise? They're still not finished. And such a promise was never made for the German airports. Some of them are available and that's a good thing, but it's not something to count on. Just a bonus.
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    When I have understand the tips in the past correct, you should try to select Mircosoft FSX, when you run the installer again. When there is a Mircrosoft FSX is installed beside the FSX Steam, the Davetail FSX will use different directory names for his configs, like the scenery.cfg resposable to register a addon. When he is the only FSX version on your PC, the FSX:SE use the same namings, like the Mircrosoft FSX. I don't know, why the installers don't detect the Situation correct, but it looks like that if you select FSX:SE, but you this is the only installed FSX, the Installer will add the Product to the "wrong" scenery.cfg and the Sim will not see the new installed Addon.
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    Usually it doesn't. It really depends on the intercept angle and speed. The localizer beam only has a certain width, so if you try to intercept from a 90 degree angle at 250, the aircraft will overshoot. As far as I remember, Alexander told me that 210 knots at an angle of 30 degrees would be considered normal.
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    @maukro_1990 Na ja, die Antwort von Oliver war aber ja schon recht eindeutig: EDDL ist in Entwicklung, aber es gibt auch nicht immer neue Zwischenstände zu vermelden - erst recht nicht, wenn nicht Aerosoft, sondern ein Externer der Entwickler ist. Ich vermute ganz stark, dass das German-Airports-Team EDDL entwickelt, und bei diesem Team traten in der Vergangenheit leider immer wieder längere "Funkstillen" auf. Damals bei der Entwicklung von Frankfurt v2 hat es auch manchmal zig Monate gedauert, bis es neue Informationen gab. Das liegt wohl auch daran, dass das Team nur nebenberuflich Add-Ons entwickelt. Und jeder Entwickler ist auch anders, was die Freigiebigkeit mit Infos und Preview-Bildern angeht. Auch jedes Projekt ist anders, und Prioritäten können sich im Laufe der Zeit verschieben. Während sim-wings ansonsten immer ganz gerne mal alle paar Monate Zwischenstände rausgibt, war bei der gestern erschienenen Teneriffa-Süd-Szenerie auch über lange Monate Funkstille - und das, obwohl der Release ursprünglich mal für Anfang 2018 angekündigt worden war. Da steckt man manchmal nicht drin... Ich kann aber angesichts des Geschreis, das hier und anderswo bei Previews seitens einiger User immer wieder stattfindet, auch gut verstehen, dass Entwickler irgendwann mal die Nase voll haben und einfach nur in Ruhe arbeiten wollen, ohne dass irgendjemand gleich bei einem Work-in-Progress-Bild rumnörgelt, dass da eine bestimmte Bodenplatte auf dem Vorfeld noch nicht genau so wie in der Realität modelliert ist.
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    Hi Pascal, Thank you for your patience. Please accept my appology about they way we've answered. On holiday weekends it is not always possible to answer questions on time. But I am happy that your problem has been solved and I am sure you will have a lot of fun with Teneriffa. It is a beautiful made scenery of a beautiful island. Kind regards Winfried
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    The only way I can think of reproducing this behaviour is to disengage the A/P while ALT is still selected, fly to a different altitude and then re-engage the A/P. In this case it will try to re-acquire the altitude it was holding before.
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    Hier ein kleines Vorschauvideo der neuen X-Europe mit Alpenerweiterung:
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    As luck would have it, I made a recent video about this, including a couple of innovations you can easily add with some Lua code.
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    At the time when I was flying the Twotter I kept some add. notes (most of them where provided by Finn, one of the devs): Altitude Hold Pushing the ALT button on the autopilot will make the aircraft level out and hold the altitude present when the button was pushed. For automatical holding a preset altitude do as follows: Set Your required altitude in the altitude alerter window - let´s say 7000 ft. Press the ALT ALRT Button to the left of the altitude alerter. Climb in either autopilot manual mode (Autopilot engaged, but with no vertical mode selected). Pitch attitude is set via the thumb knob/switch assambly in the center of the Yoke. Use the mousewheel while hovering the cursor over the thumbwheel/switch assembly to set a desired upward pitch. Or use IAS mode to climb at a desired speed. I.e set desired engine power, set elevator trim to an attitude that will keep a steady airspeed of let´s say 100 knots, push the IAS button on the autopilot and engage the autopilot. The autopilot will now adjust pitch in order to hold the airspeed present when the IAS button was pushed. Shortly before reaching the desired altitude, set in the altitude alerter window, the autopilot will automatically change from IAS hold to ALT hold. In IAS mode You can adhust Your vertical speed by adding or reducing engine power. If engine power becomes low, then the aircraft will descend instead of climb in order to keep the desired speed. This way You can also descend from higher altitude and automatically level out at an desired altitude. Just always remember to set the desired altitude on the altitude alerter and engaged ALT ALRT. Climb and Descent if ALT Mode engaged while using autopilot, first cancel ALT. Now you can use the rocker switch (in the middle of the yoke, next to where the "Yaw" button is) to pitch your aircraft up or down. If any HDG or NAV is engaged, you can leave that on, and aircraft will fly up or down according to pitch setting. Use the ALT Alert button to Level out when selected altitude is reached. Or: You can also engage IAS mode. Imagine this situation: Your flying level in ALT mode wither power set to ~75% Now engage IAS mode. Increasing power will make You climb inorder to keep the airspeed present when You engaged IAS mode. ower will make You descend inorder to keep the airspeed present when IAS mode was engaged IAS Hold First ensure that the aircraft is properly trimmed. Don´t start reducing power before engaging IAS.When flying level with a certain power setting, first engage IAS mode, then reduce power.
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    Dude, you are never paying for any of our aircraft again, if you see one released just drop me a mail at and you get it for free. Thanks!!

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