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    Hello, the most of you know that we have modeled the HI ALT LANDING pb-sw in the Aerosoft Bus Professional. To make it more realistic for you to operate the Aircraft in such scenario, I created a document with the procedures. This is 100% like IRL. My source was a current FCOM from an airline operating on such airports. Hight Altitude Airport Operations.pdf A good starting point for such flights is of course a list of these airports: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_highest_airports The highest of these airports are in China and not covered in P3D. So my original intention was to create a good freeware for you. Unfortunately I have not enough time and my scenery design skills are not very good. So I made only some very light AFCAD: ZUDC_ADEP4_Bob-fix.bgl ZUDC_ADEP4_Bob-fix_CVX.bgl ZUBD_ADEP4_Bob.bgl ZUBD_ADEP4_Bob_CVX.bgl ZUDC is using fake frequencies for the ILS34 (IOI, 111.00). I added only one, according to sat image. ZUBD is based on a chart; ILS14 (IOO, 110.50). Both airports are georeferenced to satimage. I have access to a really good source. If you want to be able to program the FMS you have to add the relevant data to your cycle. But beware, you will do this on your own risk, no support! 1. Add these Data to the "Documents\Aerosoft\General\A3XX NavData\Airports.txt": A,ZUBD,CHANGDU,30.555939,97.106703,14219,20600,24600,18044,0 R,13,130,18044,148,1,110.500,130,30.570521,97.092736,14219,3.00,49,0,0 R,31,310,13780,148,0,000.000,310,30.541334,97.120580,14219,0.00,49,0,0 L,13,IOO,ZUBD 13 ILS CAT 1,110.500,30.530891,97.130517,130,-0.7,30.568894,97.095699,14219,3.00,1 M,30.580552,97.083040,14219,1,13,130 M,30.620585,97.044826,14219,2,13,130 A,ZUDC,DAOCHENG-YADING,29.315435,100.063184,14472,20600,24600,13780,0 R,16,160,13780,148,0,0.000,160,29.3349,100.0541,14472,0.00,49,0,0 R,34,340,13780,148,1,111.000,340,29.2968,100.0664,14472,3.00,49,0,0 L,34,IOI,ZUDC 34 ILS CAT 1,111.000,29.3371,100.0534,340,1.16,29.3017,100.0667,14472,3.00,1 2. Add these data to the "Documents\Aerosoft\General\A3XX NavData\Navaids.txt": O,O,326.000,0,0,195,30.34.49N97.04.59E,14219,ZP,0,1,-0.7 DAO,DAOCHENG,113.000,1,1,195,29,3583,100.0463,14472,ZP,0,0,1.16 3. Add these files to the Documents\Aerosoft\General\A3XX NavData\PROC folder: ZUBD.txt ZUDC.txt
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    check your axis for brakes. If there is any kind of braking being applied (improperly calibrated axis or what ever) then auto brakes will disconnect and manual braking applies.
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    Did you read the manual and check the config tool about that?
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    SP1 is not one single release, of course we'll deliver modules when they are ready.
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    Some pages of the SD are very different. So new coding required. ELEC is splitted into AC and DC page. Fuel system is complete different with trim tanks in the horizontal stabilizer. That fuel pumping back and forth need to be modeled. Different HYD-System...etc. ND, EW/D, PFD and FMS is almost the same. Only small differences. But we want first redo ND and PFD for the smaller ones in SP1 and then use it in the 330.
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    I checked the issue. It will be fixed together with the new ND for SP1.
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    Da war doch was ... die ISS als Klassenzimmer
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    Will the delay with the CFD cause the delay of all the other functions provided in the Sp1 or do you plan to move just the CFD in the SP2?
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    While you're waiting for a response from Aerosoft on behalf of their developers, I believe ADE 1.75 is the current version compatible with P3Dv4.x. AFAIK, it's free and available here. The Pro version is payware and if you find the non-Pro version useful, I urge you to support Scruffy Duck and buy the Pro version.
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    The controls settings are located at: C:\Users\{YOUR USERNAME]\AppData\Roaming\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\Controls. Just move the "Standard" files to your desktop (Backup) and they will be rebuilt the next time you start P3D. Give that a try. Best wishes.
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    Yes. And still shit happens.
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    Some users have asked to have the loadsheet printable... made good sense as pilots use this a lot. Will be in the next update.
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    I am sorry you feel that way. We resumed working on it now because we got limited resources. I would love to have 20 people on this product but we are only with 5. And of course work has never stopped, but we felt other issues had priority. We tried to be as open and honest about this as possible, advising people to buy when they feel the feature set is to their liking. Could it be you missed that?
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    Hi Paulo, Indeed I was flight crew of this beauty from 1984 to 1987, in the rolling position between First Officer and the back systems position; never were in the "sacred left seat" LOL. I certainly did some tries in the DC-8, affectionately called "the eight" in P3D v4 but due to some personal problems I do not have enough time to try it in depth. My first impresions are that it taxies out with the corresponding weight, ie not equal to the 737 ng; another one is the takeoff roll distance seems to be correct according to the variables involved in the TO, like ac weight, airport elevation, outside temperature, altimetric density, engines thrust, etc. Once in the air, the trimming seems to be rather fast as far as I remember!! I was removed from this aircraft to fly the DC-10 in 1987!!! many years ago!! The handling in clean configuration is awesome!! It turns in the right way since the wing creates a lot of inertia during turns due to the weight of the engines and the wing itself, fuel included. In landing configuration, I recall that this aircraft generated a lot of lift so we considered it to have a good glide characteristics, tough to get in the rubber on the ground, lol, especially when landing light weight!! Well Paulo, I hope to have my time already done to dedicate much more time to fly'er, and if I'm elegibe to get "Aeronaves De Mexico" repaint, well a lot more happy the man!! Please do not hesitate to ask about'er, one problem is that unfortunately I do not keep any manual anymore, in fact I donated them to a younger pilot doing his firsts in the eight many years ago. A sus ordenes Sr. Soares, su amigo Arturo.
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    Version 1.0.0


    Textures for the Aerosoft A320 IAE Professional depicting A320-230 Virgin Australia VH-FNP "Honeymoon Bay"
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    Frankfurt-Hahn is another cargo hub, unfortunately still missing in P3D v4. The current scenery is not yet compatible. Might be an idea for the future.
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    Version 1.0.1


    Textures for the Aerosoft A320 IAE Professional depicting A320-230 QANTAS "Kangaroo Paw"
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    Hallo Remo! Wenn es einen "große" Version ist (weis es gerade nicht, müsste sich aber deutlich von einen Hotfix unterscheiden), dann ziehe ich sie einfach immer über die vorhandene ältere und lasse die vorhandenen Dateien ersetzen. Falls das Downloadkontingent von Zibo erschöpft ist, kann Du mittels rechter Maustaste eine Kopie machen. Die wird dann in Deine Dropbox übertragen und kann heruntergeladen werden. Ich bin mir nicht sicher, ob sie über diesen Mechanismus dann auch wieder anderen Usern zum DL angeboten wird. Falls ja, sehe ich es als gute Möglichkeit, Zibo ein wenig unterstützen zu können. Jedenfalls lösche ich die Datei dann nach ein paar Tagen, weil sowieso schon wieder eine aktuellere Version heraus gekommen ist. Kann man natürlich auch direkt machen, wenn man sie für sich heruntergeladen hat. Schönes WE, Jörg
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    Version 1.0


    This ZIP - file contains repaints in the colors of Airbus A320 CFM Air Arabia A6-ABJ (clean and dirt). These textures can be used for the Airbus X and the Airbus X Extended! ... if you are looking for more or other repaints then you can also look on my homepage http://simtexture.de!
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    View File Aerosoft A320 professional Turkish Airlines TC-JLC Aerosoft A320 professional Turkish Airlines TC-JLC Submitter PEGASUS&VA-2048 Submitted 09/12/18 Category Aerosoft A320/A321 professional liveries  
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    There is no delay with CFD and it's being worked on right now. It's still not certain whether it will be released as an update or with SP1. We'll let you know as soon as we do! Best wishes.
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    Guys, sorry to raise this topic again but it’s huge disaster when the server is down now while we had it from the beginning. And this happens right before tomorrow’s Lisbon real OPS( I am raising this topic again just because there are no substitutions. I am sure that SP1 will bring us new CFD. But please check the current “not working CFD” and bring the server back to live so we can continue flying the best ever Airbus made for P3D. Looks like somebody just by mistake pressed the wrong button. I hope that Mathijs will press the right button and this magic will come back. Alex
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